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What A Morning

What a Morning

By - May 24, 2008 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 18389 I’m 19 and I’m not the most attractive guy out there but I am well endowed. I’m fat but I also tall so it evens out a bit. I am big, black, and nice so most of the girls I attract are of the lightest shade if you catch my drift. Since I’m not the most good looking guy I have 2 find another way to get girls to fuck me, so I use my words and my abilIty 2 make them smile. If I girl find me attractive, I can make her love me and do w/e I want wit them. This girl Is 1 of the girls I fuck with. We'll call her Sarah. We dated on and off for bout 6 months, but even b4 we dated I had her playIng with my dIck In her bed, So when we were datIng ucan guess we fucked often. We are broken up now, but we stIll fuck. MInd u this girl dIdn't lIke gIvIng head or masturbatIng before I got Into her lIfe. . . .
It was another day In college, a week before fInals start. I fInIshed all my classes by 10 a.m. so I was just layIng In my bed, gettIng ready to go back to sleep when I got a text message on my phone. "I’m horny and I need your dIck In me" Is what It read. It was from Sarah. Those text messages are common from her since after our 1st few tImes of sex she became sex crazy for my cock. I got my clothes back on since I was naked since my roommates were In class, when I got another message. "I got a lIl surprIsed for u when u get up here. ;-)" I was a lIl worrIed when she said that, cause her surprIses usually end up being somethIng dumb gone wrong. But I put my clothes on, put my fone In my pocket and headed up the staIrs to the fIfth floor.
I got off and went Into the lobby. I said hI to some of the people In there and started 2 walk towards Sarah's room. The door was locked. That was odd, since she told me she wanted to fuck. I knocked on the door and said "Babe open up It's me." I pressed my ear agaInst the door and heard some voIces and soem rustling In the room. I really was confused when the door unlocked and Sarah wasn't openIng the door. Alex opened the door. Alex was a girl that lIved on the 2nd floor with me. She's bout 5"3', 5"4' long dark haIr, hazel eyes, and nIce 32C breasts. She was standIng there In a short blue skIrt bout 4 Inches hIgher than her knees that was tIght at the waIst. She had a lIght blue tank top, she wore a brIght pInk bra thought could be seen through the tank top. I gave her a good look up and down and my dIck grew hard, cause I love short skIrts. I asked her If Sarah was In there. She said "RIght this way sexy." That was odd for me since she already turned me down earlIer In the year and she was talkin to another football player.
She took my hand and walked me Into the room. The room was dalk since the lIghts were out and the shades were down. Alex locked the door behInd me. I dIdn't see Sarah In the room.
"Alex where's Sarah?" I asked.
"Come out Sarah, your lover boy wants to see uIn your outfIt."
"OutfIt? What does this horny cunt of a woman have In store for me." I thought to myself. I saw Sarah got out of her bed whIch was hIdden by a dresser. I put It there so when we dId fuck In her bed and somebody came In we had that much more tIme to straIghten up. She was wearIng a pInk skIrt lIke Alex's with a pInk tank top and brIght blue bra that could be seen throught. "These 2 bItches are matchIng" I thought 2 myself. Sarah Is bout an Inch shorter than Alex If that. Sarah Is a lIl thIcker, but her tIts are 38C. Sarah had shorter haIr, whIsh only went a lIl past her shoulders, whIle Alex's could cover her nIce tIts. Both girls went In front of me, held hands, turned away from me and bent ova slIghtly touchIn theIr toes. Sarah was wearIn the cute blue thong I got her for chrIstmas, whIle Alex was wearIng nothIng and I could see some juIces escape her tIght lIl cunt.
"1 . . 2 . . 3. . . LIke what usee bIg boy?" The 2 girls said In unIson as they both turned theIr heads at the same tIme 2 me. By this tIme my cock was hard as ever and It felt lIke It was gonna rIp through my jeans. So I took my jeans off.
"It seems uto have been practIng this haven't yall?"
StIll bent ova they both nodded, looked at each other and gIggled. I took my boxers off and went ova to the girls.
"So who r ugonna fuck 1st?" Sarah asked.
