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What Price Power

What Price Power

By - Sep 22, 2004 - From bdsm-stories. BDSM stories - Views - 7628 free-adult-webcams Free Adult Spanking and BDSM Webcams BDSM story - As the fury of the storm built, she looked again at the deceptively simple card gracing her palm.Do you have any idea how crazy this is?"
"Do you think I have any choice? This will make me a major league player at twenty-six. There is no way in heaven or hell I will pass it up. In the world in which I grew up, dirt poor would have been a step up in life and I will never go back to that. Not now… not ever. This is the guaranteed, paid-in-full deed to the life I want. No fuck that… to the life I deserves."
Midnight eyes looked over a slim shoulder to capture the uncomprehending gaze of her petit blond friend eyes. Then as understanding bloomed there was only one emotion alive in those frozen eyes: shock.
Panthea, voice became even deeper, stronger with eye's blazing as she let her true self be seen fully…."A chance like this only comes once in a life time… no in a thousand life times…this is mine…nothing in this world or any other is going to take it away from me. Just let them try"Just as she spoke the words the building shook with the furry of the storm…``````Outside the storm that had been building broke loose, Lightning filled the skies. Bolt after bold striking lightning rods throughout the city. Thunder filled the night sky bouncing off the walls of glass, chrome and concrete. Then a bolt struck the weather vain atop the Athens Apartment building. The voice of the storm, raised in laughter, shook the world to its core… as the winds whispered "done…."
Whispers in dark conference rooms were all she had heard. The wealthiest privately owed company in the world. No one knew exactly when it had started or where. What was known was its influence reached into every corner of the world. Invitations from Presidents, Kings and Emperors had all been turned away. What was also known was that the top echelon of the company was almost exclusively woman.For that reason some thought the owner had to be a woman for other's it was proof it was a man. For Panthea it was opportunity knocking. Sitting in the dark cook interior of the limo her head rested against the buttery softness of the leather seat, unblinking eyes looking neither left or right as the world passed by. Slowly she let her eyes close as the memories flooded her mind….In her hand the business card, with the deceptively simple logo of the bulls horns, nothing else printed on the card but across the logo a hand written note. This is a one time offer, if you choose to act upon it there is no turning back. Be at the Airport at two p.m. Monday. ~ A.M.
She'd had no clue where she was going, had in fact expected a short shuttle flight to maybe D.C. The private flight had touched down eleven hours later in Athens Greece. She had been escorted through customs by a military detachment. They had greeted her with respect, not asked for an ID let alone her passport which was good since she didn't even have one, then onto a smaller jet which took off with little fanfare landing a short time later on the island of Crete. The limo and driver had been waiting. The car slowed to a stop at the gates, high walls kept all prying eyes at bay. Silently the gate slid smoothly open and the car moved forward. She stood outside the doors where her escort had brought her. The rude old woman gave out a small cackle… "Through those doors you stupid cow. He was given notice of your arrival and is waiting."
The far wall was floor to ceiling windows all covered by heavy drapes that let little of the morning light in. She wanted to go over and open them all the way. The room itself was totally masculine, deep dark rich mahogany, soft black leathers. At first she thought she was totally alone, then she felt it, eyes from the deepest shadows. His voice was low and deep."Panthea, do you accept the challenge?" Her answer clear and precise, "Yes" "Good… very good….Welcome Panthea, I'm glad you decided to accept my humble invitation. May I introduce myself? I am The Minotaur, Owner and CEO of Minotaur Industries…"Nothing could have prepared her for the site of him as he stepped out of the world of shadows. He was at least seven foot tall long powerful, heavily muscled legs and arms. His chest a muscled wall rippling with each movement. Naked, his body is covered in a thick black fur. His head is that of a bull sporting long sharp horns. His eyes as red as fire. His balls heavy, full, his cock hard and unsheathed…"Welcome to my Labyrinth." His laugher became a part of the echoing laughter that filled her world as a single voice called out. 'The betting is now closed… Let the games begin" It was the last thing she heard as she felt the world fall out from beneath her feet… falling… falling… falling… then she felt nothing at all…"Miss..Miss… " opening her eyes, Panthea realized she had fallen asleep during the short trip. Her sleep plagued with the strangest dreams…Stepping from the limo the sight that greeted her eyes was one which spoke of money and Old World elegance. Even the stables off in the distance told the story. Following the driver she enters the main hall of the home to be greeted by one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. She stood outside the doors where her escort had brought her. The gorgeous woman gave out just a small merry laugh…"Through those doors my dear.. He was given notice of your arrival and is waiting."
