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Two Married Women And I - Part 2

Two Married Women And I - Part 2

By Olde Matelot - Oct 19, 2006 - From short- sex-stories. Short stories - Views - 5101 If you read my first piece you will know that I was a young Fleet Air Arm mechanic, many years ago, shagging a married woman on a land station in the Mediterranean.
I continued to shag Bessie, on average once a week but sometimes more. Of course Frank and Bessie had quite a few friends, many of whom I met regularly, one of them was a woman I shall call Daisy. She was the one also showing her knickers at the Sports Day. One evening Bessie and I were lying on her bed after another good fuck when she told me that she had told Daisy about what we were doing. I said, 'What on earth did you do that for? She'll tell everybody.' 'No she won't, ' Bessie replied. 'How do you know that?' 'Well, promise you won't get angry?' Oh, oh, I thought, what's coming now? But I promised. 'Well, she said how different I looked lately, you know brighter, more cheerful. She said, If I didn't know better I'd say you was getting shagged. So I told her that I was. Well you've seen her, she's quite presentable ent she? Nice figure an' all, I can tell you she got a nice body, I seen her naked.' I said, 'What's all this leading up to?' 'Well, ' Bessie hesitated, 'she asked me who it was and I told her it were you, but she wasn't to tell no-one. I won't, she said, as long as he shags me too!'
'Ah, ' I said, 'now we've got to it! And you wouldn't mind?' 'Corse I'd mind, ' Bessie replied, 'I'd rather have you to myself, but if shagging her means she won't tell, well it's the best thing to do ennit?' I thought about Daisy, I'd noticed her figure and before I'd started fucking Bessie I'd had thoughts about what it would be like to fuck her, she always seemed a bit... well... flighty I suppose, always gining the come-on. So I thought, Well, I certainly don't want Frank knowing so I said alright.
A couple of evenings later after Bessie had told me that Frank and his crew were on anall nighter I went over. We were soon on Bessies bed naked and playing around with each other. As usual Bessie was sloppy wet in anticipation but I liked a feel so I was teasing her clit while she played with my prick. Soon though she was pleading to be fucked and mounting her I pushed into her soft, tight, hot cave. I started to fuck with Bessie gripping my back when a voice called out, 'Are you there Bessie?' It was Daisy, before we had a chance to separate she was at the door of the bedroom. 'Ooh, nice!' she said, 'just what I could do with!' And with that she took the hem of her dress in both hands and pulled it off over her head. She had nothing on underneath. Bessie was right, she had a good figure, her breasts were smaller than Bessie's but a nicer shape and she was the first woman I had seen who trimmed her pubic hair. There was no hair down the side of her lips but the patch on her mound, which was smaller than Bessie's, had been shaved to a heart shape. Her cunt was very long lipped, I thought Bessie's were long but Daisy's seemed to go half way to her navel. 'Come on Bess, ' she said, 'Let's have a go, I want to see John's cock!'
Bessie heaved me off, my prick was very hard, it was red and glistening with Bessie's cunt juice. Daisy knelt by the bed and kissed the knob then licked it before taking it in her mouth. It was along time since I'd had my prick sucked and I knew that I was likely to come very quickly so I said, 'Come on Daisy, let's see your cunt.' She let my prick slip out of her mouth and stood up with her legs apart. Her cunt was open and she had the biggest inner lips I had ever seen, 'How d'yer fancy fucking that then?' she asked. I said, 'A cunt's a cunt, get on the bed!' I looked at Bessie as I got between Daisy's legs, to my surprise she was smiling, 'Go on John, ' she urged, 'get your cock up that!' Daisy's legs were spread wide and as I got between them she brought her knees up to her chest. This brought her cunt into full view and, seeing the tight ring of muscle round the entrance to her canal I aimed my prick at it and pushed in. She wasn't as tight as Bessie and I slid rigght up her easily then started fucking. 'Go on, go on!' Bessie urged, 'Give her a good hard fucking!' I was astonished at Bessie's reaction, I thought she'd be upset at watching me fuck her friend, but no, she was all for it. I fucked Daisy as hard as I could her cunt juice squirtiung out all over both our bodies, our thighs and bellies slick with it. She was panting and gripping my bum as I rammed into her. I knew it wouldn't last long so I said, 'Where do you want it, in or out?' 'Oh, in, ' she panted, 'you can shoot it over me next time!' Seconds later I was shootint my load deep in her willing cunt, she cried out as she felt it filling her, 'Oh Christ, I ent felt it like that in years!' I flopped on top of her and she held me tenderly, 'No wonder Bessie likes shagging you, ' she murmured, 'Christ you can fuck me anytime you like you lovely fucker!'
Ten minutes later, using her mouth she had me hard again and I gave Bessie a good hard fucking too, that one lasted a lot longer and both women professed themselkves well satisfied. That's how it was for the next eighteen months and then I was sent home to be demobbed. I missed it when I got home but I have never forgotten.

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