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By - Jan 26, 2006 3325 It was just after our eighth anniversary that I asked myself "is that all there is?"When Marijke and I first got married, our sex life was pretty good. We did a lot of fucking and oral sex. The novelty made it fun, and there were times when Marijke really got into it. Often, that was after she had consumed a few drinks. Let me tell you about Marijke. She is beautiful, tall at 5'10", with long straight blonde hair, a pretty face, and beautiful 36 DD breasts. She was born into a very strict Catholic family in Holland, which clouded her view of sin and sex. When she is sexy, she is very very sexy, looking up with those lovely blue eyes with her mouth wrapped around my cock. Marijke is quite intelligent, and a hard worker, very focused and a poster girl for concentration. We love the same things: music and literature, travel and languages.
Alas, this vision of loveliness has a few flaws. She has no sense of humor, whether in Dutch or English. While bright, she has absolutely no imagination, a total inability to think outside the box. And then there is this Catholic guilt that says that sex cannot be enjoyed. Every time she started to enjoy it, the Catholic guilt extinguished the feelings. She is also com completely anal-retentive, a neatness and cleanliness freak. Her main problem with blowing me is when my sperm gets anywhere on her skin. Anal sex is out because it is forbidden and most of all dirty. This is a woman who eats a hamburger with a napkin around it, lest something soil the table.
Now let me tell you about myself. My name is Bill. I am also tall at 6'3", very intelligent, and possessed of a Jeopardy mind. People say I'm good-looking. I own my own computer consulting business, so money is no problem. We live in the Oakland hills, with a view of San Francisco. People also consider me to have a wild imagination and an outrageous sense of humor. What people don't know is how important sex is to me. I want it and need it all the time.
Collision course. As the years went on, Marijke's sex drive seemed to stall. She didn't want to do anything but what we'd always done. Suck, suck, fuck, fuck. We settled down into having sex on the weekends, because Marijke was so tired from her new job that she had little energy during the week for sex.Naturally, this pissed me off. I wanted it daily, or at least several times a week, and I wanted a partner who liked sex as much as I did, and who would be creative in bed. But that was not Marijke. There were three alternatives: divorce, living with the situation, or changing Marijke.
For a couple of years, I lived with it. There would be times when I got her drunk and we would have wilder sex, but those times were rare.
On one fateful day, as I left the office of a client in Tahoe City, I bumped into Randy McCoy, who had served with me in the Marines. We had been very close friends then, and he had moved up to Tahoe after he got out.
Randy and I were opposites. I'm a reader, he's a jock. I am skinny-to-medium, he's muscular. I have straight brown hair, he has curly black hair. I am reasonably attractive, he's a chick magnet, a guy that turns women's' heads. He started as a bartender and now owned a bar, which was THE bar in Tahoe City. During the winter, the aprŠs-ski action centered in his saloon, with luscious ski bunnies and good-looking male skiers lined up three deep at the bar, but now, in June, the skiing season was over. We went back to his place and started drinking. I told him the story of Marijke and our marriage.On about our sixth drink, he started to ask me some pointed questions.
"Billy, did you say that your lady can get out of control?""Yeah, Ran, when she has had about three or four martinis, she gets real loose. Normally, I have to practically twist her arm to get her into be, but with several drinks in her, she starts to go wild. If we are in a restaurant, she might unzip me and start to fondle me. On the way home, she'll give me a blowjob in the car."
"So, Billy, what are you gonna do? You are unhappy with this Dutch broad, and I know you well enough from the Corps that if she don't take care of you, you're gonna start taking care of yourself. Everybody is like that, but your patience is less than other guys.""Unfortunately, you're right on that, Ran."We drank a few more, going over old times, talking about liberty ports we had visited together."So, Billy, let me get this straight. You think your lady is really a sex bomb underneath, but is so wrapped up in Catholic bullshit and sin, that she can't accept her true sexual self.""Ran, I think you've got it. I don't know what to do about it. I love her, but I'm going crazy."We drank some more, and he had a bartender take us both to his house, where I slept in the guest bedroom, as I was in no shape to drive back to Oakland.The next morning, we both had huge hangovers. He had a bartender pick us up and drive us back to the saloon, where I got in my car. With the fierce hangover, it was not a pleasant drive.I did forget about it. I got back to Oakland just after one, still feeling terrible. I checked the answering machine and answered the most desperate calls, but the afternoon was almost a writeoff. Marijke came home at 6:08 and made dinner. I didn't tell her about my binge with my old buddy.
