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You Have New Mail

You have New Mail

By Walt McBride inarut juno - Jul 23, 2008 13811 Vivian and I were the best and closest of friends for years. We told each other everything about everything. She knew my husband had Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and she told me the same thing had happened to her husband, much to her dismay. Sometimes we laughed about it other times we cried about it.
One day over lunch we were talking about our plight when she said, “You know, Sharon, I have started conversations with a guy over the Internet”
“You have?” I asked surprised.
“Yeah! And it is progressing to a point I really don’t know what I am going to do.”
“Yeah, he wants to meet somewhere. He’s married and I have told him I am married as well, but it doesn’t seem to matter to him. Well, Hell, it doesn’t matter to me either.”
All I could say is “Really?’
The conversation went on and on, until finally I asked her,
“Do you think I could get on the chat room you are on?”
“You want to?” She smiled.
“May be interesting, you think?”
“It can get that way sometimes.” She wrote down on a napkin how I could get signed up and all the details. She told me her “Handle” it was “Shady Lady” and she asked what I was going to call myself. “Hummm”, I thought for a few minutes,
“Hummm, maybe “In A Rut?””
“That really sounds like us doesn’t it?” She smiled.
“That’s for damn sure. Hey, you go home, I’ll get signed up, and we can talk on the Internet, OK?”
We parted from lunch and I went home, turned on my computer and signed up. It wasn’t long and everything was in order, my husband wouldn’t be home for hours, so I looked for Shady Lady for a while.
God the excitement when I saw her come on the list looking for In A Rut.
“Yes – Yes.” I wrote. I’m here!”
We went back and fourth for a while getting acquainted with my new toy. This went on for over an hour. Then all of a sudden I saw the name “Gopher” comes on – Vivian immediately said “HI” to him. He answered back immediately.
“Well, hello there Shady Lady, what’s happening?’
“Nothing, just talking with In A Rut - chit chatting”
“I see that, hi In A Rut, you up to no good?”
“Always” I wrote back
Vivian wrote also, “And you can take that to the bank.”
Vivian, Gopher, and I exchanged mail back and fourth for a while when I was called by someone by the name of Lonesome George.
“Hello, Lonesome George, are you really lonesome?” I answered.
“You better believe it.”
“Where are you? ”
“Where’s home?
“Charlotte North Carolina”
My heart leaped a few times, “Me too.” I answered
Found out Gopher was from Huntersville and we all started talking together for over an hour again. It was great and a lot of fun. I called Vivian later and told her that I really enjoyed it a lot and we compared notes about the guys and what we had learned.
I went to bed that night feeling exhilarated. I had made a date to meet with all of them the next morning on the Internet after my husband and Vivian’s husband had left for work. We signed on and we were off to the races again. It was wonderful. All day long we wrote, wrote, wrote each other, and became a lot more understanding of each other, to say the least.
About 4 in the afternoon Lonesome George asked if we, all of us, would like to meet him for lunch.
“Sure – I’d like that.” I wrote back, followed by Gopher and Vivian.
“Where?” I asked
“You know where Mooresville is, don’t you.” We all agreed at exit 36 on Interstate 77.
He wrote back “Yeah, that’s it. No one knows us there, I think it’s far enough out of Charlotte, don’t you?””
We all agreed and planned to meet at O’Charlies at 11 in the morning.
That night I was so excited I could hardly sleep. My husband did his normal thing – sleep.
11 o’clock found me and Vivian sitting in the entrance to the restaurant waiting for the two guys. Didn’t know what we were looking for, but had some idea from the way they described themselves. Lonesome George opened the door and looked straight at us. I stood up and advanced to him. There was no mistaking that graying hair and his baseball cap he had told me about. About 45 years old, distinguished, very tall and muscular, slender, handsome, tanned and all that I had hoped for. I hugged him and he kissed me on my neck Very gently.
“Yum, you smell wonderful.” He whispered.
I just sighed; “Well, thank you!” Then took his hand, and sat back down waiting for Gopher looking at Vivian. She was really pleased with what she saw with Lonesome George, for sure. We talked, found out his real name was Ted and he is self-employed.
