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Wife Cheating

Wifes Cheating

By Tim S. - Feb 3, 2009 - From voyeur-stories. Voyeur Stories - Views - 69624 I’m Tim, my wife Paula & I was married about 5 years when this happened. At the beginning of our marriage we had great sex sessions. We worked near the same part of town so we went to work together. I dropped her off at her work and then to my work. Paula worked 7 to 3:30. I was working 7:30 to 3, I know it doesn’t add up does it? I had a shift that was 8 hours with a 20- minute paid lunch & no breaks. Paula had an un-paid lunch and 2 breaks. I got off work and a short drive to her work to pick her up right on time. It worked out great.
We would just get in the front door of our house, and strip off our clothes and go fuck somewhere in the house. It didn’t matter where. We fucked in the bathtub, shower, and the laundry room even on top of the coffee table. It’s like we were in heat every minute. Sex was great; we fucked in all
known positions & even came up with some we tried. It’s ah wonder Paula never got pregnant as much as we fucked each other. A couple years later we kind of slowed down a little to a couple times a day to once ah week, to maybe once a month. My dick and me were going bonkers. I asked her why she didn’t want to have sex. I got no answer. Time spent in the bathroom with my Rosy palm and her five sisters. I would jack off. I was trying to figure out why Paula lost her interest in fucking me the way she did.
I was on the Internet looking for information on why women loose interest in sex. I came across a chat room where people could chat about anything. Cooking, sports just about anything, even sex. There is self-made profile on these people that you could read. To join in the chat room you had to have a login name. I choose “Neglected One / Golfer” I was looking at all the chat room titles. I logged on to one that was “Straight Sex” I was reading the main chat line, when I had gotten a PM. PM was “Personal Message” This guy was asking about my name, “Neglected Golfer” ah asked if I played and where I was located, he wanted to know if we could play golf some time.
I received another PM from a lady who was “Beautiful Bonnie” She typed ASL I was knew at this chat, so had to ask what that was. She came back & said Age, Sex & Location? Ok, I’m 26 and I live in Lakehurst, a far as sex. I use to. “Oh Wow, “Neglected One” I live there also, small world huh? She returned by asked my sex. I typed “Yes I have, but it’s very seldom now. She asked if I was divorced. I said ‘no but my wife don’t want sex anymore. I don’t know why. Bonnie came back and said “ have you ask her” I said I have, she won’t even talk to me about it. I typed “ we had sex all the time for a long time. She just stopped”
Well “Beautiful Bonnie how do you look? She told me she was 5’ 6” 122 pounds, long brown hair. Blue eyes and a figure that was called ah “Brick Shit House” My measurements are 38 26 36 my tits are round and firm with my areola about 2” and my nipples about ½ when hardened.
Something clicked, my wife Paula looks like that. I typed back to “Beautiful Bonnie do you a have picture that you could send me? Y yes I do, but I’ll have to get to know you a little better. Ok Bonnie, I typed back. She asked me what I looked like. I gave her some bogus information. I told her I was Randy, 6’ 2” 195 pounds and abs like a rushing stream. Bonnie replied and ur cock? “You want to know about my cock Bonnie? It’s right at 81/2” when I get a hard-on. Bonnie replied and ur cock is it circumcised? Yes it is Bonnie, would you like to see it? Y Yes, I dearly would and maybe even swallow it for you!
This chat room lady & I were talking to each other about sex. We were having a hot sex chat. She told me that her x would Wham Bam and then the SOB would go to sleep while leaving me dangling with out getting me off. I just gave up on him, but I have a little buddy here at work that is not satisfied until I am. I have gotten my rocks off many times with this guy. We had a good time chatting. She said she had to get back to work for now. She kissed me XOXOXOXOX I Just have to get to know ur dick so I can suck the snot out of it…… & she was gone.
Last night I took a real close look at Paula’s physical features. This Bonnie had described Paula to a tee. Is my wife having an affair? Is she fucking some other guy? All kinds of thoughts were going though my head. I just had to get a picture of Bonnie to see if it was what I was thinking was true.
The next day I logon and went right to the room she was in. She saved my login ID and there she was. “Good morning Randy, It’s Bonnie, How you doing sweetie” I continued where we left off. “A picture, a picture of yourself” Last night I wanked off thinking about you” Bonnie & how I’d like to get you down & fuck you so hard until you passed out. How bout it Bonnie?
Wow, Randy ur kinda forward aren’t you? But it sounds great to me! Here I’ll send you my pix. Hang on Randy, While I’m download my pix tell me about you jerking off. Was it nice? Did you imagine it was really me? Was I good? How did you hide ur cum from ur wife?
Bonnie to start off, “I was in the bathroom taken a whiz and my thoughts returned to you and the chat we had. I thought of how you looked with your month around my love missile” “Love Missile? LMFAO is that what you call it? It must be something to watch and better yet to feel in my cunt! Here is my Pix Randy”
I waited a few minutes; yep there it was. I clicked on upload. The picture was my wife. She was wearing a two-piece bikini that didn’t have enough material to cover her tits all the way. I could see a shadow of her nipples and a little pubic hair around the edge of her bikini thong. I was so pissed, but I played along. I even saved the chat to documents. It might come in handy later on.