For the next three weeks, work consumed me, and Marijke was working on a big project, so we were like ships passing in the night. I was out of town on Wednesday night, meeting with a client in Orange County. On Thursday night, Marijke didn't come home at 6:08 PM, as she nearly always did. Like a true anal retentive, she was a creature of habit, a person who did not deviate from her schedule by more than five minutes. When she hadn't shown up by seven, I was worried. By nine, I was frantic. I called one of her colleagues, who reported that Marijke hadn't shown up for work that day, without a call. Very unlike Marijke. I called all of our friends, but none had heard from her.The next morning, I called the cops, to report her missing. They looked at accident reports, but none of them listed her. I called all of the hospitals in the East Bay, but none had any record of her. Went in to the police station and filled out a report, but the detective told me that people like Marijke generally showed up in a few days. She didn't.Marijke woke up in darkness. She was lying on a large bed, naked under a duvet. She was warm under the covers, but the room was cool. There were no sounds, no traffic, no sounds of people moving around. She tried to look at her watch, but it was gone. She had no clue where she was. Gradually, she remembered coming home, pouring a glass of white wine, and opening the mail. She vaguely remembered that she had quickly fallen asleep, and nothing more. She lay there, confused and worried.An hour later, lights came on. She could see the room, obviously a basement room, with two doors, on different walls. There was a boombox on a cabinet, without a radio, and a handful of CDs. There was a television with a VCR, and a stack of tapes. There were no chests or other pieces of furniture, except a couch and upholstered chair. A dozen books were on top of the television."Hello, Marijke. Welcome to Roissy.""Roissy?""A town in France, near the Charles de Gaulle Airport. But that's not the reason I call it that. Have you ever read The Story of O?""No, but I've heard of it.""A copy is on the television. Read it. I'll talk to you again once you've read it.""I'm hungry. What time is it? Who are you? Where am I?""You don't need to know the time, or who I am, or exactly where you are, except that you will refer to it as Roissy. You are here for training, which you will learn about in due time. You will get food as rewards for participation in the training. If you don't cooperate, you don't get anything to eat. Clear?""I guess so.""I will talk to you again in a few hours. Read the book."Marijke got out of bed and got the book. She snuggled back into bed and started to read.The Story of O is about O, a young professional woman who is trained as a sexual submissive and the delights of BDSM at the Chateau at Roissy. She agrees to her training, because of her love for her boyfriend. He gives her to Sir Stephen, his mentor, who loves and dominates her. In the final scene, Sir Stephen takes her to a party. She is wearing only a mask, led by Sir Stephen on a golden leash attached to a ring in her clitoris.As Marijke read, she was alternately turned on and horrified. She could feel O's pain, but her pussy got wet at the scenes. The book was a short one, and she was finished in less than two hours.
She got up and examined everything in the room. All of the CDs were recent ones. The videotapes were all pornographic. The books were also what she considered pornographic.She tried one door but it was locked. The other led to a bathroom, which contained a shower, toilet, bidet, and washbasin. Her own medications were in the medicine chest, including her birth control pills. There was a plastic cup, which she filled with water. She drank it quickly. Her shampoo was in the shower, along with her favorite soap. Her captor had obviously been in her house. She urinated and left the bathroom.Marijke turned the television on, but there were no stations. She inserted a tape, and it played a porn tape. She turned it off.
She inspected the room in detail. The walls were smooth, but there seemed to be small holes in the corners. She moved the chair and looked at the holes, which revealed lenses inside.The bed was a king-size bed with a brass frame. There were hooks in the ceiling. Marijke opened a drawer in the bedside table and found it filled with dildos, vibrators, various jellies and lubricants, and other sexual aids."Hello, Marijke. Did you enjoy the book?""It was weird. Some of it was interesting, but I don't see how she could put up with it, and actually enjoy it.""That, my dear, is why you are here. By the time you leave here, and that is my intention, you will surpass O. You will love submitting to the basest desires of men.""Never.""We'll see. Are you getting hungry yet?""I'm starved.""If you want to eat, get back on the bed. Throw off the duvet. Take out a vibrator and use it to bring yourself off. No faking. When I am convinced you have had an orgasm, you'll have something to eat.""Absolutely not.""Okay. The lights will go off. The only light you'll have will be the television if you choose to run sexy movies. I'll be back in four hours, or until you call out that you are ready to fuck yourself.""Four hours. No. I'm hungry now.""You heard the rules. Goodbye."Marijke got back in bed and pulled the duvet over her. She could not sleep. She got up and tried to play a music CD, but its power was off. She tried to go to sleep, but she couldn't. Though she was not cold, in the dark she shivered with fear and hunger.Finally, after what must have been four hours, the lights came on. "Are you ready, my dear?""Fuck you.""We'll get to that, dear. I will give you one pleasure. I will leave the lights on so that you can read." She got up to look at the books on the television, and picked up one that seemed to match her predicament, The Captive's Journey. Back in bed, she read with fascination the story of an English debutante kidnapped and to a villa in Morocco where she was turned into a sex toy for the pleasure of an English nobleman. Through intimidation and torture, she learned to suck cock, take penises in her vagina in many positions, accept cocks in her asshole, and lick assholes and pussies. She was whipped and humiliated.Marijke shivered, thinking that her captor had this in mind for her. It frightened her, but her pussy was sopping, which surprised her."Hello, Marijke. Did you enjoy The Captive's Journey?""Is that what you plan to do with me?"Well, I don't have a huge black associate with a monstrous tool who rapes nuns and would rape you, but pretty close.""No, you can't do that. That is illegal. Did Bill put you up to this?""Your husband has no idea. As far as he knows, you disappeared and he will probably have reported you as a missing person. Cops like the husband in a case like this. He'll probably volunteer to take a lie detector test, and he'll pass, because he has no clue. I just picked you because you're beautiful and my ideal woman. I enjoy turning women like you into sluts, total sexual slaves. Call it my hobby."Marijke sank inside. She knew that she was totally at his mercy, that unless Bill was able to get the cops to find her, she was at the mercy of her captor. She was famished. She had to live."Okay, okay. I'll use the vibrator, if that will get me something to eat."Marijke lay on the bed and tossed the duvet aside. She reached into the drawer and pulled out a vibrator. She turned it on and placed it on her clitoris, which was already wet. The buzz pulsated through her whole pussy. She was still a little wet from reading the book, and she put the vibrator in her vagina. With her left hand, she twirled the vibrator, as her right went to her clit. She rubbed and tweaked. She alternated pressure. Gradually all of her being was caught up in the feeling of arousal. Her level rose and rose until she went over the top in a huge orgasm. Her body twisted like she was having a convulsion. She was out of breath. Slowly, she took the vibrator out and turned it off. She got up and was headed for the bathroom."Where are you going, Marijke.""To the bathroom, to wash my hands and ... you know.""Get back in bed, Marijke. Lick your right hand clean."Marijke hesitated."Lick it, now."Reluctantly, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean."Very good, Marijke. Your meal will be delivered in a few minutes."
