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By bgtmama - Jun 3, 2008 - From short-sex-stories. Short stories - Views - 17098 I hated walking out to my car alone after work. Although it’s parked in the garage under my office building, people can still get in when the gate goes up. Just last week a co-worker of mine was robbed before he had time to unlock his car door. The company hired security and they now walk everyone to their vehicles. Unfortunately for me, I decided to work on Sunday evening and happened to leave when the security guy had already left for the day.
Just as the elevator door opened up to the garage level where I parked, a man stepped into the elevator. He scared me for a moment because I figured no one would be in here this late at night. After a brief moment of stunned silence I said “Excuse me” and went to step around him. He was dressed nicely, well built, and not bad looking until he got that look of ‘I don’t think so’ on his face.
The door of the elevator shut and he hit the emergency stop button in the elevator. Panic, that’s all I could feel. I knew he was going to rob me and possibly rape me. He stepped towards me and my natural reaction was to step back myself. Unfortunately the wall was behind me and I ended up flat against it. He put his face up to mine and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you lady and it’s better for you if you just go along without a fight.” I figured he was right but in no way would I enjoy it and told him so. He ripped my blouse open exposing my white lacey bra which strained to hold up my D-cup breasts. The look of hunger on his face told me I was about to get used in everyway possible. He pulled out a pocket knife and slipped it right between my breasts and easily cut through my bra. Immediately he held my hands above my head and started to suck and nibble on my nipples. Holding my hands in one of his, he put his other hand under my skirt and started rubbing my crotch through my panties. I couldn’t believe that my body would betray me and get excited for this guy. I could tell my pussy was getting wet. He stopped and then sniffed his fingers. He took his cock out of his pants and then pushed me to my knees. “Suck it bitch and you better be nice about it or I’ll hurt you.” The cock in front of my face had to be nine inches long and at least two inches wide. ‘My God’, I thought, ‘I’ve never seen one that big before’. He nudged my lips with the head of his cock, “Open up and suck.” I didn’t think I could fit it in my mouth but he had no problem helping me along. With both his hands on the back of my head he rammed his cock in my mouth and proceeded to fuck my face. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks as I tried not to gag. He was fucking my mouth so fast and hard I almost lost my balance and put my hands on his well muscled thighs to balance myself.
After a few minutes of this he grabbed me by the hair and yanked me to my feet. He pushed my skirt up and cut off my panties. He put his arms under my thighs and lifted me up and against the wall. He started to suck on my nipples again. At the same moment he bit my breast he rammed that huge cock into my pussy. I couldn’t believe that the sensation of being stretched like that would feel so good. Especially when this was something I never thought would happen to me and here I am pretty much enjoying it. At first he fucked my pussy at a fast pace and then he started to slow down. He grabbed my ass checks and kept rubbing and spreading them over and over. He grabbed my ass hard enough that I knew I would be bruised from it. At the same time the pain of it started to feel more like pleasure.
Suddenly I felt him rubbing my virgin asshole and I started to panic. He must of sensed my tension because he told me to relax or he would hurt me more than was necessary. Crying I just nodded my head in compliance and thought to myself, ‘Whatever it takes to end this’. He slipped a finger in my ass and finger fucked my little hole. The feeling of having two holes filled was uncom comfortable at first and shortly turned to sensational. I felt him put another finger in my ass and then another. All I could think was that this mother fucker was actually going to make me cum. My body instinctively started to ride that cock and those fingers seeking the pleasure that would lead to my climax and then I exploded. Before I could even ride out my climax, the bastard pulled out and tossed me face down on the floor and laid over me before I fully grasped what just happened. He shoved his cock in my ass before I could struggle and I felt my eyes roll up and heard myself grunt from the invasion.
He whispered in my ear, “That’s it bitch, take my cock in your ass. Feel my cock stretch your little hole.” He pumped my ass so fast and hard I felt my body scooting across the floor. He then lifted me up into the doggie style position and fingered my pussy while fucking the hell out of my ass. He grabbed my skirt still around my waist and started to pump harder. I felt him tense up and I swear I felt his cock swell in my ass and then shoot his load filling my ass with his juices. The sensation triggered another climax of my own.
He got up and hit the button on the elevator and the door opened up. Leaving me on the floor and before stepping out he turned and said to me, “I know where you work, I know where you live. I also know you enjoyed our little encounter and I’ll be back for you. Next time, I might bring a friend.” Then he was gone. I got up and went home. After about a week of mixed emotions, I couldn’t figure out why this happened to me or how I could have enjoyed such a horrible situation. It was the best fuck I’ve ever had and I found myself actually wondering when and where he would show up and if he would bring his friend.

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