The far wall was floor to ceiling windows all covered by heavy drapes that let little of the morning light in. She wanted to go over and open them all the way. The room itself was totally masculine, deep dark rich mahogany, soft black leathers. At first she thought she was totally alone, then she felt it, eyes from the deepest shadows. His voice was low and deep as the uncom comfortable feeling of déjà vu filled her world"Panthea, do you accept the challenge?" Her answer was clear and precise, "Yes" "Good… very good….Welcome Panthea, I'm glad you decided to accept my humble invitation. May I introduce myself? I am Adrian Minotaur, Owner and CEO of Minotaur Industries…"Nothing could have prepared her for the site of him as he stepped out of the world of shadows. He was at least six foot tall long powerful, heavily muscled legs and arms. His chest a muscled wall rippling with each movement. He wore nothing but a pair of shorts. His olive skin covered in a film of perspiration. His dark dangerous looks could easily have been a throw back to the Greek Gods."Forgive my appearance, I was just finishing up with a game when I was informed of your arrival Welcome to my home". White teeth shown in the smile he gave as he laughingly said, "My Labyrinth."
``````` Her every need was met even before she had the need to voice it to his staff. It was a lifestyle she could easily become accustom to. During the following week, she spent hours in his company. They talked of everything from world politics to New York Times Best Seller list. Her quick whit and keen intelligence was apparent with every word she spoke. Throughout the days and nights she never lost sight that each spoken word was being weighed and measured. He was judging her worth to his company even though not once had mention of Minotaur Industries been mentioned. Tonight was going to be different though. She had felt it all day. He had come to some kind of decision. She had seen that much in his eyes. Unfortunately, beyond that she didn't have a clue what it was. He had asked her to join him in his private dinning room on the second floor tonight. ``````Adrian look out to the sea as he stood on the marbled balcony. As the very last rays of the sun slipped beyond the horizon, his arms spread wide palms open facing the night sky. As she came into the dimly lit room, she could see him standing out on the balcony . His body and the tree beyond silhouetted by the last dying rays of the hot Mediterranean sun. The illusion it created was eerily familiar. He appeared taller… stronger… She couldn't help the small laugh as the though accorded to her that he appeared to have horns…With the last words of his evening prayer finding flight, Adrian turned and re-entered the room. Walking on silent feet he passes her with out a glance and walks to the bar, opens a bottle pours a deep amber drink into a glass and goes back to stand before the window where he sips his drink lost in thought. Panthea is slightly annoyed at his lack of manners but knows better than to show it. "Why do you suppose people think that just because they stop believing, we stop existing, changing, playing, fighting, lusting, living, dying…evolving. Why is it they think they know the truths behind the myths?"
She could tell by the inflection of the words that his question was mere rhetoric but she could hear something in his voice, a subtle deepening. "For the last week I have watched and sat in judgment upon you. You are gifted. You have a quick mind and inner strength but you are blinded by your greed. It feeds your strength with the will power to move mountains but in the end it will cost you everything."He turned to look at her. The glass in his hand shattered into a shower of shards. His hand bled freely on the ancient carpet beneath his feet."You have been given the chance to turn your back on this three times. The rules of our game say that you must enter into this with total and com complete free will….so this is the last time I will ask and the last chance you will ever be given the chance to walk away. Do you accept the challenge of the Minotaur?"Panthea stood rooted to the floor. This was it. The offer to step into the world of Minotaur Industries not as a pawn but as a Queen. She had for days felt the power radiate off Adrian Minotaur. It bathed Him in an aura that was so thick with the feel of barely leashed power that it effected everyone that came in contact with it down to the lowliest servant . Her eyes met his."Everything in my life has been preparing me for this moment. You say my greed will be my doom. Wrong. My greed will pull me through when nothing else will. Will I accept your challenge? I will not only accept your challenge I will surpass all your expectations. Is that clear enough?"In the blink of an eye the world changed… Incapable of movement, she watched as modern walls fell away. Ancient walls build to withstand even the cries of the Gods, arose from the earth com completely surrounding her. Reclining with delicate wine glasses, the pantheon was reveled. Her eyes wide with fear roamed the faces. Then she heard it… the voice of the storm…."Release the Minotaur…."His roar was her answer…her body released. There was nothing subtle in his shifting… his legs lengthened… arms too. His chest filled out as his featured change. He became the embodiment of the Monster from her dreams….He was The Minotaur…Turning she began to run blindly. There were four earthen doors. She ran into the one to her right. Down into the earth, anything to escape that thing only to find herself deep in the bowels of the earth, in the heart of the ancient labyrinth.He stood on hove legs. He rolled his head on his massive neck. Loosening muscles and tendons for the games. He could feel the brush of his tail against his legs. He looked down at the powerful hands. Then he looked to the mighty Zeus. "Something's never change at all do they?" There was a twinkle in the Ancient Gods' eye…"Would we really wan them to?"The Minotaur's body shook with laughter as he took his first steps towards the entrance to the maze…His herders began to gather around him…. "Find her and prepare her for me…" At his words they moved as one…