In a few minute here came Gopher – Tanned, not as tall as Ted but muscular and all the man I had expected to see from the way he talked on the Internet. God, Vivian was elated and rushed to him flung her arms around him and kissed him. Boy, was she excited. His name was Fred. “Ted and Fred” damn.
Lovely lunch – lots of martinis and lots of talk, lots of sharing stories. God, it was so much fun to be noticed for a change. To feel you are appreciated, to know someone really likes the way you look.
We parted about 3 in the afternoon after exchanging cell telephone numbers and understanding about when to call and when not to call. Since we are all married to other people we fully understood the implications. I kissed Ted goodbye, a nice wet open mouth kiss with a warm loving hug. I felt his body close to mine and it felt wonderful. Vivian was in Fred’s car and they were kissing romantically as well. He held her tight against him in the front seat, but I saw the door come open on her side of the car and she got out and joined me in my car and we drove in silence for a while then we started talking like we had never talked before.
Back on the Internet the next day, the next, and the next. This went on for about two weeks, and then things started getting quite “heavy”. Topics changed, personal facts about each other, conversations of getting away, going away together, all of us. We met a few more times at O’Charlies for lunch. We talked and had a really good time together. We thought, Maybe a weekend in the mountains? Go to the beach? We told them we’d think about it. Vivian and I had long talks about it then agreed that we were going to do it. I really became excited. We got back on the Internet and told the guys and they were delighted.
“How are we going to get away?” Vivian thought the same thing. If we went together in one car, Vivian and I together and we went somewhere together our husbands wouldn’t know what we were up to. We thought about going to Lake Junaluska Methodist Convention Center and staying at the Lambuth Inn there for a few days with the reason being we were going to attend a religious convention there with a lot of other women. That was it. That would do it. Religious convention? Yeah, Right! I picked up my cell phone and called for reservations. They had a number of openings so I made reservations for two rooms for four days.
The next day we again met at O’Charlies with the guys. Plans were made and confirmed. They agreed, we agreed, it was on. A weekend away and all the other benefits that would come with it.
We kissed more passionately when we parted this time knowing that all would work out and we’d be together for a few days in the mountains.
When I told my husband, he just grunted his approval, as I knew he would if I told him I was going with Vivian. Vivian had no problem either. Fred and Ted called us and all was set for next Tuesday morning early, we’d meet at the rest stop on Highway 40 just a few miles from Asheville.
We drove there and stopped at the rest stop, got out of the car and sat at a picnic bench they provided and talked continuously. In about 30 minutes we saw their cars arriving close together. Right on time as planned. They pulled up next to my car, we were all laughing, and cutting up as we embraced in the parking lot. We were free of those bonds that bound us at least for a few days. I felt a twang of desire course through my thighs as I watched and talked with Ted. He smiled at me and touched my hands when we talked.
All of us drove on to Lake Junaluska, had some lunch in Maggie Valley, then parked all three cars in the Lambuth Inn parking lot, checked in and, of course, got two rooms. Found that these were two adjoining rooms. We knew we would use the two rooms differently than they had planned at the desk. My heart raced with anticipation. It had been so long, so long. I looked at Ted – He smiled down at me. I looked up at him in anticipation and smiled broadly.
The guys carried our bags up to our assigned rooms. I closed the door behind us. Ted put the luggage down near the closet and took me in his strong arms and I melted. This old Inn has, almost, paper-thin walls and you can hear what’s going on in the next room very easily. We heard Vivian and Fred next door laughing and giggling, and then it got quiet. Heard the bed squeak, they must have lain down.
I looked at Ted; my eyes held no secrets, neither did his. He towers over me. He is tall and very muscular and is a commanding figure. He bent over and kissed me gently on the mouth and I melted against him.
He whispered to me, “Welcome to Lake Junaluska.”
“Yeah – It’s good to be here with you.” I sighed.
He kissed me again, this time I felt his strong hands press my thighs toward him. He towered over me. His chest felt so good against me. Oh! That felt so good. He held me closer and gently but firmly pressed my sex toward him.
“Oh! Yeah!” I sighed.
“ He moaned, “God! I love your little bustle butt.” Patting it gently.
“Do you really?” I asked sheepishly.
“Oh, Yeah! I love watching it when you walk.” He smiled at me again and brushed his lips against mine.
“I’ll have to walk more’” I laughed.
