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Trouble In Catholic School

Trouble in Catholic School

By Obsessive John - Mar 9, 2008 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 19190 -Disclaimer- All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.In other words I wrote this story and it is com completely 100% fictionDon’t have unprotected sex either unless you want to get aids and die.Written by Obsessive Johnobsessive_john live
St. Mary’s all girl school was no picnic. The classes were hard, and the teachers mean. 18 year old Cherry, a sophomore at St Mary’s was a model student, although she secretly hated the place. All A’s in her classes, a star volleyball player, and very, very beautiful. Cherry with her shoulder length auburn hair, nice 36 C breasts, and a sexy smile that seemed to leave time frozen for anyone caught looking. Life was indeed good for Cherry, she however didn’t agree. Cherry was tired of being in an all girls school. She was old now, a full 18 years. She wanted to see boys and go on dates, holding hands… Maybe even a kiss if they were a gentlemen.
Cherry walked down the hallway of her school in her clean, freshly ironed uniform. This consisted of a suit top similar to the kind men wore, and a knee high skirt. Black and red, the schools official colors. I hope he gives me a good grade, thought Cherry. Today She had a large assignment due in biology today, one that would determine if she received an A or not in this class. What a ridiculous assignment anyway, this should be taught in sex ed. Cherry had to stand in front of the class and describe the different cycles of a human woman’s pregnancy, and the growth patterns of the baby at each step. Cherry twirled her hair on her index finger in anticipation, she did not enjoy public speaking much less about something so close to sex, especially in a class taught by Mr. Johnson. He was very critical and always gave her weird looks.
Mr. Johnson was a peculiar man, and he got very hostile when someone does something wrong in class. Usually offenses resulted in a slap across your bare butt with his yard stick, which he was very good at using. On the girls more than the boys it seemed.. Any little thing would result in this reprimand, being late, even a few seconds; talking in class, or worst of all, not having your homework done. “Cherry, are you ready with your presentation”? Mr. Johnson had asked her. “Yes sir, I am”. Cherry quickly and nervously opened her bag for her tag board and papers. She had started wildly looking through her bag, emptying it out right there in the middle of the room. Everyone staring at poor Cherry who had frozen in place looking into her school bag. “Well”? asked Mr. Johnson. “I.. I… I don’t know where my things are sir. Thought I bought them, she paused. They must have fallen out of my bag on my way to school”. Cherry could barely contain her tears. Running down her cheek ruining the light layer of cover-up she was allowed at a Catholic school. Then it came, the dreaded “You will need to meet me after school today Cherry” her teacher almost spitting on her as he told her this, the anger evident in his eyes.
The rest of the day was beyond torture for sweet little Cherry. She knew what was waiting for her at 3pm. That evil, almost bloodstained ruler that has brought so many kids to tears was waiting to strike her butt causing her considerable pain. The only thing that Cherry had questioned was, why at 3pm? Kids had been told to come in after school before, but that was rare. Why didn’t Mr. Johnson hit her in class like what usually happened, why was she one of the rare circumstances? It was an enigma to Cherry who was still puzzling together where her missing work disappeared to.
Meanwhile, in his classroom Mr. Johnson sat at his desk, and quietly thought about Cherry. She was the most beautiful student, and probably the smartest he had ever had. Mr. Johnson had been a teacher at St Mary’s for 20 years. He was now 42 years old. Divorced and living alone. He had not been with a woman in almost 7 years-his greedy bitch of an ex wife. Life was hard for this man working at an all girls school, which enforced a strict dress code. Short skirts, so easily removed to access what was truly wanted. Mr. Johnson had many sleepless nights with his hand on his cock, thinking about those skirts blowing up in a strong gust; revealing their tight panties and the treasure that lay beneath. He had something special planned for Cherry and her skirt today. Something that she hadn’t anticipated.
2:55 the clock teased Cherry. She was practically pulling her hair out in anticipation of the punishment she was soon to receive. Those last five minutes were as close to torture as Cherry had ever experienced. Four, three, two, one. DING DING the end of school bell blew, signaling her beating. She gathered her possessions slowly, delaying the inevitable. Walking at half her normal speed she approached the hated Mr. Johnsons room. Once outside the door she hesitated again. Should she just go home and say she forgot, should he question her about it she thought to herself? “No.. it would be twice as bad if she did that, better to face the punishment now” she sighed. Cherry knocked on the door quietly, hoping it would not be heard, or better yet he would not be inside. Her hopes were surely crushed with a loud, “Please come in Cherry” said by the unmistakable voice of Mr. Johnson on the other side of the entrance. Opening the door Cherry walks inside, warily. “Close the door behind you” he says to her in an almost entertained voice. Was he enjoying the thought of getting to hurt her? Cherry trembled at this thought.