Marijke got back in bed and pulled the duvet over her and waited. Finally, she heard a click and then his voice."You may go to the door and open it."She did, and found a short hallway, with another door six feet away. On the floor was a tray with a lovely but small meal of a chicken breast, peas, and stuffing. A large plastic cup held iced tea, and the utensils were made of plastic. She took the tray to the bed, as a click heralded the locking of the door.She carefully used the flimsy plastic knife to cut the chicken. It was slow going. She was tempted to pick it up in her fingers, but she didn't. She got impatient and ate all of the stuffing and peas before she returned to the chicken. When she was finished, she looked up."How was that, Marijke?""It hit the spot. Thank you.""My pleasure. Go to the door and place the tray in the hallway."Marijke complied, hearing the lock click open a second before she turned the knob. She got back in bed and put the duvet over her nude body."It's cold in here. What shall I call you?""You can call me by my initial, M. It will remain cool in the room until you have proven yourself to be an eager slut.""I guess I'll just freeze, then.""It's up to you. You can freeze and be bored and be hungry and remain a captive, or you can relax and learn to enjoy your sexuality. Meanwhile, I want you to watch every tape I have put in the room and read each of the books. If you are not asleep, that is what you should be doing. For right now, choose a tape and watch it."
Reluctantly, Marijke took a tape and started it. She retreated to the bed and watched. In it, an Italian man named Rocco, whose body was nice looking, was romping with two blonde bimbos, each of whom had one pierced nipple and no pubic hair. Rocco would fuck one in the pussy while the other licked at the union. Then he would fuck the other in the ass, while the first licked his ass. He pulled out and came over their faces, and they licked the come off each other's face. They were shameless as they opened their mouths to show his come on their tongues and ropy around their teeth.
Marijke had never seen anything like this. She and Bill had never tried anything like this. She knew Bill wanted her to try anal sex, but she felt it was so dirty that she couldn't even thing of it. These three seemed to enjoy this decadence.When the tape was finshed, she got another book and started to read it. There was nothing else to do. It was a book of letters to Penthouse Magazine. Marijke was fascinated at what these depraved people had written about. Men who enjoyed watching their wives fuck other men, and women who enjoyed two or three men at the same time. She had heard about this, but had never thought of having sex with anyone but Bill.Marijke had not been a virgin when she met Bill, but she had not been very sexually active compared to some of her female colleagues, who could seem to talk of little else but their men.As soon as she had finished the book, his voice came on."Did you enjoy the book, Marijke?""Actually, I found it more interesting than I expected. I can't believe that people actually wrote those.""I cannot say with certainty, but I suspect that most came from readers and are just juiced up by the Penthouse staff. Are you hungry yet?""Yes. I am ready.""First, you have a task, my dear. I am going to come in there, and you are going to give me a blowjob.""I can't do that. I am faithful to Bill. Never.""And I am sure that he will be faithful to you, unless he starts to believe that you are never coming back. I promise you, you will never leave this room alive unless you are a com complete sexual slave, an eager slut who really enjoys fucking and sucking and all of the things you read about.""Never."The lights went out. Marijke couldn't see anything. She got under the duvet and tried to conserve her warmth. She thought about Bill and what he was thinking. After a few hours, she finally drifted off to sleep.Back in San Francisco, I thought that the lie detector test was interesting. They asked a lot of dumb questions and a few important ones like "Did you kill your wife?" and "Do you know where your wife is?""You passed, Bill. Clean bill of health.""Thanks, Henry. Now what?""I think this will take you off their list of suspects. They have asked you about all of her friends, co-workers, maids, store clerks, whatever. They have checked your house for fingerprints and matched every one to people they have cleared. They are at a dead end, and missing persons efforts are generally fruitless anyway. I doubt that you'll ever hear from the police again, unless there is a ransom note."Henry was a good lawyer, one I felt I needed to take me through the process. But Marijke had been gone for six days now, without a trace or phone call or note. All of her things were still in the house, except her birth control pills. She had four months supply, having gotten six months supply eight weeks ago.I was devastated. I had hired a private detective, but after twenty hours of investigation, he told me the same thing as the police. There was nothing to do but wait and hope.Marijke woke up in the blackness. She was still barely warm enough under the duvet. There was no sound. She tried to turn on the bedside light, but nothing happened. After she went to the bathroom, she got back in bed and lay there for an hour, before she called for him."Please, M. I'm very hungry.""You know the rules, my dear. Are you ready to give me an enthusiastic blowjob and swallow my come?""Noooooo. I can't do that."The lights went out.Four hours later, the lights went on."Are you ready?""No. I can't. Please, M. Please give me some food."The lights went out.The four hour cycle of darkness and hunger, broken by the lights coming on briefly and Marijke refusing to give him a blowjob, went on for many cycles. Marijke had no watch, no sense of whether it was day or night, no sense of time. She didn't know how long she had been there. Finally, her survival instincts took over as she worried about starvation. Into the darkness she said, "Okay, M. I give up. I'll give you your blowjob."Nothing happened. The lights stayed off and there was no sound. She lay there, frightened.Every few minutes, she called out, but there was no reply, no lights. She was disoriented, but it must have been five hours. Her stomach hurt from hunger. She called out again."Okay, M. I give up. I'll give you your blowjob."The lights came on."Hello, Marijke. I'm glad you came to your