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Transvestite contacts can make you fashionable

Transvestite contacts can make you fashionable

The UK Community of cross dressers and ladyboys may seem very close knit for an outsider but on closer inspection you_ll see that they are more than willing to share their fun lives with you. Once you open your eyes you will realize that trannies are everywhere these days at big social events, charity functions and local adult evenings. It is thus a must that you have transvestite contacts in your social circle. One fashionista who have climbed onto the Tv/ts bandwagon is model Heidi Klum who has her very own reality program called _Project Runway_. Heidi got the interns on her show to design fabulous outfits for cross dressers. The drag queen outfits were so magnificent that they were later auctioned off for charity. Victoria Beckham is often described as a shemale and she definitely gets her fashion inspiration from transsexuals. In a recent interview Mrs. Beckham said that there is a gay man inside her trying to get out. Ladyboys are also the center of attention in the comedy about the fashion industry _Ugly Betty_. In this TV series we see the President/CEO of Meade Publications is none other than transwomen Alexis Meade, formerly known as Alex Meade before going for a sex change. This fictional character shows the world what it feels like to a woman who is trapped inside a man_s body. While most shemales don_t go for surgery to change their sex from male to female, only expressing their true sexuality by having breasts and dressing up like a female, Alexis went all the way. A few years back it was taboo to even think outside your heterosexual framework. If you showed any interest in the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) UK community, you were considered an outsider. We have the media to thank for changing that image though covering transgenders in magazines, newspapers, blogs, radio shows and movies. Oprah Winfrey invited celebrity lesbian Ellen DeGeneres to star with her on the cover of _O Magazine_ after she hosted a show called - _why women are leaving men for other women_. The internet also played a huge part into introducing this lifestyle to the man on the street and giving them adult sites where they can find out about alternative swinging parties and dogging events. Now we have less people in the closet and happier adult who are com comfortable with whom they are. It certainly seems like female musicians aren_t scared to explore other lifestyles. We have Britney Spears who is _seeking Amy_ in an raunchy S&M inspired music video that pays tribute to the suburbia housewives of the 60_s who took part in wife swapping. Then we have Katy Perry _who kissed a girl and liked it_ in her hit song that lesbians around the world love. The program _The L-word_ is about a group of lesbians and how they cope with everyday life and reality hit _Queer eye for the straight guy_ gives fashion tips from gays. Check out girlsinoz content/transvestitecross dressers and shemale fashions in our galleries at TransgenderFriends!
Irene, webmaster of transgenderfriends transvestites contacts site.

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