Cherry closed the door tightly and walked over to Mr. Johnson’s desk where he was seated comfortably. “I’m here for my punishment sir”. “You know the rules Cherry, missing assignments is a large offense in my classroom! Only slackers and bums don’t do their work. You don’t want to be a bum when you grow up do you little girl”? “No sir Mr. Johnson. I do not”. Cherry said this while trying to contain her anger and tears, knowing full well she did her work. “Well Cherry I have something different just for you. You’ve always been a good student aside from this, so I wanted to do something extra special for you”. “What is…” Cherry was cut off abruptly by Mr. Johnson who was increasingly emotional. “DO NOT INTERUPT ME, young lady. Tears started running down Cherry’s face having been pushed over her emotional cliff.
Mr. Johnson defiantly enjoyed this sight. This sexy catholic school girl, in her sexy uniform, with tears running down her face. He had something for her alright. He had been dreaming of this since he first set eye’s on Cherry, and it was finally the opportunity to get what he wanted. “Cherry come over here to my desk and put your hands flat down flat on it”. Said the sadistic teacher as he got up and moved around behind Cherry like a predator stalking its prey. Little Cherry had little choice. She was thoroughly terrified at defying him and increasing her chastisement. Like a child first learning to walk, she moved to his desk and put her hands flat on it like instructed. “I really care about you Cherry that’s why I have to do this to you. Its for the best darling”. Slowly Mr. Johnson approached Cherry. He stood behind her and smelled her hair which smelled of sweet strawberries. “I need you to lean forward more, just bend down over my desk dear”. Came the teachers command. Normally Cherry would have questioned such instruction but she was familiar with the punishment via yardstick, so did what she was told.
In tears Cherry learned her entire upper body over the desk as if she were laying on it. Her feet still resting on the floor, she was in an L shape bent over her teachers desk, her butt high in the air to receive the attacks of the dreaded yardstick. The worst was to come and the anticipation was killing her. “Good Cherry I’m glad to see you can follow directions from your elders”. Mr. Johnson smirked. “You know how this works so don’t fight me. I’m in charge here and you absolutely must do what I say. Do you understand”? “Yes sir” came Cherry’s sobbing response. Mr. Johnson approached cherry enjoying every second watching her skirt ride up her ass which was provoking his cock.
As he arrived he just watched her for a second. Imagining fucking this little girl. Firmly but softly he patted her rear end a few times. Enjoying the feeling of her well muscled ass underneath. Cherry squirmed a little, anticipating the pain. “Just relax Cherry this will be over before you know it”. Slowly, savoring the experience Mr. Johnson lifted Cherry’s already short skirt. Getting a clear view of her tight white panties with hearts on them, he exhaled deeply. He was becoming very aroused and having a hard time remaining calm and professional. “You know the rules dear I must remove your panties”. He states as he put his hands on either side of her hips attaching his fingers on the underside of the waistband on both sides of her teenage underwear.
With the softest, most gentle movement, something thought beyond the ability of this mean old man, he lowered Cherry’s panties. They clung to her as they came down as if they had a mind of their own to stay on and protect the prize they covered. Then he saw it. The beautiful mound and tight slit of her sixteen year old pussy. It was something even his vast imagination had not been able to give an accurate picture of. It was far more enticing than he dreamt. Cherry at this moment was very uncom comfortable and nervous. She had never been so revealed to anyone, much less a man, and even more so an older man who also happened to be her teacher. She felt so unprotected and defenseless with her bare ass and vagina exposed to him.
Mr. Johnson was in awe. It was hard to break away and stop his staring at her slit. He had to do it, it was now or never he thought. Slowly he leans forward softly smelling her scent. Savoring the smell wafting out of her virgin pussy. His tongue snaking out of his mouth, he couldn’t resist tasting her. Delicately he ran his tongue over her clit, and up the entire length of her pure slit. “MR. JOHNSON, what are you doing? This is not…”. “Quiet” He snapped at her. “You will remain silent until I am done. Failure to do so will result in course failure, and you know what that means don’t you?” “Yes sir, It means I will be kicked out of school” she pouted, tears soaking his desk. Why was he doing this to her, she didn’t understand. She’s never had a man lick her vagina before.