He released his grip and I turned toward the bed, kicked off my shoes and lay down on the bed dragging him down beside me. We heard the bed next-door squeak a little then all got still again.
My skirt had slid up my thighs part way and I had just left it there, Ted found the hem of my skirt, went underneath with one lunge of his hand, and came to rest on my mound.
“Ahh!” I sighed, “Yessss!”
“Oh Yeah!” He pleaded.
He moved his hand a little, urging my mound to rise to meet his demand.
“Ohhhhh!” I wheezed.
We kissed again very passionately, mouth open, breathing heavier. His warm hand was kneading my mound.
“Like that?” He whispered close to my ear.
All I could do was breath, “Oh! Man!”
Finger finding the leg hole on my panties, then detecting the pubic hair around my knoll. Finger probing inside the slit, I moaned a little, feeling the bliss swell in my sex. His hands rubbing my flat belly, then back to my slit. I was panting louder and louder and undulating my body under his touch.
“Ummmm!” I whispered. I looked into his eyes deeply, pleadingly with my half opened eyes. He knew what that meant, there was no mistaking my passion as he kissed me again, and then nibbled my neck some, as I felt him unbuckling his trousers.
I felt the bed move as I sensed him get off the bed, I looked over and watched as he removed his pants and shorts with one sweeping motion. A long thick tubular cock jumped out in front of me.
“My God!” I thought to myself. “Oh! My God!” Thinking to myself.
I reached for it as he stood next to the bed so I could reach him. I grasped it firmly and felt it growing to my touch. He heaved a sigh as I heard Vivian moan through the walls. I heard the bed squeak a little, and then I heard her cry out,
“God-damn! Ohhhhh!” Vivian pleaded.
Fred whimpered, “Yeah! Oh Yeah” All went silent for a few minutes, then their bed started a rhythmic cadence and I knew Vivian was finally getting some cock inside her. That’s what I wanted, and bad.
It absolutely set me on fire between my legs now.
Ted lay back down next to me, his shirt still on and again kissed me deeply. I knew what I was about to do and I knew I was more than ready and Ted knew it too. It had been too long, way too long. He knelt on the bed between my legs and reached under my skirt again and with both hands stripped off my panties with one action as I lifted my butt off the bed to make it easier for him. All open now. Skirt up on my chest, thighs exposed to Ted looking at him with eager eyes. He looked down on me from his kneeling position and said,
“Do you think you’re old man will miss this?”
I just sighed. I smiled faintly, my mouth open.
“God, baby! You’re so open and ready, aren’t you?” He looked deeply into my eyes. Man, was I ready, I think he knew.
I again sighed, that’s all I could do at this point in time.
He was on top of me, my legs wide open, my skirt still on but raised above my waist, but I didn’t care I was giving myself to this man willingly. It had been so long, so long, years and I really didn’t care if I was naked or not. Nothing else mattered. Only now, only Ted, Here and now – please oh please.
His long thick cock was above my entrance, throbbing. He reached between us and ran his strong finger up my slit then down, then back up. He massaged my clitoris gently in a circular motion that drove me right out of my mind.
“God! You’re so wet. God! Baby! I love your body. You are so beautiful.” He gasped.
I sighed softly as he touched me gently on the inside of my thighs, then I watched as his copious, curved, elongated cock came closer and closer. He put one hand on each side of my torso and I watched as the knobby, flanged head came nearer and nearer to its target. I raised my knees giving submission to him totally. I felt the head make contact with my aperture making me jump a little. I clutched his curved tool hanging over me and directed it to my sex. His arms went under my shoulders, probed through my long hair and cupped my head in his hands. I began to slither the helmet shaped head the full length inside my gash, smearing it with my ooze.
“Is that where you want it?” He breathed harder.
Grasping his engorged tool fixed above my opening above the wet aperture, I cried softly, “Oh! Ted! Here! Yes!”I raised my knees back to my chest opening my flower to him.
“Oh! Baby! Take it! You want it there?” Ted sighed softly and pushed down. I felt the hot head throbbing I wheezed, feeling it dividing my pussy lips and then gently slipping slightly inside.