She heard the tramping of feet on the cold hard earth coming from somewhere behind her. She had been moving for hours and was com completely lost. Her only hope was to find the center then maybe she could find her way out. It never occurred to her that she was being driven to the center of the maze until she found herself rounding a corner into an open garden. There in the very center sat a throne Her once classy suit now more rag than anything else hung limply on her exhausted body. With a wild cry she flung herself to the ground in defeat as the lounging Minotaur turned his red eyes gaze in her direction. His voice deeper than she'd ever heard it, rasped along previously unknown nerve ending…."Welcome to my inner sanctum This is where you wanted to be. Where you asked to be. You don't seem so happy."Her voice rose to a scream as her fists beat the ground…"You can't do this to me… let me go…."He moved with a speed that caught her totally unprepared. Reaching down he grabbed her by the hair and lifted her face to his. The wide nostrils of his bulls face taking in the entire smell of her fear. "Try again cunt" Her eyes widened in terror as the red pupils of his eyes danced with fire…"Please…" her voice broke on a sob, "please anything… I'll do anything if you'll just …."His fist tightened in her hair, hurting her scalp…"Yes cunt… you will do anything I ask of you…. Anything"
Turning quickly his tail catches her unaware, slashing her across the face as she falls from his hands…"Oooooooowwwww" her hand cradles her face…Climbing the black marble stairs to the throne, he ascends to the comfort of his place. As he climbs the stairs his hand brushes the ones which await him. Around him stand thirteen individuals, seven men and six women.. Each one naked and jeweled. Each sported a gold bell around their necks. Each one had a gold ring through their nose. Nipples had been pierced and were decorated with rings sporting glorious gems. The tips of each cock had been pierced and a weight attached to the ring. Each cunt gleamed with a series of rings that closed them tight.
What struck her wasn't what they were wearing or not wearing. It was what they looked like… They ranged in age from a healthy glow of youthful adults in their prime to ancient lined faces and bodies. Each one stood there with a grace and dignity that belied their obvious servitude to this monster Each one a study in classical beauty that defied age and description.
He settled his long hard body into the padded throne, the others lowering themselves into com comfortable positions upon the marble steps. "What makes you think you are worthy to be counted among my herd?"She looked again at the people. Then it struck her. She had seen at least two of these people before. They had been at the reception for signing of the trade agreement between the Middle Eastern Cartel and Europe. They had been consultants. One for the European Nations… the other the Middle Eastern ones. She had watched as a President and a King had introduced them to one another. He watched as understanding dawned in her eyes."Strip her"Two of the men moved forward. There was nothing gentle in their actions. The clothing was literally ripped from her body. "On your knees"
She dropped to her knees before him. "Spread your legs" Her knees spread slightly… His roar of anger shook the very earth"Are you that stupid cunt? I said spread them. Do it… Do it now"
Her legs spread wide open …God how could she do this? How could she demean herself like this? She could feel the air brushing her open thighs. Wisps of air gently caressing the flesh of her mons… the lips of her sex.She had been so lost in her own thoughts she didn't even hear him move. He was suddenly just there. Her eyes followed the line of his body up, coming to rest upon the unsheathed massive cock. Laughter filled the night air bringing her mind out of its fog…"With time you will learn to crave it almost as much as you crave me."His words set her body free. She was up and on the run in a flash, There was no way she was going to be that things toy. Her feet carried her towards the entrance into the maze. She would get lost in there but so would he. Just as her foot touched the path she found herself on the ground. The bola tight around her calves. Deep hurting pain where the balls had struck her. Even that didn't stop her flight as she dragged herself across the grass…Her fingers clutched the earth as she felt herself being dragged backwards towards where he…it waited. "I don't remember releasing you to do my bidding out in the world. You are in for an attitude adjustment bitch."