senses. I'm turning up the heat now. I'll be in presently."Marijke stayed under the duvet as she felt the heat come on, warming the room. After what seemed like fifteen minutes, she heard a click."Marijke, here are the rules. I place a pair of handcuffs in the tunnel. You will handcuff yourself to the bed, for my protection. If anything happens to me, we would both die here. Nobody else knows you are here or about this room. You will do what I say, or no food and no light. Do you agree?""Yes, I do.""All right, wait five minutes and pick up the handcuffs."She did and handcuffed herself to the bed frame."I'm coming in."The door opened and M came in. He was naked except for an Italian mask covering his face. Marijke knelt in front of the man and tentatively touched his semi-erect penis with her hand. She held it while she stuck out her tongue and licked the end. He had recently bathed, so his scent was pleasant. She ovaled her lips and put the end in her mouth. She slowly worked her mouth down on his cock until it was halfway in her mouth. She had done this for Bill many times. She didn't enjoy it that much, but he did.She began bobbing her head on the cock. The man looked down and could see her lips stretched out at times as she sucked him in and out. He started to get into it, and his hips bucked as she sucked. In and out, in and out. Marijke started to enjoy the feeling of this warm cock in her mouth, of turning the man on. Clearly the tape and books had an effect. She felt his cock get harder and swell. He took the cock in his hand."Open wide."Like one of Rocco's bimbo's, she tilted her head up and opened her mouth, looking into his eyes. He jerked and spurted a huge spurt, all of which went into her mouth. He then pulled back and spurted again on her cheeks and nose."Keep it in your mouth and stick out your come-covered tongue."Marijke complied. Her captor loved the sight of this woman, mouth open like a little baby chick, sperm covering her face and dripping from her cheeks, as well as covering her tongue. He squeezed his cock and got a few more drops, which he proceeded to smear on parts of her face he had not splattered. He had been saving up for this.Marijke was uneasy. When she had given Bill blowjobs, she immediately to the bathroom and spat it out, which he hated. But now she was handcuffed to the bed."Keep your tongue out for a few more seconds. Don't touch the sperm on your face. Leave it there."He reached in the bag and took out a camera. She didn't want her picture taken like this, but knew she had to cooperate.He took the flash shot, and then three more from various angles."Spit the come in your hand and spread it on your breasts."Marijke complied, feeling terribly messy with sticky sperm covering her face and chest."You did well, Marijke. You have earned a good meal and a bonus. It will take me a few minutes to prepare it. Stay where you are and don't touch the sperm."He left and was back in a few minutes with a meal of pan-fried trout, with garlic potatoes and string beans. Again, she had a plastic cup of iced tea. He unlocked the handcuffs and departed.Ravenous, she devoured the meal, before she spied her treat. There was a current mystery paperback on the tray, one that she had been planning to read. When she finished the meal, she took a shower and brushed her teeth. She got back into bed and read the book for a while, then nodded off.
She didn't know how long she had been asleep when she stirred. She sat up, got out of bed, and went to the bathroom. When she got back in bed, her captor spoke again."I have been very selfish, Marijke. I think it is time for you to get some pleasure. Get ready. I am coming in."He entered again, wearing the mask and bearing a small bag. He handcuffed her to the head of the bed. He withdrew a black velvet bag, a hood from his bag and placed it over her head. He tightened the bottom and snapped a lock on it."I can't do what I am going to do with a mask on, so you must wear one."He pulled her left arm to him and placed a cloth restraint on it, fastened with Velcro. He attached the other end to the bed frame.
He removed his mask and stretched out on the bed, his mouth poised over Marijke's pussy. He lowered his head and started to lick and suck. As he nibbled, her pussy got wet. His fingers entered her as she got very juicy. He stroked her G-Spot, making her writhe with pleasure. He nibbled and sucked at her clitoris. He rolled it between his teeth. He experimented to find out what turned her on the most. She thrashed about in ecstasy as his tongue, lips, and fingers brought her ever higher. Finally she screamed with a huge orgasm and feel in a pile on the mattress.He did not stop. After a few seconds respite, he dove in again, bringing her to another climax, and another, and another."Are you ready to be fucked?""Oh yes, please. Stick it in and fuck me hard. Fuck me."He complied and it didn't take long before he spurted in her vagina, as she came a fifth time, a different kind of orgasm from the ones where he was just eating her. He lay beside her exhausted.He stroked her gently, then reached for his mask. Once it was on, he removed her hood."Did you like that?""Oh yes, I loved it. I have never come so many times. Those were some of my best orgasms ever.""You show some promise, Marijke. One thing left to do. Clean me off."He moved up the bed and stuck his cock on Marijke's face. She resisted, never having licked Bill's cock after it had been in her, but she was so mellow she opened her mouth and slurped his cock inside. It didn't taste bad. She actually felt a pang of forbidden joy at being made to clean his cock with her tongue.After five minutes of licking and cleaning, he took his cock from her mouth and untied one hand, then unlocked the handcuffs and departed. He took pictures of her wet and used body, then left her in a puddle as his sperm leaked from her pussy.A few minutes later, he announced that the meal was served. As she went to the door to get the food, she felt the wetness dribble down her leg. As soon as she had eaten, she took a shower.She finished the mystery book that day, and started on another of the porn books. She was conflicted. She loved Bill, and the sex with him was good, but this sex with M was even better. She thought about this as she nodded off."Hello, Marijke, how did you sleep?""Like a stone. The best sleep I've had in a while.""It's time for the next step in our training. Are you ready?""Well, the training