The knobby head divided the opening and I felt its width cross the threshold with the massive head. It opened up my sphincter muscle, and I relaxed willingly. With a jerk the flanged head coupled with me and encased itself firmly in my needing pussy, then lowered immediately within. He filled me full with that tube, deep inside my damp pussy with one thrust. I felt his hot piston descending inside my lubricated cylinder as he snuggled his firm body between my legs securely.
I whelped out loud, “GOD!” His hands behind my head compelled me toward him slightly as he cuddled my shoulders to him. His solid tool jammed securely inside now, my pussy clinched it responsively. Locked together now.
My blossom was wide open for him to get his nectar, and then it began. His words seemed to relax my body even more.
“Am I hurting you?” He sighed. How wonderful this man is, so selfless and caring, thinking of me and my comfort. His well-endowed penis is very large and of course he knew that. He was well aware that I might be distressed from its girth. Our union was wonderful even though I felt really full to capacity with his penis.
“Uh! Nooooo – Ted OHHHH God, Oooooh noooooo! It’s wonderful” I sighed.
I reached and touched the back of his head, my fingers in his hair holding him close as possible, as he lay against me and started the rhythmic humping against me.
“What a thoughtful man – how wonderful he treats me” I thought to myself. Felt him sliding his cock up and down very slowly, letting me delight in every inch. In a few minutes of deep probes and deep breathing on both our parts, his lips whispered in my ear,
“Goooood! If it hurts let me know, baby. God you feel fantastic!” He cried feeling it as my wet vagina clinched his cock tight. I yelped occasionally as I felt its girth spread my vagina even wider ever go gently, and then he allowed it to rest inside for a few seconds to adjust to this trespasser. I stroked his hair, feeling the closeness. My wet pussy surrounding his massive penis. Feeling its mass fill me so good and full.
This man is my lover now. This man is sampling my flower. I felt wonderful with him in me and I opened fully for him.
“God! That feels so good” I thought to myself, then sighed audibly.
Through the walls we could hear heavy breathing, bed squeaking, grunts, male sighing, female yelping and humping. It made me even more excited as I heard them screwing on the other side of the wall. I lifted my hips to accept his tool over and over again, his passionate hands clasping both sides of my hips, pulling me to his cock on each thrust. The bed shuddered and squeaked.
“God!” I whispered, “They’re driving me right up the walls.”
Ted stroked his cock a few times rapidly inside me then whispered, “Oh! Man! Yeah, me too.”
It felt like nothing I had experienced in a really long time or even ever. Pull out, back in, pull out, and back in, slow now, faster, slow, and faster. He kept working the inside of my vagina and rubbing that meaty shaft tightly along my clitoris up to a crescendo, to a peak. It hadn’t taken me long to get there at all, I felt my summit coming, closer, and closer. I couldn’t control it – I didn’t want to control it. I needed to be free of my sexual deficiency and bad.
“Oh! Baby!” I gasped. My vagina seeking release then finding it quickly.
I reached to his butt now humping a little faster, clasped the cheeks and pulled him to me. Directing his motion now, using him, feeling his thrusting long strokes under my direction. All the way up, then all the way down. Ted lifting his butt withdrawing his cock then I pressed it down, Up and Down, more, more, more.
“Ahhhhh!” I bellowed as my pent up orgasm burst under him and around his imbedded instrument. I pulled his butt as deep toward me as possible while I breathed harder and harder climaxing in total bliss. My hips went up to meet his thrusts; they didn’t stop, faster – faster. The refuge of my vagina convulsed harder and harder around his bulky tool. Peak after peak of extreme passion spread out through my thighs.
“Yeah! Baby! Yeah!” He gasped feeling the glove like fissure clasp him tight then let go then clutching again repeatedly.
I whispered loudly, “Oh! Yeah! Do it baby – Do it! That’s it – Oh Baby! Don’t stop! Please! God, I’m coming.”
“Yeah! I feel it coming. I feel it!” He shrieked as I twisted and quivered under him. I clinched the walls of my vagina tightly around his buried sex.
“OH MOMMY! Don’t stop!” I yelled out loud as my passageway convulsed repeatedly around his impaled cock. Two orgasms in a row – damn! My body was totally out of control now. My skin quivered with passion.