Mr. Johnson quickly went back to his indecent ways. He continued to lick the outside of her slit as she was fully bent over his desk; butt still high up in the air allowing him total access to his plunder. Out came his tongue again, up and down her slit. Fantasizing it was his cock rubbing on her teen pussy. He finally set his sights on her tasty little clit. His tongue rubbing through the upper area seeking it out. Firmly and wetly he probed, finding his intended target he felt it. A little button sized piece of flesh hidden under a protective hood. He flicked it with his fleshy tongue. Rolling it back and forth savoring the taste of her girl juices starting to flow freely out of her hole, it enticed him to know she was draining liquids out of two opposing ends of her body simultaneously. It was not long before he noticed a rocking motion in her hips. She was pushing back at him when he would lick the right spot, usually followed by a faint moan. This turned him on, maybe he could get away with more?
Mr. Johnson regretfully pulled his tongue and head away from his newfound pleasure. He had something better in mind. He stood up behind her and undid his leather belt, unzipped his pants and lowered them along with his boxers underneath. Stepping out of them, he stood there behind the most exquisite girl he had ever set eyes on without pants and the biggest hard on of his life; with it aiming straight at Cherry’s sweet, highly valuable virgin pussy. Cherry was still learning flat over his desk with her legs now spread apart, feet on the floor. She was almost regretful of the retreat of his tongue and the wonderful feeling it had caused in her loins. She had never been so wet before with that wonderful warm feeling that had spread throughout her body.
Staring at her ass up and seemingly waiting for penetration, Mr. Johnson took hold of his monster cock in his left hand while grabbing onto the right side of Cherry’s hips with his right hand to restrain her if necessary. He took a small step forward which brought him into contact with her pussy. Letting his cock brush against her inviting tunnel sending a shudder through his body. Feeling his cock brush against her most protected of places Cherry started to panic. “Mr. Johnson what are you doing??!!? I cant do this I’m a virgin. I have to save myself for marriage”! “Remember what I told you Cherry, don’t fight me or you will be kicked out of school. You need to be a grown up and accept your punishment. Would you rather be thrown out as a disgrace”? Came her teachers retort. Cherry was in trouble she didn’t know what to do. Her life would be over if she was thrown out of school, but it was a sin to have pre-marital sex. After a few seconds she resolved to let him do it, she could pray to be forgiven and hopefully it would remain a secret.
After she had gone silent Mr. Johnson assumed she must have decided to let him fuck her without a fight. He used his hand to rub his cock on her tight wet slit. Up and down he rubbed it on her fully lubricating the head. In he pushed, fully lubricated but this girl was a virgin and she was tight. As the invading cock was an inch inside her the girl bucked uncontrollably. “owwe it hurts” she said. With this, and his sadistic side he pushed into her quickly and violently breaking her hymen and de-virginizing Her in one stroke. Their was no time to rest for unfortunate Cherry. Mr. Johnson immediately withdraw his full length minus the last inch and slammed it back into her. He repeated this 3 more times before starting into a thrusting rhythm. In would slid his cock, pushing deep into her, causing her more pleasure than she would admit. Her body shook, knocking mugs full of pencils, and papers off his desk in her sexual lust.
Every withdraw would bring a saddened feeling of emptiness for Cherry even though she knew it would be a fraction of a second before she would be filled again. Unconsciously rising her ass as far as she could and spreading her legs wider to allow him better access she accepted the cock in her as her lust took control of her body. She had spent most of her life in control of every action, it was a matter of time before her mind needed a rest and let her body be in charge. He continued to thrust in her, savagely. He could feel it in his balls. Thrusting into this tight wet pussy was going to make him cum soon. Cherry being inexperienced and a virgin not long before did not understand the sudden swelling of the penis inside her, but her body instinctively knew what was happening.