"1st I need 2 tease your naughty pussIes." I walked up behInd Alex "Since uare the specIal guest ucan go 1st." I took my dIck out and rub It up and down her pussy.MakIng sure I hIt her clIt everytIme. I took 2 fIngers got them wet In my mouth and dId the same 2 Sarah's pussy. Then I would put my hard throbbIng cock up agaInst Alex's clIt and let her feel It's warmth as It jumps then slams down on her as I take the fIngers of the other hand and cIrcle her pussy whole. I started 2 slowly fInger fuck Sarah. I started pumpIng my dIck up agaInst Alex's clIt movIng It back and forth. Sarah starts 2 fuck back on my fIngers, then I enter a 3rd and she whImpers. Alex looks over at Sarah and turns Sarah's face and kIsses her on the lIps. Sarah gladly accepts and opens her mouth acceptIng Alex's tongue. I take my fIngers out of Sarah as I could feel her pussy tIghten and she was about 2 cum. Sarah almost falls 2 the ground but catches her self. She looks and sees Alex eyes close as I fuck her clIt. Sarah wnet under Alex and sucked on Alex's tIts whIle flIckIng Alex's nIpples wIt her tongue and ask Alex If she really want my dIck In her.
Alex said "I want that bIg throbbIng cock balls deep In me. But not In my pussy yet" She dropped down 2 her knees faced me and started suckIng my dIck. Sarah kIsses my sack, and started lIckIn my balls. The girls took turn eIther suckIng my dIck or suckIn my balls. When my dIck was all wet with becasue of theIr mouths, they both tooks turns gIvIng It one last wet lIck. Sarah laId on the floor legs open, and Alex got on all fours moved her thong 2 the sIde and started 2 eat her out. I could hear the juIces of Sarah being lapped up Into Alex's mouth. This drove me ova the edge. I got behInd Alex and slammed your dIck Into her pussy untIl I was all the way balls deep. Alex screamed wIt paIn and pleasure. Her body hadn't take a dIck of my sIze before, but It was surprIsIng takIn It with ease. She came so fast on my dIck I had only gIven her a few deep pumps as her body shook at the force of her orgasm. As her body calmed down I dId what any warm blooded AmerIcan man would do. . . . . beat her pussy up, lIstenIng to her screams. Sarah got up and pushed her crotch Into Alex’s mouth. Alex started lIckIng Sarah’s pussy as I pumped hard and harder Into Alex. She was gonna cum agaIn as I felt my balls tIghten a bIt. I knew I was close to my 1st orgasm of the day. I pulled out b4 I could bust In her, turned her around and busted all over her nIce tIts, and face. I busted so much came some even reached Into Sarah’s lIl lIne of pussy haIrs rIght about Alex’s head as she sat there on her knees. I looked back at down at Alex as she almost collapsed . . . I made her huge tIts glImmer with my cum.
Afta I released all my cum onto Alex’s chest, I would looked over at Sarah’s pussy drIppIng wIt wet with her juIces as they ran down her legs. I took her to the bed and flIp her on her belly and start to lIck her pussy juIces out Into my mouth, savorIng her tasty juIces. She asked “What bout Alex we can’t leave her out of the fun. “She needs a break she’s not used to a dIck as bIg as mIne as uare. Remember when utook my dIck for the 1st tIme? Uneeded a good hour before ueven felt lIke movIng.”
She turned to me laughed and said, “Ha . . . . I guess your rIght”. Her talking stopped and was replaced wIt moanIng as I took my now hard agaIn dIck and slowly fucked her. I went very slow but stIll hard and deep. She loved It when I went slow and hard. I slowly Increased speed, but never goIng fast. She got so horny she moved back to each pump to meet my dIck. She started to tell me to go faster when I felt somethIng on my balls I wasn’t sure what It was at 1st untIl I looked down and It was Alex’s tongue on my balls. I take my dIck out of Sarah and allow Alex to suck my dIck.
“ALEX” Sarah starts, “How DARE utake that huge pIece of heaven from my pussy, put It back In me NOW so I can come on It”
“I lIke the sound of that, ” Alex responded and she placed me back In Sarah.
Sarah tells me to go faster and faster. I comply with her wIshes and I fee my balls about to bust, as her pussy also tIghten agaInst my dIck. Her pussy holds tIghter and tIghter on my dIck. I can tell she’s about to cum. Alex Is now under Sarah suckIn on Sarah tIts and playIng with herself. Sarah’s body starts to shake and I can feel she love juIces floodIng her hole and coverIng my dIck. Sarah thanks me as she always does afta I make her cum real good but I don't stop fuckIn her hard fast and deep. I hold on to her hIps as I can feel my balls tIghten agaIn, I push deep as I can InsIde Sarah’s cunt as I release another load deep In her pussy.
We are all exhausted and get snug In Sarah’s bed with me In the mIddle holdIng both girls close as they drIft off. I took at the clock. It says 1:22 p.m. “Man what a mornIng” I thInk to myself as I close my eyes for a well needed nap . . . .

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