Oh WoW, Bonnie ur pix is so beautiful, I should dump my wife and we could get together. Huh? How bout it? That way you could suck the snot out of my cock any time.
We had a heavy sex chat, everything was going swell. sucking, fucking her and her fucking me back all afternoon. “Say Bonnie is your panties wet” My panties? Oh hell I took them off a long time ago and yes I am very wet”
“Bonnie, reach down & give her a little tickle. Oh Randy, I can’t do that here. I’m in my office. I’m supposed to be working.
“Bonnie, Who is this buddy of urs, that one that takes care of ur needs”
He is this young stud that delivers mail here, we just came back from fucking for lunch.
“Bonnie why are you still married if this young kids gets ur rocks off better than ur husband”? (She didn’t catch on that she told me she had an X husband) Bonnie “Bonnie U there” the screen was quit. “ Bonnie” “BONNIE” she was gone.
I stopped to pick up Paula at her work. She said she was fired today for inappropriate behavior. I thought that’s what happened. Ok, I just played along some more. Paula what happened? She said she didn’t want to discuss it right now. I left it at that.
The next day I checked my email from work. I logon on for a minute and there was Bonnie. She said “I was fired because she was not working and had a chat room up and chatting about sex when my supervisor caught me” she also wrote to my PC that she had to meet me in person and fuck my brains out.
“Oh Bonnie, so you want to met me huh? Ok Tell ya what, meet me at the hotel at Hartford & I-95 at 10:00 tomorrow, we can check in as husband and wife. That way we can fuck all afternoon. Here’s something I just thought of. I’ll leave ah key at the front desk. You can let ur self in” “Ok Randy see ya then, XX0X0X0X.
I planned all afternoon of just what to do. I printed her pix and her chat documents. The next morning was Saturday. I told Paula I was going to the golf course for 18 holes and a few drinks after. I told her that so she could get away to meet Randy. I went right to the hotel and checked in. I went to a wal-mart that enlarged pictures. Asked if they could make this life size. Sure it will be about 3 hours though. Here lady, I gave her a fifty dollar bill & said make it black & white. I really need this as quick as you can. I called a divorce attorney and got the oil changed in my car. I went back and they had it ready. Full life size of Paula dressed in that piece of material that Bonnie called a bikini.
I hung it on the entrance door Paula would have to see it when she walked in. It was about 9:30 and the trap was all set. I had all the chat documents laid out on the dresser. The picture was hung I just waited for Bonnie / Paula to come in.
10:00 right on a knock on the door. I heard the card key slide in the slot. I ducked into the bathroom. She came in calling to Randy. Oh Shit, I could have heard the pin drop on the carpet. Paula’s month dropped she was stuttering something about she was so sorry & that she didn’t mean to cheat on me.
I just said, Bonnie was to be here at 10:00 why are you here Paula? She started to cry and seen the chat room doc’s there on the dresser. Paula looked up at me with a face full of tears. She said I’m Busted Huh?
Yeah Paula you are busted! Now what? she asked. Paula, what you are going to do with this. You are to strip down to nothing & Bonnie is going to fuck me silly. Paula did as she was told. I fucked her pussy, as well as her month. Paula never liked anal sex. I fucked Bonnie’s ass the hardest. I was spent. I used all of the cum I could muster up. she looked a mess, like a street whore that fucks for money. “Now Bonnie get dressed we are going home” We arrived home she wanted to talk about this. I said “Now, Bonnie, I want you and Paula to pack up every thing you own and get the FUCK out of my house. Divorce papers are pending” A divorce is what you need. This way you can fuck this mail man’s brains out all you want”
“But, but Tim where am I to go? That mail man is married also” she said “Oh Tim I have never lost a desire to have sex with you, it’s just he was so nice and said all the correct things. Please let’s work this out, can we huh” She moved closer to me on the couch and started petting me and reached for my zipper. I just let her do what ever she wanted too. I wanted to screw her one more before kicking her out into the street. She did manage to get my cock to stand up. She then give me the best blow-job she had ever. I shot my wad in her month, in her hair and her face got some. My cock was not done, not yet. She wanted to fuck me.
I got her all naked she bent over the arm of the couch and said “Here. Tim, Fuck me right there” and pointed to her cum soaked pussy. She said, “Just my cunt needs fucked. I need to cum with you” I didn’t even look at that. Her ass is what I wanted. I placed the helmet of my cock at her cunt. She started to back up a little. I raised my dick a little and drove my cock right up her ass. I didn’t stopp until my balls hit her ass cheeks. My dick was pounding her bung hole & she started to cry from the pain. “Oh Damn-it Tim that hurts, Please stop, stop and take your dick out of my ass. I never liked it “
I said, “To hear Bonnie talk about taking cock up her ass is what she liked. Well here Paula” I with drew out all but the head on my cock & with hard thrust I hit her bowels. I started to cum again. I jammed my dick in so hard it hurt me. I just made a deposit one last time. I un-loaded my balls right up Bonnie’s tight ass. I asked Paula if she still wanted to talk about this.
“Oh Yes” she said can we” “Yes! We can talk about this in the courtroom. Now get your shit together and Get Your Slutty Ass Out of My house.

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