so far has been not as bad as I expected, so okay."Her captor entered, still with his mask on, still carrying a bag, but a larger one than before. "I do like blonde pussy hair. It tastes better. But yours has to go. Take a shower, now."Marijke complied, and emerged wet. Her captor laid her on a towel on the couch. He pulled scissors from the bag and cut the larges tufts of hair, then applied shaving cream. It tingled. He waited two minutes, then used a Gillette Mach 3 to remove all the hair from her pussy and crotch area. He dried her with a towel. "Get on the bed and put this hood on."Marijke did as he said. He placed a lock on the hood.He took off his mask and buried his face in her pussy. She immediately started to lubricate. Then he did something he hadn't done before. He lifted her legs high and told her to hold on to them with her hands. He licked from her clitoris to her asshole in long streaks. She was stunned. Bill had touched her asshole a number of times, but she always pushed him away. When her captor lingered his tongue on her asshole, shivers ran up and down her spine. She emitted an involuntary moan. He circled his tongue around the rim. She moaned again. He rolled his tongue into a U-shape and stuck it in her asshole. She moaned but tightened it up. He prodded again and she kept clenched, but finally, he broached her portal and his tongue went in. She moaned loudly. He kept at it for a few minutes as the sensations washed over her.Bill had never done this. It was dirty, but it felt so good.Her captor took his tongue out of her ass and spoke."Did you like that?""Yes.""Do you want me to do it again?""Yes, please.""Ask me nicely.""Do it again, please.""Do what?""You know.""Tell me.""I want you to put your tongue there.""Where?""In my ass.""Tell me again.""I want you to tongue-fuck my asshole.""Okay, " he said, and he did.He swirled his tongue around and around her asshole, then stuck it in and pulled it out like a tiny cock. His fingers caressed her clitoris.Marijke's body was writhing. She felt guilty about it, but she had an orgasm from the combination of his fingers in her pussy and his tongue in her ass, a huge noisy screaming orgasm. He uncuffed her and let her sleep. He left her in bed, with the lights still on. A few minutes later he brought her a delicious dinner, having to wake her to eat it. He did not force her to have sex for a day. He brought additional non-pornographic books and turned up the heat a few degrees, to a point where she was com comfortable outside the bed, but she was still nude and still a captive. He put in clean sheets and a clean duvet, which she placed on the bed.After about twenty-four hours, he talked to her again."Are you ready again, my dear?""For what?""Don't be coy. For sex, of course.""Please, just let me go.""You're not ready yet. You like the orgasms, but I don't feel that you have much enthusiasm for sex." "But I do. I do. I had a fantastic orgasm.""Did you like what I did?""I was surprised, but I did, a lot.""What did you like and why were you surprised?""Well, you know, it felt good.""What felt good, my dear. Be specific.""Well, it felt good when you were caressing me.""Euphemism. What did you like?""When you licked me?""What did I lick?""My bottom.""Please be more specific.""My ass.""What part?""In the middle.""Damn, it is frustrating to talk to you. What did you like?""I ... uh ... liked it when you licked my asshole.""Better, but I did a little more than that, didn't I?""Yes, you did more than lick it. You stuck your tongue in my ass and French-kissed it. It felt wonderful, magic.""Would you like me to do it again, my dear?""I wouldn't mind."The lights went out for four hours.When the lights came on later, he spoke again."Why do you think I turned off the lights?""I don't know.""Certainly, you do. You are a smart woman. You graduated from Stanford.""Well, my reply didn't please you.""True. What did you say and what should you have said?""When you asked if I wouldn't mind repeating what we did yesterday, I said I wouldn't mind. I guess I should have said that I couldn't wait for you to tongue-fuck me again.""Better. You may yet learn. Okay, take a shower now. In fifteen minutes, I'll be in to take up where we left off."A half and hour later, Marijke was on her stomach as her captor tongue-fucked her ass. He then took his tongue out and turned her over onto her back. He put his pinky finger in her ass, after lubricating it in her drenched pussy. It went in slowly, as he didn't want to hurt her. As he put it in her, he licked her clitoris. She was not in pain, but in the grips of lust and fear that caused her to writhe until finally the pinky was all the way in. He sawed it in and out, and as he did so, Marijke had another orgasm. He dipped his index finger in the wet pussy to lubricate it and slowly penetrated her ass with it. Marijke got more and more turned on. By the time his middle finger was imbedded to the hilt in her bottom, she had another huge orgasm. He kept sawing fingers in and out, licking pussy and using fingers from his other hand on her pussy all the while, as she continued to writhe in ecstasy.Finally, he deemed that her ass was loose enough. He rose up and stuck his hard cock in her pussy to lubricate it. He pushed a bit and she moaned. He took his cock out and placed it where his fingers had been, pressing against her asshole.Marijke tensed up as she felt this huge intruder."No, don't put your cock in my ass. It's too big!""You will do it sooner or later. Just relax and you won't feel any pain.""No, please. Not in my ass. No."Even as she complained, Marijke willed herself to relax. She had read the books and seen the tapes, so she knew what was coming. Many of those women liked it. Slowly, her panic subsided but she couldn't relax. Her captor pushed a tiny bit and his cock popped through. Marijke shrieked at the pain, but her captor ignored her."Stop, please. It hurts."He ignored her. He thrust forward to go in deeper.Marijke felt more pain, but not as much. Still, she protested."Please, let me suck you. You liked that. But not this."Her captor replied by putting his cock deeper in her. Millimeter by millimeter, he entered her virgin ass. It took over ten minutes, but he was finally all the way in. Marijke's tears were all over her cheeks, but the pain had subsided. He started to stroke, as he felt her relax. Soon he was sawing in and out, as his fingers kept busy in her pussy. She was very tight, and