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Kathys Confession

By Kathy - Sep 15, 2004 2525 My name is Kathy (I'll just leave this on a first name basis) and live in one of the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. I've read a number of stories of sexual exploits on the local bulletin boards, some which obviously were fantasies, some which I believed to be true. After reading a few of these, I debated telling "my story"...which occurred during my college days which I think of as my "bad girl" days. After thinking about it, I've decided to go ahead and tell this story through a bbs because it seemed the most anonymous way to do it. I've told very few people, but lately have had the urge to tell the story. I came to Dayton in 1976 from Indianapolis to attend the University of Dayton. I was 18, just graduated from high school and wanting to get away from home but not too far away, so Dayton seemed perfect. I wasn't a virgin, but wasn't terribly experienced sexually, either, having had two serious boyfriends and one one-night-stand. My senior year steady had gone off to college in Michigan, so I felt like I was free to date when I got to Dayton. So, I moved out to Dayton and started college. I've always been pretty outgoing, so I quickly made a number of new friends, most of who liked to party. Early in the first semester, I went with three other girls in my class down to Flanagan's bar near campus.
We were there for awhile splitting pitchers of beer and got talking to three guys sitting at a nearby table. I hit it off with one of the guys and spent a while talking to him. He told me his name was Bob and was down here visiting friends, but was a junior at Ohio Northern. He was about 6', tanned and very muscular. I was very attracted to him and found myself thinking "Hmm, I don't know this guy very well, but with a little effort on his part, I could be had tonight"... We kept talking and he told me that he was very attracted to redheads. (I should describe myself, I guess...I was 18, 5'7, 125lbs, 36-26-35, red hair (carrot top)) After talking for awhile, he asked if I wanted to leave...which we did.
We made some excuses to the others and left for his car which turned out to be a van. We got into the back of the van, started kissing and he wasted no time in getting my blouse off of me. By that time, I was very turned on and was kissing him passionately while unbuttoning his shirt. I whispered "I don't normally let guys pick me up in bars like this..." He said that he believed me but was glad the two of us had gotten together. I slid his shirt off of him, revealing a very muscular chest. I was kissing his chest while he unsnapped my bra. He gently maneuvered me onto my back and unsnapped my jeans. At that point, I was as horny as I could get, squirming to let him get my pants off and saying "Bob, I want you, I want you so bad".
He quickly took my panties off and then started undoing his belt. I heard myself say "Please let me do that". He agreed and came closer, kneeling next to me. I propped myself up and started undoing his belt, undid his pants and unzipped him, dropping his jeans down around his knees. I kissed his stomach above his underwear band and said "Bob, let me blow you". I got no argument as I pulled down his underwear and started to suck, stroking his balls with one hand and rubbing his ass with the other. He positioned himself on top of me, letting me suck while gently thrusting in and out a little. In high school, I had blown my other two boyfriends and didn't mind doing it, but I found that this night I was really enjoying it. I wanted it to last for a while so I sucked slowly while maneuvering my tongue around.
I laughed to myself thinking "If my friends in the bar could see me now". I knew Bob was really enjoying having his redhead suck him as he was looking down at me and smiling ear to ear, which turned me on even more. He was reaching behind himself and fingering me which was driving me wild. After about 5 minutes more of sucking, I could sense he was about ready when he asked if I would do something for him. I nodded with stopping from working on him. He said, "Let me come in your mouth, Kathy". I looked up, wide-eyed, having done that once before but only accidentally. He looked down, smiling and nodding his head and said "Don't stop, I'm close, just squeeze my ass if it is okay". I looked up at him again, closed my eyes, and felt my hand squeeze his ass and pull him closer.
It seemed like only a few seconds when he exploded in my mouth. A lot went immediately down my throat, and I swallowed the right a few seconds later. He rolled backwards off of me and laid on his back. He rested for a second, then quickly slid his head down between my legs. I willingly spread my legs and got treated to the most tantalizingly slow licking I had ever had. He was damn good and obviously loved oral. He licked me slowly, literally driving me wild. He had me dripping wet and had me begging him to fuck me. I was so wild, I was offering to blow him all night if he would only fuck me. I knew what I was saying, but in my mind, couldn't believe I was begging a man to ball me. He kept licking, getting faster and faster, until I finally came in the most massive orgasm I had ever had.