He started thrusting his large piston inside my vagina, slipping on my juices, faster and faster until I felt his torso tense up a little, my legs enclosed his back, my arms held him to me tightly as I clutched his shirt, then lifted my vagina up to him hard, his cock voiding ejaculate in me. I felt the rush of the hot slimy semen squirt into me and the head of his cock pulsate its load, rushing into my yearning wet pussy. I perceived a squirting type of sound produced from around our united sex parts as his cargo discharged out and around his embedded penis as it filled my vagina, I orgasmed again. Pussy fart as his cock discharged in me, wet ooze flooded down the ravine in my butt to the bedspread. No space in my vagina for his massive load as his sperm sought escape.
“God Damn!” He screamed, too, feeling it release as his cock pulsed powerfully in the bounds of my vagina.
“It’s been so long. Ohhhh!” He breathed a sign of relief.
We lay a few minutes in the afterglow, letting our sex parts quiver together then finally relax as the abundant stream of semen flowed out of me to the bedspread around our united sex. We lay locked in our embrace listening to the bed next door slowly squeaking, then faster. Then stopping, then again movement. Vivian breathing softly, Fred breathless, again squeaks, more panting, and then suddenly Vivian gasped for air,
“My God! OHHHHHH!!” I knew she had orgasmed, spewing out expletives as she gained her orgasm followed soon after by Fred. We knew he had gushed out his pent up load.
Their bed got quiet and our bed was already quiet. Satiated at long last.
Ted definitely doesn’t have ED. I can vouch for that.
I knew Vivian and I had made a worthwhile decision to start taking our birth control pills a few weeks ago. Good decision for sure now.
Thank goodness for the good three or four days ahead.
We rested from our trip and our lovemaking.
My mind felt like it was draining all the past realities along with Ted’s semen streaming out of my sex. His cock resting relaxed inside my pussy with him still on top of me. I had had total liberation of more inhibitions than I realized. I looked into emptiness. I knew I needed something more out of my life that my husband wasn’t giving me. I was only thirty-eight, I had a firm attractive body, my hair was long and brunette and had no white hairs, my facial features were delicate, soft lips, smooth skin, my breasts were ample and firm, I had all the attributes of a lovely woman, Ted had told me that he really like my little butt when it undulated under my skirts, and I needed to demonstrate it. I would no longer hold in my urges, I would use them to my advantage. I drifted off in absolute contentment still dripping his massive load between my legs.
We had laid locked together for over an hour, dozing on and off, just enjoying the total release we had enjoyed in our first love making session. It had been unbelievable. Better than I had ever hoped for.
Half awake, I heard my cell phone ringing. Ted rolled off me, pulling his dripping tool out of me with a sucking sound trailing semen and love juices across our legs.
We laughed as I jumped out of the bed, grabbed a towel and rushed to my purse. I hadn’t taken it out because I had better things pending at the time.
I opened the lid and said “Hello”.
“Oh Hi!”
“Oh yeah, we had a nice trip and are all settled in our room.”
“We were just taking a nap and going to dinner in a little while.”
“Is everything OK there?”
“That’s good. We have another meeting this evening about 8 o’clock”
“That’s good. There are a lot of people here. Should be a fun week” I smiled at Ted, he grabbed his slimy cock and waved it at me.
I laughed quietly watching him play around and swinging that massive member at me smiling broadly.
“Oh, yeah, we will for sure.”
“Tell Bill (Vivian’s husband) she’s fine too.”
“OK! See you in a few days.”
I closed the lid, put the phone down on the desk, crawled back into the bed next to Ted, and kissed him gently. He pulled me close to him and I felt his strong chest and back as he turned toward me.
As I raised my knees my skirt slid up again exposing my body to him, thinking I could offer some morsels of goodies to him if he wanted them. He kissed me passionately and I responded.
I reached between us and found his slimy, knobby, thick, lengthy cock growing in my hand. It grew very rapidly.
“That was my husband!”
“I assumed that!” He muttered.
“All’s well at home.”
“Good! All’s well here too. You’ll have to tell him he is ruining a good fuck with his wife” He sighed, rolled on top of me again.
“You’re bad!” I laughed. Giggled as he prepared to again give me his penis, but our room phone rang.
“Damn phones!” I gasped.
It was Vivian.
“Oh yeah we can make that.” I looked at Ted.
“Want to go to dinner?” I looked at Ted looking down on me.