His voice was lower than she could imagine any voice being. "Put her in the Daedalus cage."
She felt hands on her body releasing her legs from the bola as she fought with all her strength to get away. There were to many of them holding her in place. Then she felt the weigh of something around her neck being locked in place. Looking down she realized she was wearing a bell like the others. She had thought they meant to cage her up. They thought this would stop her? For the first time in days laughter spilled from her lips along with the contemptuously worded, "Fool's"Never letting her eyes leave them she started backing towards the entrance. None of them did anything to stop her. In fact they all turned their backs on her and started returning to their places. Beyond them the Minotaur stood taking in the sight of her. "Come…"
The order was given in a voice that brooked no disobedience. Even that didn't stop her retreat. What did was the feel of something crawling on her. Looking down at the chain around her neck she was horrified to see tentacles of gold chain erupting from the small bell dome. The chain was like a living entity. With each inch that came out it moved and grew. The links joined to become a fine mesh encasing her chest, arms, legs , feet and upwards around her throat, face and head. She had never felt anything like it. The chain was so thin it resembles a spiders web. Hands incased in the fine mesh reached up and tried to break free only to find that no matter how hard she tried. She couldn't break free. It was like she was incased in a second skin of the finest metal. "Come…."This time his voice was the merest whisper…The soft fine metal suddenly tightened around her. Biting into the soft flesh of her entire body. The beautiful soft mesh became a hard unforgiving exoskeleton under his control. The harder she fought, the tighter the cage became. Her struggles did nothing to stop her legs from propelling her forward until she was standing in his shadow."Look at me…"
The mesh lifted her chin high so that her eyes met his…
"On your knees bitch"
The mesh bent her legs…."Legs open…."
"Arms back….
"Chest forward…"With each order the mesh reacts instantly. ."Do we understand one another?"
The mesh goes totally limp. Her voice was lost in the realization of the cage she now lived in, but at least if she was in it she was safe from him. "I'll take that as a 'No.'"The mesh went ridged at the sound of his voice. The words that had been trapped tried to break free. The cage instantly changed parting and rearranges itself around her lip. Brushing past resisting lips it opens her mouth to an almost unbearable width. "Yes I think I like that look on you."His hand reaches forward outlining the lips with the gentlest of touches. With just a finger under her chin he lifts her from the ground until she is standing. Her legs still parted obscenely. His hand reaches down and touches her sex.. The realization is shocking. At his will the metal had parted, opening for his hand..
Sound exploded from her throat as she realized how com completely she was under his control. His eyes flared brightly red as he read the knowledge in her eyes."Which is it to be? Pleasure or pain?"His fingers brushing the very tip of her clit. Her eyes igniting with need even as her mind screamed its denial. His fingers parting her warm moist lips. "Maybe both or neither. Maybe you should beg me for your down fall my little fuck toy."With each word his fingers tantalized her a little more. Each word bringing the need a little closer to the surface of her mind. With just a glance at her breast the mesh began to tighten around the enticing globes of flesh… then release…. Her nipples became diamond points of pleasure as the living cage milked her. Her nipples grew and lengthened. His fingers reached out even as the mesh parted and he grabbed the flesh in an unforgiving grip. His eyes never left hers as she was suddenly struck with a pain through her chest that defied belief. Looking down she sees a bloodied rod has been shoved through her breast. Her nipple pierced. Nothing had been given to relieve the pain as she almost passed out. Luck was against her in that moment. As she watched his hand came forward again to the other breast. The mesh wouldn't allow her to look away as once again her flesh was pierced. Her body was totally immobile as the pain crashed through her. She watched as he threaded a loop through each one. On the loops rested a single pink diamond of the rarest quality and size. The pull was painful and she knew it was a weight she would never loose sight of. Even as she thought the worse was over his hands raised to her face. The mesh parting around her nostrils. Her eyes meeting his as he pierced the cartilage of her nose and threaded the loop through it. Oh God… the reality struck her. Next he would pierce the lips of her sex….Even as the thought entered her mind his words reached out to her. "Bend over cunt and hold your ankles tight."