Cherry’s pussy started grabbing and squeezing onto the prick inside her canal. Her body knew it would soon be spraying cum in her teenage body trying to impregnate her. The feeling was superb as she felt the cock swell up and her vaginal walls tighten onto it. Cherry burst into orgasm suddenly. She had never experienced one before being it was forbidden to even masturbate. She locked up, shaking, unable to speak or even move. Her body had paralyzed her in orgasm to better accept to cum it desired to absorb deep inside her body’s womb. Mr. Johnson couldn’t resist the feeling her pussy spasms had on his cock. A sudden clench and release, over and over. Also driven by instinct he lurched forward into her, his cock buried to the hilt inside his prize. Cherry was greeted by the feel of a warm flood of liquid inside her then. Being sucked into her womb desperately trying to impregnate her like it was designed to do. Mr. Johnson stayed glued to her keeping his cock firmly in her as far as it would go, instinct told him so. He had to make sure he deposited his entire balls contents deep inside the girl. He gave it a minute or two and pulled out. He promptly dressed, put on his jacket and left without a word spoken. Cherry stayed bent over the desk for a while crying, with traces of semen draining out of her abused pussy.
Later that night at home laying in her bed safely under her blankets, Cherry was confused. She was very upset earlier but as time went on it left her. The feeling her teacher had given her felt so right. Having his penis deep inside her, and that warm feeling of his sperm squirting deep in her body. She felt a large drive to be with him again after that. Like they were meant to be together after having done something so intimate. It didn’t take much for teenage girls to fall in love with their first sexual partner, and she was no exception. Laying there thinking further she decided to pursue him. She wanted to be with him and bear him a child, should she not already pregnant. He had already claimed her as his woman earlier that day, it was only right she would choose this road. God would want this she finalized in her mind.
The next day was glorious Saturday, the sun was out, birds were singing. She walked with a quick pace and a broad smile on her face. This was going to be a good day she knew. Still thinking about yesterdays events caused her to become slightly moist, she couldn’t wait to get to Mr. Johnsons house and confront him with her feelings. Cherry wanted to make her future husband happy, so she wore a tight tank top accentuating her marvelous fleshy globes , and another short skirt she had. She was female after all. They specialized at using their bodies to get what they desire, and Cherry was going to put Mr. Johnson to the test.
Mr. Johnson was watching television on his very old, should be replaced soon couch when he heard the knock. Who could that be on a Saturday? No one usually comes here anymore. The knock repeated, this time more persistent. Frustrated with the disturbance Mr. Johnson got up and purposely walked to the door as if he were walking through tar. He wanted to make this nuisance wait for disturbing him on his day off. The look on his face when he opened the door was beyond priceless when he saw Cherry’s beautiful smiling face staring up at him.
“Whaaa….. What are you doing here young lady”? he said to her in a nervous voice, very unsure if this was a trap of some kind. Its not every day such a pretty 18 year old girl shows up at his door, in an extremely short skirt and a tank top that hugs her body like a second layer of skin. “Hi sir, I wanted to come by and spend some time with you. I thought my punishment yesterday was a very special moment between me and you. I learned a lot from it. I’ve never felt so grateful for being punished”. Cherry told her love as she squeezed past him. Her breasts rubbing on his arm as she moves past. Not taking his gaze from this suddenly very sneaky girl. With his left foot he kicked the door closed and moved over to where Cherry was standing in front of his couch. Still staring at him with a slight smile on her face.
“What are you doing here Cherry? Did you not get enough discipline yesterday”? “No, sir. In fact that’s exactly why I’m here. I lay awake thinking about it for a long while last night. No one has ever made me feel the way you did. I think its God’s will that this happened. I love you Mr. Johnson, I want to marry you and bear your children. I know this to be my destiny”. Mr. Johnsons jaw nearly hit the floor. This 18 year old girl who he had pretty much raped the day before wants to marry him and have his children? Suddenly his thoughts were torn from him with his pants being unzipped. “Uhh, what are you doing young lady, this is not appropriate behavior for a girl such as yourself”. A very nervous teacher said. Caught off guard by the very direct approach of Cherry, he was unsure how to act, it was usually him calling the shots.