“Sure.” Instead of another sexual intercourse, we laughed and headed to the shower together rapidly. Warm water revived us somewhat. I was still aglow from the first intercourse.
We washed each other and laughed a lot under the water. It was the first time we had seen each other naked and we both liked what we saw. Dried off, dressed in fresh clothes and headed to the lobby and sat in a large over-stuffed sofa with Ted’s arm around my shoulder. It was just a few minutes when Fred and Vivian got off the elevator and joined us.
We all smiled and exchanged conversation relating to where we should go to eat.
All piled in Ted’s car and headed for a restaurant in town.
Had a superb meal, a few cocktails, and a lot of wonderful conversation, not once mentioning our sexual activities. We all knew what the other was doing and it didn’t bother us in the least. I just looked at Vivian and she looked at me and could tell that “All was right” with this.
Drove back to the center at the Conference Center, it was dark, but the lights glistened off the water. The dimly lit pathways around the rose garden were really inviting so we strolled slowing along the path, taking in the entire romantic atmosphere. It was breathtaking. Ted took me in his arms a few times and kissed me firmly.
“Thanks for being here with me, Sharon.”
“Oh! Ted! This is so great – I don’t think I’ll want to leave.”
“Me either.”
“Let’s not think about leaving, OK?”
“We’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”
We walked on into the night. About 10 o’clock we all agreed that it was time to head back to the Inn. Parked in front, locked the car, Fred and Vivian waved us a “Good Night” and headed inside, caught the elevator and went up to their room while we lingered in the parking lot for a few more minutes.
We saw the cross at the bottom of the slight hill, walked down to it, and enjoyed the fantastic view of the sleepy little conference center slowly winding down after a long day. We kissed again, he took my hand as we headed back toward the Inn and caught the elevator up to our waiting room, kissing passionately in the privacy of the elevator as it slowly proceeded to the second floor.
It didn’t take but a few seconds before I stripped in front of Ted as he watched my body become exposed to his eager stare.
“Oh, baby, I like.” He breathed as he undressed in my view, I couldn’t believe the muscles and body on this man.
Standing there with his long curved cock swaying in front of me, I couldn’t contain my passion for him. I walked to him and pressed my body to his firmly. He grasped my buttocks and lifted me up to his chest with one action and I felt his tool had grown in that short time. I felt it between my crotch, sliding along the slit that I knew was very moist now. Standing holding me, my legs cushioning his body between them, in the air, he kissed me and with one hand holding me in position and the other hand he reached down under me and positioned his hard cock into my slit and pushed.
“Ohhhhh!” I whelped feeling it slip fully inside. “My God. Oh! Darling, that’s so good.”
“Take it baby!” He breathed harder repositioning my supported body impatiently, grating his huge cock along my clitoris that drove me to absolute distraction.
“Ohhhhh! Baby!!” I screamed as I felt my orgasm rise in my thighs very rapidly and burst out of me clinching his tool tighter and tighter.
“Damn, That didn’t take long, did it?” He felt my vagina throbbing around his cock.
“You drive me crazy, baby.”
“Good! I want to.” He turned toward the bed to lay me down as the room phone rang. I looked at the clock. It was 10:15.
The room phone started ringing.
“Damn” I said. I reached for the phone still locked with Ted firmly planted in my vagina.
“Hello? ”
“Well, hi. What’s happening?”
“Yeah just got back from a nice conference by the lake.”
“Oh yeah. We’re doing great. Just getting ready to go to bed. Vivian is showering.”
“Oh, yeah. We’re getting a lot out of it.” I pushed my body toward Ted. He pushed back once still cupping my butt in his hands.
“No – No we’re fine. Don’t worry about us we’ll be fine. OK?
“Ok!” Call me tomorrow?”
“Ok – Ok “ I hung up the phone.
“God! He sure has a way of ruining a good fuck, doesn’t he? That’s the second time. Doesn’t he know we want to fuck?” Ted laughed out loud.
I laughed out loud with him, “God! You’re bad aren’t you?" Pinching him on his nipple playfully.
“Yeah, I sure am.” He laughed, “Want to see how bad?”
He laid me gently on the bed, towering over me, as he looked at my naked body prone on the bed quivering in anticipation.