She found herself looking at the ground. Her hands tight around her ankles. Her legs spread so that he could see everything she had tried to hide from his eyes. With shame she felt the spittle drop from her open mouth. The mesh parted and it suddenly felt as if there were a million fingers pulling the lips of her sex open and wide for him. The mesh tightening alone her ass, pulling her crack open to his eyes. The pain of her lips being pierced was incredible. Her screams tore through the quiet of the night as his finger pulled the lips taut and the tip of his horn ripped through the thin woman's flesh. Each hole soon sported a deceptively delicate ring of the strongest metal. If she had been able she would have jumped through the ceiling at the next sensation. His horns were caressing the length of her slit. Caressing her clit. Making her live on the knifes edge of his power. Even through the pain her body betrayed her mind as she began to moan deep in her throat at the feel he was provoking. His horn shifted until it lightly touched the rose hole of her anus even as his long rough tongue lapped at the exposed dripping sex and hard unprotected clit. His breath hot against her as his words reached deep."Yes My little sluty cow…for you I think both pleasure and pain"
Standing up behind her he walked around until she was at her head."Up cunt… pay homage to Your Master…"
With that her body shifted. His hand clasped the ring through her nose. Her head raised until her mouth was level with his cock. Her gapping mouth opened even wider to accommodate his immense girth. He was fucking her face. His movements powerful as his cock passed lips and tongue and found refuge in her throat. It didn't matter in the least to him that she was unable to breath. What mattered was the feel of her throat as she choked. The tightening of muscles around the head of his cock. He would pull back when the feeling lessened to allow air into starved lungs so she could withstand another round of monstrous thrusts. Minutes in his world felt like an eternity in hers. She was going to die with his bull size cock down her throat was her thought as she began to pass out. . With a roar he pulled from her. "Nice cunt but I think I want to play in other places… turn around an present me with some choices…"She found herself being spun around and bent over. Her feet taking a wide stance as her still opened and exposed ass and pussy await his pleasure. His finger worked its way into her tight ass even as his words met her ears…"Bitch this is going to hurt you more than it is me but with time I think you are going to learn to like this kind of pain….a lot "His cock replaced his fingers. It was still wet from her mouth as he rested against the tight ring. "Cunt this is not going to kill you… " his laugh washed over her even as he surged forward. His hard hot cock passing the tight muscles of her anus. Stretching her… ripping her…."It's just going to make you wish you were dead"Fire burned her as his cock surged and retreated. Friction building along nerves. His cock stretched her beyond anything she thought she could withstand. Pain like nothing she had ever imagined burned through her gut. On and on it went. Then something inside her shifted. The pain remained but she was moving beyond it into a new plane of existence. She could feel other things… the pain of his cock and the whip of his balls on her exposed clit. Over and over it was struck. She began to whimper with need. Just as she reached the pinnacle and would have cum something happened. His cock kept up the thrusting… but her clit felt nothing… the pounding of his balls was gone replaced by something she couldn't recognize. "Cunt do you really think you've earn the right to cum?" his words softly spoken in her ear. "Behold " with the word the cage moved forcing her head to look down the length of her body to where his tail rested against the begging knot of flesh. Cushioning it against the feel of his balls torturing her. His rhythm slowed until he was almost motionless inside her. Buried deep making just tiny earth shattering surges against her. "Okay slut, I am going to ask you again… do we understand each other?"
The mesh around her body went totally limp at his words.. The her mouth now free…"Yes…." The words were a croak in her abused throat… "Yes…. who?""yes Master…""Very good cunt… there's hope for you yet…"With that he withdrew from her ass He bent to his task… she had seen the piercing of the other… she knew what was coming even as she felt his hands pull the hood of her clit back and felt the cold of the needle again her. She didn't move to avoid the pain. She bit her lip causing blood to flow down her chin…"Very good cow… Do you have something to ask Me?"His cock now rested again her open sex"Please fuck me…" "Very well My sluty little heifer…What use was their in your power unless it was com completely under my control…."His laughter was a caress…Welcome to My Herd"
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