he was glad that he had already come twice in recent hours.Marijke was feeling oddly pleasant sensations in her ass. The pain was a dull ache mixed with the thrill and pleasure. Soon, it turned into an incredibly wonderful sensation, better than anything she'd ever felt before. She had no idea that her ass was so sensitive. "Oh this is good. I never knew. Fuck it.""Fuck what?""Fuck my asshole. Fuck it hard. Fill my ass with sperm."Her orgasms built until she had a huge orgasm, one that wrenched her in spasms of pleasure. She screamed at the top of her lungs. Her captor felt his orgasm rising and he spurted insider her. She could feel his cock erupt inside and she reveled in it. As they lay side by side, Marijke told her captor "That was the most incredible orgasm of my life. I never knew.""There's more to learn dear. Lots more."He left and she took another shower. Two good non-porn books were on her tray, with the excellent food.The following day, he fucked her ass again and she shrieked in orgasm. Over the next few days, he alternated blowjobs, vaginal sex, and anal sex. She felt huge guilt, because she liked it all. She wasn't feigning. She really liked the sex, had great orgasms. Her captor lay beside her on the bed while he ran videotapes of their sexual adventures together, which turned her on even more. Without being forced, she rolled over and engulfed his cock deep in her mouth. She didn't stop sucking him until he came in her mouth. She stuck out her come covered tongue and showed him, then swallowed.One time, while she was sucking his cock, he pulled her mouth off of it. He turned around and pulled his cheeks apart. It was obvious to Marijke what he wanted, so she tentatively reached out her tongue and licked his asshole. She was very timid."Do you want the lights off again, and no food?"She dug her tongue in his asshole. She was surprised that there was no taste, as he had showered immediately before coming in. Marijke really started to get into it, Frenching his hole and running her tongue around inside. Her captor groaned in pleasure and after a few minutes turned her around and came copiously all over her face. He lay Marijke on her back and fucked her in the missionary position as she felt the cum drying on her face. After they had both come, he said, "I've got to take a monstrous piss. Go into the shower and kneel.""No, not that.""Are you refusing me? I am just going to clean all that cum off your face. What will it be, darkness or piss?"Marijke waited before she replied."Well.""Piss." She got up and he uncuffed her. She silently walked into the bathroom and knelt in the shower. Her captor took a handheld video camera with him as he shot closeups of her come-covered face.""Damn, I have to go. You hold the end and spray your face clean."Marijke was disgusted but she did as he told her. The warm piss was all over her face and hair, dribbling down onto her breasts. She hated it, but a little voice in the back of her mind reveled in it.Within a few days, Marijke was not only hosing herself down with his piss, she actually opened her mouth and let him piss in it."You know, Marijke, you are becoming the slut you said you never would become. How does it feel?""Sexy. I am always wet and horny. I have started to enjoy things.""Such as?""Such as being fucked in the ass, and giving you blowjobs.""And?""I like it when you have these huge orgasms after I tongue-fuck your ass, and l love it when you do that to me. I like it when we piss on each other. I might even enjoy being a slut.""Good, my dear. You are showing progress. There are still a few things left to do.""Such as?""You'll see soon enough."When she awoke, she was horny, even though she had been shrieking in orgasm only a few hours before. She called out to her captor, but he didn't answer. He had told her that he might be away getting groceries from time to time. Marijke was disappointed, so she started a porn novel. She soon reached over into the bedside table for a vibrator and brought herself off. She liked it, but she preferred a nice warm cock.When her captor returned, he talked over the speakers to her."Hello, Marijke. Did you have a nice sleep?""Yes, but when I woke up you were gone.""True. Is that a problem?""Well, I wouldn't mind it if you would have come in.""Why?""You know.""I thought we got rid of that coyness a long time ago. What did you really want?""I want you to fuck me. I want to suck your dick. I want to feel it swell in my mouth and slide over my tongue and spurt down my throat. I want to show you what a slut I am with my mouth coated with your sperm. I want to swallow it loudly. I want to feel your dick in my pussy and my ass. I want the orgasms. I want to feel so sexy and high from our sex.""When you first got here, you didn't like to suck my cock. What about now?""With my husband, going down on him was a chore, something I had to endure, but now I love it. I come with your cock in my mouth or when it spurts on me. I love the taste of your cum. I love the slutty feeling I get watching myself on the tapes bobbing my head on your dick and seeing your sperm splash on my face and hair and tits. I love the slutty feeling of having your sperm coat my face, of sticking my tongue in your ass, of pissing on you, and of being pissed on by you, feeling the hot piss on my face and in my hair."Her captor entered the room, clad only in a mask."Do me."She did. She sucked his cock for a few minutes, looking up at his eyes as he looked down at the very exciting vision of a lovely woman with her lips enveloping his cock. He pushed her back on the bed and went down on her. Her gash was sopping. He licked from her asshole to her bellybutton, long swipes, before he settled on her pussy. He brought her to the peak twice, then moved higher to insert his cock in her pussy. Marijke licked her juices from his face as he pounded in her and she came twice more. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and dropped it a few centimeters to target her rosebud, lubricated by much pussy juice that had leaked down. He pushed in and was quickly buried in it."Fuck my ass. Fuck it harder, harder, HARDER! Come in my ass. Please, come in there. Now Now."And he did. He was astonished at how tight her anus was and how much sperm he injected into her bottom. He slowly pulled out, then lay beside her. But she was stirred up. She brought her head down to the cock that had been in her ass moments before, then sucked it in and made love to it, first licking it like a lollipop."Mmmmm, tastes good. You have turned me into such a slut. I love your cum and I am going to suck you till you squirt some more into my mouth."It took a while before he erupted again. She took the sperm and applied it to her face, then proudly showed off her sticky face.A couple of days later, she learned what some of those things that were left to do.Her captor had her handcuff herself to the bed and blindfolded her with a regular blindfold, which he then secured further with tape. Then he left and came back in half an hour with another man.Though Marijke couldn't see it, the man was also blindfolded. He was led in by her captor, and he carried a large leather case. Once her captor had closed the door, he took the blindfold off the man."Holy shit. What a body. What about her face? Can't I see that?""Not at this time.""Damn.""Now listen up, Marijke. This man is here to mark you, like in the books you've read. If you are very nice to him, very very nice to him, he'll do a wonderful, tasteful job. If you aren't, your marks will look like you are the property of a Los Angeles Chicano gang-banger. Do you understand?""Yes.""Now tell him what his possibilities for pleasure are. Be very specific. Call him Sam.""Well, Sam, my mouth, and cunt and ass are available for you. I give great blowjobs.""You can start with Sam's ass, my dear.""Okay Sam. Get naked and I'll start by reaming your ass good."Sam hurriedly took of his clothes and then backed up to Marijke on the bed. "Hold your cheeks apart, Sam. I'm handcuffed here."Sam complied and Marijke dove in. But Sam was not squeaky clean like her captor. He smelled and his asshole tasted bad. She pulled back, and her captor swatted her ass hard with a riding crop. She jolted and pressed forward."Lick it, slut, " said Sam.Marijke did and found herself in another world. She enjoyed being forced to do this dirty thing. Sam didn't last long, and pulled himself away from her, turning around."Open your mouth like a little bird."Marijke opened her mouth and Sam spurted a huge load in it."Don't swallow just yet, missy. Stick out that tongue and show me the cum, " said Sam.She stuck out her tongue and showed him that it was covered in his sperm."Okay, you can swallow now. Then lie back on the bed."She complied, as he went to get his kit.Marijke heard clanking as Sam withdrew items from the kit. She was shocked when she felt an ice cube on her left nipple. She jumped a few inches."Hold still for a minute."Marijke smelled alcohol, and felt something cold being swabbed across the nipple. A few seconds later, Sam's hand held her tit and then she felt a sharp pain. He had put a needle through it. "Just hold still and it won't hurt much.""What are you doing?""Piercing your nipple, of course.""No, please don't."Sam then followed the point of the needle with a gold ring, which was a worse pain. Marijke screamed. She couldn't see what was happening and she was terrified. More movement of her hurting breast as Sam pinched the ring closed.Finally, Sam's hands were off her breast and she relaxed. The pain subsided to an ache.Then she felt Sam's hands on her labia."Oh no, please don't."Sam ignored her and pierced her labia with another gold ring. This hurt less, but still hurt. Sam rustled his kit as he dug for more gear. "Now hold very still, little lady."Marijke felt a cold swab being drawn over the top of her pussy, then heard a buzz."Oh no, please, not a tattoo. Only sluts and round-heels get tattoos.""That's what you are, a slut, " said her captor. "Don't move or he'll be forced to put tattoos in places where a bikini can't hide them."Marijke lay back as Sam went to work. It hurt a bit, like ripping hair out, but Sam didn't take long. She heard the buzzing stop and Sam put his gear into his case."So long, little lady. I'll be back in a few days to check on my work and for some fucking."Sam left, and so did her captor, who came back half an hour later.Now masked, he removed her blindfold and removed her handcuffs. She ran to the bathroom where she saw what Sam had painted on her vulva: "CUMSLUT."The ring in her labia chafed and hurt. She felt terrible. Her captor had gone, having left a plastic cup filled with water and some Tylenol beside the bed.It took over a week for the pain in her nipple and labia to subside. Her captor came in three times to get blowjobs, but did not fuck her pussy or ass. Finally, she looked at the adornments and was not too put off by them. Sam was brought in one time to check on his handiwork and got a blowjob for his trouble.Marijke was feeling horny. She had been accustomed to coming several times a day, but had given but received no sexual attention while her piercing healed. She complained at her next mealtime."Sir. M.""Yes, my slut.""I am that. Could you please fuck me?""I'll be glad to do that. What are my inducements?""You can fuck my ass, or I'll tongue-fuck yours to start.""Let's do both."He came in a few minutes later, with a new device. He had a leg shackle which he placed on her leg and attached it to a chain, which he locked to a padeye in the wall. If she were to hurt or kill him, she still couldn't reach the door and escape, but the chain was long enough to let her use the bathroom and roam around the room just short of the door.Soon he was naked except for his mask. Marijke dove for his cock, then spun him around. She had him kneel on all fours on the bed so she could delve her tongue into his asshole even further than usual. She slurped and pointed her tongue into his ass, reveling at how wicked she felt. His moans were deep and finally she dove beneath him to finish him off in her mouth.He lay back on the bed as she leisurely stroked his now small cock. After a few minutes of that, a little life came into it. He told Marijke to lie back. He hoisted her legs over his shoulders and dove for her asshole, giving her the same treat he had just received. She came three times and then he plunged his cock in her ass. "Oh fuck that feels good. Fuck me deep. Deeper. Deeper. Harder." It didn't take long for him to fill here bowels with semen, but he wasn't through. He pulled his cock from her butt and dangled it in front of her eyes.Marijke looked at it, disgusted at what he was trying to make her do, but excited by it at the same time. She stuck out her tongue and it didn't taste bad, so she wrapped her lips around this cock that had just come out of her ass. She cleaned it thoroughly. She