In the meantime, he had evidently gotten hard again, recovering from my blowjob. As I was still recovering from being eaten, I felt him lift my legs and put them on his shoulders. He asked if I still wanted to be fucked, to which I said "Yes, do it...fuck me". He did. He literally pounded me for about fifteen minutes, causing me to come at least 3 times. He rolled me on my stomach and kept pounding me from behind. After a few more minutes, he finally came and we both collapsed, exhausted. We fell asleep for about half and hour and then got dressed and he took me home. Before he left, we traded phone numbers and he said that he would be coming down in a few weeks and could we get together. I said yes, and we made a date for that Friday night. Well, something came up at the last minute, and Bob couldn't make it that weekend, having to cancel at the last minute. I kidded with him on the phone asking him if he had met another girl. (He had a girlfriend up there already, but I didn't know that at the time). So, with nothing better to do, a couple of us hit Flanagan's again. We met some folks there that said there was a good party in the UD "ghetto" (off campus private housing to you folks that don't know the area). So, around 9 that night, we meandered over to a house where a party was in full swing. I talked, danced a little, drank some beers. I wandered around the house and found a poker game going on with about ten people, girls and guys, in one room. Someone in this house was obviously a serious poker player because they had a regular table and they were all playing for money. I watched for a while until one guy quit and they asked me if I wanted in. I've always loved poker and was pretty good having been taught by my older brothers, but by the looks of the table, the stakes were pretty high and I only had ten dollars on me. I said, no, too rich for me, I only have ten dollars. They said the stakes weren't high, it just looked like a lot of money because there were so many players.
So, I bought in with my ten dollars and promptly went on a winning streak, at one point being up by about a hundred dollars. By that point, it was about 1 am and the party downstairs had ended and the game dwindled down to me and three guys who were determined not to let a girl beat them. I knew I should have quit because I was getting tired, but part of me wanted to wipe these guys out. My luck turned, though, and pretty soon I was down to about two bucks. I lost that and announced I was quitting and going home (my friends had left hours before, appalled at my poker playing). One of the guys, Jim, looked at me and said "Hmm, not a true gambler quitting like that". I said, "well, I'm broke, you guys won". Jim asked me if I'd be willing to put up a piece of clothing as collateral, if so, I could stay in the next hand. He said, anything would do and I wouldn't have to give it up unless I lost. I was wearing shoes, socks, jeans, panties, bra, blouse and a sweater over the blouse, so I thought "I have enough clothes to win a hand or two without having to show anything". I agreed and the shoes became collateral. I lost those, and put up the socks as collateral the next time, also losing. The third hand I used the sweater and won, and I was happily back in the money.
I won a few more hands but was soon broke again and decided to try one more hand with the sweater. I lost, drawing nothing better than a pair of fours. At that point, I decided to quit, but the guys had one last proposition for me. Jim (obviously the bold one) looked at me and said "Are you willing to put it all on the line?" I said, "what?" He said "will you put all your clothes on the line against the whole pot of money?" The pot was big, about $250, so it was tempting. There was a bit of an argument among the three of them, but they finally agreed. Jim said, "it's been a long night, and we'd like to end it by having you up on the table dancing and stripping for us". I said, "Yeah, I bet you would like that". I thought about it, and finally said, "I'll bet but on these terms: I'm outnumbered, so one hand isn't fair. We play three hands. If I win one of them, I get the money. If I lose, we'll close the drapes, I'll get up on the table and do the best strip-show you've ever seen".