Although Mr. Johnson was unsure what was going on exactly, it wasn’t a habit to refuse a work of art of a girl as this. She unzipped his pants carefully not wanting to hurt the pleasure rod inside. Down it came, the button unlatched, and down the obstruction came allowing her access to her goal. A small and wrinkled piece of flesh, such a peculiar sight. Forward her head moves, mouth open in anticipation. A drop of saliva dripping from her lower lip. Her dripping tongue makes first contact like two foreign people meeting for the first time. Licking the end of his cock and the little hole at the end. Kind of salty, she thinks to herself. Not bad. Her mouth moves further allowing more of this mans cock to enter. Her tongue exploring the length of his tool , one side and the other, swirling her tongue around it like a popsicle. Her teachers cock lurched and bloated inside the sweet girls mouth within seconds. It was no matter of time before it was at its known full length, something she had experienced the day before. Holding the penis in her mouth tightly she kept her lips glued tight with her tongue swirling on the inside as she bobbed up and down. Imaging she were a hungry baby feeding.
Mr. Johnson still confused, but his feelings of lust overcoming his mind. He loves this girls mouth bonded to his cock like she would die without it inside. He needed to feel her pussy again. It had been years before the previous day before he had been inside a woman. One time simply was not enough for him. “Cherry, I want you . I want to make love to you. I can’t get enough of you and that sexy body you have, I want you now Cherry”. This made Cherry’s heart melt. He was falling in love with her, she was succeeding. She pulled her mouth away from his penis regretfully but she knew it would prove worthwhile in the end. Up she stood, Mr. Johnson picked her up suddenly like a husband would carry a wife through the threshold of their new house on their wedding night.
In he carried her, to his bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, she bounced and her tities shook. One day I will be feeding our children with these she contemplated. Meanwhile her lover finished undressing, as superhumanly as possible. He undressed her even faster, like everything else in the world was in slow motion compared to what he was doing. She giggled at the attention, no one had ever been so interested in her before. When she was finally in the nude, she leans back and parts her legs. Her pussy already wet in anticipation of the cock that would be getting her pregnant with her lovers child. Mr. Johnson climbed on top of her between her legs. He wasted no time in guiding his throbbing cock into her well lubricated entrance. In went his cock, parting her walls sensually, slowly, giving his cock a chance to become well lubricated so he didn’t hurt the girl. He didn’t know why he cared suddenly, maybe it was because she had such an intense interest in him. Maybe that she even loved him somehow. With that he continued thrusting into the girl. The very beautiful Cherry and her auburn hair.
He lifted himself, supporting his upper body with his arms as he looked down at the spectacle of a girl as close to an angel as anyone has seen. Her eyes closed the look of nirvana on her face. He looked down to where his cock was vanishing and appearing, in and out of her slit. Her legs elevated with he knees bent, her feet resting on his ass. Almost encouraging him to thrust deeper into her. Her pussy is sticking to his cock as he thrust, making his withdraws more difficult. It wanted him to stay inside where he belonged. “Cum in me. Get me pregnant. Make a baby in me Mr. Johnson. I love you and I want to be your wife forever”. What was he hearing, is she serious. It was a disturbing thought but he had been very lonely and he could not explain it but he felt an indescribable love for this girl. He kept thrusting, harder, faster. “Please cum in me now, I need it. I want to give you a baby. A good wife gives her husband many beautiful children. Cum in me and make me pregnant”. This was followed by spasms of her vaginal canal. Cherry had begun to orgasm heavily. Her body writhed in pleasure.
This language and the squeezing of her pussy on his cock drove Mr. Johnson over the edge. His body lurched forward and drove his cock deep inside his new love. Getting ready to deliver his seed into her his cock bloated. “Here it comes our baby Cherry, I love you”. Withdrawing one last time he slammed himself back into her driving his cock in as far as it could possibly go. Slightly separating her cervix, and slightly entering her womb. His cock erupted directly into her womb, filling it. Within seconds her entire uterus and fallopian tubes were drenched in cum. Cherry lay there, with her loves penis still inside her. She felt so loved. She was certain her new lover had impregnated her. She could just feel it. The two exhausted, let sleep take them. Cherry still impaled on Mr. Johnsons shriveling cock.
Cherry did in fact get pregnant, from those two encounters with her teacher. Her parents were very angry, she was catholic and they had taught her better; they wanted nothing to do with a whore so they threw her out. This was not a problem for her, because she belonged to Mr. Johnson now. He welcomed her into his house where they raised their new baby daughter together. They were married within a week of her turning 18. The two lived a very happy life together, and enjoyed a very fulfilling sex life with many kids along the way.

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