was a total slut now, and she loved it. The tattoo was right.A few days later, her captor had her shower and get ready for a visitor. He went over to her and clipped a long chain onto the ring in her pussy. When the visitor arrived, it wasn't just one visitor. He brought in three young, muscular men. He led Marijke by her chain."Young lady, these men have paid me very good money to use your body. I want you to please them. Gentlemen, there are few rules: use condoms in her lower orifices and do not mark her or do anything that would leave a scar or permanent mark. But anything else goes. I'll be videotaping and your price includes three copies. Tell them your desires, my dear.""I love cocks in my mouth, ass, and pussy. I have wanted to have all three filled at once for a long time, so please triple-team me. I'll lick your assholes, drink your piss, whatever, as long as you make me come a lot. I am your slave for tonight."Marijke went over to the best looking one and dropped to her knees. She opened his fly, reached in and pulled out his cock. She wrapped her lips around it and bobbed up and down. The other two men quickly got naked and put condoms on. Marijke was filled with three cocks and had huge orgasms. Then the men changed places and started again, and they lasted for a third round."Do me again. Come on, guys, fuck me."Marijke went over to one and tried to raise his cock but it was dead. "Come into the bathroom, all of you."Marijke led them into the bathroom and knelt in the shower."I want you to give me a golden shower, and then I'm going to try to revive you."All three aimed at her, but only one started off immediately. Marijke laughed as his piss hit her face and breasts, then back to her face where her mouth was now open. The second started to piss and then the third. Marijke was drenched. She tried to get them to drench her face with come, but they were shot.Over the next two weeks, Marijke performed her slut duties for several groups. There was no act she wouldn't do.Her captor said to her, "Marijke, I think you have earned your slut diploma. If you are very, very good to me in the next few days, I might even release you."Marijke quickly dropped to her knees to suck her captor's cock. She did everything she could to please him. Three days later, she fell asleep moments after drinking some iced tea. Marijke awoke in the back of a van. It was dark out. Her wrists were tied behind her. She was naked, but covered with a large dark wool cape."Where are we?""San Francisco. We are going to the annual Exotic Erotic Ball, if you promise to behave. If you do not, you will go back into the hidden room for a very long time and the pictures of you will be all over the Internet and in every adult bookstore in the country. If you behave, maybe something nice will happen. Do you promise to obey my every wish?""Yes, Master. That's it. That's what M stands for, doesn't it? You are my Master.""Yes, my little cum slut slave. You figured it out."Her Master parked the car in an underground lot and then untied her hands. He wore a feather mask and put one on her too. He draped the cape around her, fully covering her naked body. He put her hand on his arm and led her from the garage. Along the sidewalk, other costumed couples were headed in the same direction.Once inside, Marijke was amazed at the blatant show of sexuality. It turned her on to see so many people in such revealing costumes. After they had taken a tour of the hall, a cavernous one south of Market Street and gawked at all of the costumes, M said to her, "Tell me when you see a straight guy that turns you on."Since many of the best-looking men were with other men, it took a few minutes before Marijke saw a really good looking guy that she wanted."That one, the one in the G String with the gal with the huge tits.""When I tell you go, ask him if you can blow him and do it."M took off her cape, revealing her total nudity. M pulled on the chain which was clipped to the ring in her labia, and led her to the man Marijke desired. He turned to look and appraise this exciting vision."Go."Marijke dropped to her knees and pulled the man's pouch off. His huge cock sprang out, rigid and horizontal.Marijke looked up at him and said, "May I?"The mad nodded and Marijke worked over his huge cock. It wasn't long before she could feel that he was ready to come. She felt wicked and took his cock out just as he started coming. She directed the jets of sperm onto her face and breasts. Finally, she rose to her feet with the sperm dripping from her. She leaned over and kissed the mouth of the man, who was astonished."Thanks, I needed that."M led her around by the chain. The crowd parted and people stared. Hers was the most extreme of all costumes, and the fresh sperm on her face and breasts just made her all the more sexy."Now I'll pick the man and you can do him."He led her to the northeast corner of the hall and finally saw the costume he had been seeking."See that pirate over there? I am going to lead you over to him and you will fall to your knees and offer him your mouth, cunt, and ass. I'm giving you to him."He led her to the pirate, who was chatting with a couple dressed only in fishnet. M tapped him on the shoulder and handed him the chain.Marijke dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly. She reached in and pulled out his cock and licked it.She looked at his eyes through the mask. "Right now, you will get the best blowjob of your life. Later I want you to fuck my ass and cunt ruthlessly." She kept looking up as she worked on his cock, then sprayed her face with his cum. When he was finished, she beamed up through her sperm-covered face."Did you like that?"The pirate mask came off, revealing my face. She thought to herself, "My husband and I have just blown him in front of a huge crowd, most of whom took pictures and videos."I pulled her up and kissed her, smearing the come on both of our faces."Yes, I did. Now let's go. We've got a lot to catch up on."I picked her up off her knees and led her away. I thought that the man who had brought her here and who had sent the ticket with a note to wear a pirate costume with a red bandanna covering my head reminded me of my old buddy Randy, but I couldn't be sure as I saw him melt into the crowd."Bill, I am a different woman now. I am what my tattoo reads, a total cum slut. Let's go to our place so I can show you what I've learned."

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