They quickly agreed and we started to play. I lost the first hand and starting wondering if this had been a smart idea and if the beer had gotten the better of me. We played the second hand, I got 2 pair and felt confident but one guy had two pair also, king high. Another lost hand. I was visibly nervous at this point, knowing it was all coming down to one hand. The guys were being nice though, although they couldn't help but smile. The last hand was being dealt while I was thinking "geez, in a few minutes I might be naked in front of three guys". I chuckled nervously inside thinking that at least they were good looking guys. I looked down at my hand and saw two eights and a Jack and a five and a seven. I kept the eights and drew three. The draw was three fours...I had a full house...I was going to win! Two guys had nothing and Jim was grinning. He asked what I had and I showed the full house, smiling. He looked and said "Yes!" and put his hand down. I looked down at four tens and realized I had lost. At that point, I didn't move. One guy put the top on the table while the other shut the curtains and put some music on. Jim came up behind me and whispered "It'll be all right, Kathy. Show us what you've got. This will be our secret." He kissed me on the cheek and patted my ass and sat down with the other two guys in front of the table. I was nervous, but determined not to let it show. I thought "Well Kathy, you put your ass on the line and now it's time to pay the bet". I climbed up on the table thinking "All right, here goes...I'm going to do one damn good strip for these guys". I started dancing and swaying to the music and after a minute or so started unbuttoning my blouse. As it fell open, I swayed and jumped a bit letting them see my bra jiggle. I turned my back toward them and let the blouse fall, turning around and continuing to dance. I danced some more and then undid my jeans, sliding them down around my hips and finally dropping them and kicking them off the table. I danced around in my bra and panties, wishing I had worn my black or red set..haha..if I only knew I would be stripping! The guys knew it was payoff time and were fixed on me as I danced. I reached around, undid the bra but held it up in front, letting the straps fall down my arms. I suddenly realized that I was starting to enjoy this a little myself. Something inside me said "DO IT! SHOW 'EM YOUR TITS! MAKE THEM CRAZY". I did, I dropped the bra, danced, swayed and jumped, shaking my breasts in front of them. I dropped down to my knees, got on all fours and pulled my panties down in the back. I got back up, danced some more, then went down on my back, lifted my legs, and pulled the panties off and tossed them. I spread my legs, giving them a full view and then got back up and danced. I faced away from them, bent over and gave them a rear view and ran my finger across the lips.
The embarrassment was gone as I realized that I really was turned on... I went back on my back, did one more leg spread for them and then stopped and laid on the table. The guys applauded wildly... I thought "my first strip got rave reviews". I looked up and noticed that Jim was standing right next to the table looking down at me. He said "You were great, Kathy. You have one hell of a body and you do know how to shake your ass". I looked up and managed a smile, too tired to say anything. Jim had other plans though...he quickly inserted two fingers in my pussy and said "Hmm, seems like you enjoyed the strip too. Looks like Kathy likes being naked in front of us". He started pushing his fingers in and out and I protested saying "I didn't agree to this". He said, "I know, but it doesn't seem like you mind too much. I think you're turned on by being naked in front of three horny guys". He kept fingering me and I was getting wetter but I didn't stop him. After a minute, I suddenly realized that I WAS turned on and I was bucking against his hand which he had stopped moving. Our eyes met, and I knew I had been caught. I said, "I'm turned on, very turned on". He laughed and said, "I think we all are" and pulled me up and kissed me while finger fucking me.
We stopped kissing and I said "Am I going to be gang-banged?" He said, "Is that what you want?" I said, "yes". Jim said, "then just ask, all you've gotta do is ask". I managed to squeak out "I want to take you all on". I had pretty much lost control to my desires at that point and said I wanted to blow Jim in front of his friends. He didn't put up any argument. I knelt down, feeling incredibly horny that I was going to blow a guy in front of two others and sucked Jim off while the other guys watched wide-eyed. After I finished, I was picked up by the guys and carried to a bedroom where they took turns eating me and fucking me and letting me suck them. Ron, a stocky blond who had been the quietest, turned out to be the stud of the bunch--he balled me three times that night -- once from behind while I was down on all fours blowing Jim for the second time. By 8 am, I had spent most of the night with my legs in the air and was worn out but happy. We did the three on one thing several more times that year until they all graduated in May. I never heard that the story got out, probably because they had steady girlfriends and Jim was getting married in June. I didn't do any more group sex during my remaining three years in college, mainly because the opportunity never seemed to arise. Although I had become a seasoned pro at it over the year, I wasn't quite ready to initiate it. I lost track of those guys after the end of my freshman year, but toward the end of my junior year, I got a call from Jim, who wanted to get together for lunch. I was a bit leery about that because of our past together and the fact that I knew he was now married. He seemed to sense my uneasiness about meeting and said that it wasn't a "date" but really a business meeting as he wanted to talk to me about my working at the company he was with. I agreed to meet him the next day at a local restaurant. When I got to the restaurant, he was there waiting at the front door. "He really does look good", I thought. He was tanned and obviously working out regularly. He hugged me a gave me a peck on the cheek and said I was looking great. I pushed aside the feelings that brought back, reminding myself that was a long time ago. We were seated and ordered lunch and talked some about old times, friends, his wife, etc. He ordered me a "Long Island Iced Tea", a drink which I had never had. I drank that down quickly because it didn't taste strong and ordered another. About halfway through that, I realized I was a little buzzed. Jim started talking about his work, saying that he was in sales and was currently bidding on a large contract with an out of state company and the deal was between his company and one other. He said he had invited the guy who was going to make the final decision to see the offices and facilities. I said, "Oh, sounds interesting, but where do I fit in to all this?" He said that he'd be meeting with the guy all day but would like for someone to take him to dinner and show him the town that evening. He said that he would rather someone pretty take him out rather than doing it himself. I said, "Oh this is some kind of blind date? You know, I've got a steady boyfriend now and don't date...especially blind dates". "Well", he said, "I rather it not look like a date, anyway. I'd like you to pose as my secretary. I want to set up dinner and then back out at the last minute and pretend to ask you to sub for me." I thought about it and said, "I don't know, not really my style". He said "this is a great deal for you. All you need to do is come to the office in the afternoon and act like you are working while he is around and then meet him for dinner and dancing. Buy a nice dinner dress and the company will pay for it. The whole evening is on the company tab and you get paid $500.00." Finally, it hit me..."Jim", I said, "You want me to ball him, don't you?" I was incredulous. I had done a lot of crazy stuff but had never gotten paid for it. He looked a little embarrassed, but said "I need to pull out all the stops on this deal, Kathy. This might just be the edge. I need someone that I can count on". He moved closer and put his hand on my knee and looked at me and said "I know I shouldn't be saying this, but you're damn good in bed. If anyone deserves to get paid for it, it's you." I actually blushed at that, not sure though if I was being complimented. The waitress came back and he ordered me another drink before I could say no. After a minute or so, I gulped the drink and finally said "Jim, you of all people know I love sex but, geez, this is like turning a trick." He grinned and said, "Exciting thought, though, isn't it". He said "don't answer yet, just think about it." We talked some more and the waitress brought the check. I was starting to notice that Jim was doing a lot of looking at my chest and thought "I wonder if he is going to try to make me". He paid the check and said "Let's drive around and talk a bit." I said okay and we went off in his car. He said that he thought about me a lot and missed the days of our group sessions, saying it was the best sex he had ever had. We had driven out by the Dayton Mall and he pulled into the lot and parked. He looked at me and said that he wasn't planning on coming on to me but that seeing me again had turned him on. He took my hand and put it on his pants and I could tell he wasn't kidding. I shouldn't have, but I gave him a little squeeze through his pants. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer and starting kissing me. I responded, not being sure if I was excited because of the drinks, Jim, or the fact that someone's husband wanted me. He unbuttoned a button on my blouse and slid a hand inside and into my bra. He said, "it's been a long time since I felt them". He then slid his hand up my leg and started pressing my pussy against my pantyhose. We kissed and I suggested a motel. We went to a motel and quickly got into bed and went at it like old times. When it was over, we laid there and cuddled. I kissed him and said "Jim, I'll do it. I'll be the company whore." He said "are you sure? I didn't mean to pressure you." I grinned and said, "Jim, I want the job. I'm applying for it. Hire me." He laughed and said "the job is yours." Well, I went through with it. The guy was about thirty, pretty average, not bad in bed, although I wore him out. And getting paid for it was a turn on, I must admit, although I never did that again and don't recommend it these days. Jim got the contract and eventually moved out of town. I still get Christmas cards. Well, that's my confession. These days, I'm a 34 year old housewife. I might pass you in Kroger. But I won't tell this story there.

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