“Show me!” I squealed as his head went between my thighs, finding my wet pussy and clasped my clitoris in his mouth between his lips with one motion.
Wet slurping sounds as his mouth caressed my slit, his tongue going up and down inside the opening, sucking the juices he had created. I went absolutely wild. No one had ever done that to me. I loved it. Licking, taking his mouth into my pubic hair, licking my belly, nibbling my bellybutton, sticking his tongue inside my bellybutton, coming up touching and kissing my breasts, back down over my quaking belly, back to my sex and again sucking. Back up again – I was about ready to explode when I felt his curved ample cock enter me and started reciprocating up and down again, his mouth on my neck. Hard grinding fuck this time, insistent stroking, fast unrelenting blows to my pussy. Hard, real hard, I couldn’t wait – I exploded with the most violent orgasm I had ever experience in my entire life.
“MY God – Ted OH TED! Ted! Ted! More – more – more don’t stop give it to me.” I screamed out loud not even thinking of where I was – I didn’t care anymore.
I had loved him being “Bad”. He ejaculated deep in me again and we both collapsed in each other’s arms again. He rolled me on my side with my back against his stomach; he pulled my legs up into a fetal position and thrust his extensive satisfied tool into my pussy one more time. I drifted off into a dreamless sleep totally relieved of my sexual cargo filled with his cock. I felt him reposition his pillow a little then in a very few minutes we were both in never-never land.
Again I lay in his arms, draining all my cares away onto the bed sheets, dripping his ejaculate from my dripping wet vagina, feeling my vagina relaxing slowly. I really didn’t want to deal with negatives anymore; I needed to follow my dreams now. I snuggled up as close to Ted as I could
I don’t believe we even moved all night. When I again became partially awake, the clock on the nightstand read 5 AM, Ted’s tool still submerged firmly, but had softened during our sleep. I knew something must have awakened me; I usually don’t just come awake at this time in the morning ever. Maybe it was the new surrounding, maybe I was just super tired. I didn’t know. But here I was at 5 in the morning, wide-awake.
Through the thin walls I could detect a rustling of covers next door. A low giggle, then silence. I knew something had awakened me – this was it.
“Oh! Honey!” sounded like Vivian.
“Ummmm! ”
“Oh! Fred!”
“Yes!” Passionately now.
“OHHH Yes!”
“Ohhhh! It’s in baby!” Vivian sighed, “It’s in!”
“Oh yeah” Fred whispered.
I heard them rustling together very leisurely and very quietly, the bed squeaking very gently.
She was taking a cock again; I knew they were fucking again. No mistaking it. Breathing hard, and regularly with each stroke. My thighs reacted. I felt the passion rising bit by bit as I eavesdropped on them.
“Oh! Mama!” I said to myself and slipped my hand to my slit so I could meddle with Ted’s gentle, peacefully embedded cock still firmly wedged inside.
Next door, the breathing got more labored. Their bed gave a few louder shudders.
Vivian sighed louder, “Oh Fred.”
I was getting wild with passion, juices started to flow. I moved my thighs a little feeling my vagina intensifying to the occasion. Ted’s cock jumped a little, his arms went around me and coupled my body to his chest. His cock was expanding; I felt it intensify in size. Growing harder and longer as his hands cupped my soft breasts very gently.
Next door they were trying to be a little quieter but I knew they couldn’t. Their passion mounted high and higher, soon the bed was quivering with their combined weight.
Ted’s cock developed, my pussy tightened around it and soon I felt him pull back, then press in. Pull back, and then press in. Again and again. He nibbled my neck from the back, his hands cupped my breasts as he again pulsated his hard cock into my wanting, waiting pussy.
“Ahhhhh!” I gasped.
“Oh! Yeah!” He whispered, “Good pussy! So good! Ahhhh!”
“Ohhhhhh, Mommy! That’s so good.” I whispered out loud.
“Yeahhhh!” He panted, “Wild pussy! Gimme that wild pussy, baby!”
I became aware of the bed, as he started lunging in me; the bed gave a slight squeak, then another then another on each stroke. Rhythmic cadence as he shoved his thighs against mine, his tool responding softly on each caress.
Two minutes, three minutes, ten minutes – I don’t know. More minutes, I don’t know. I didn’t care. The bed was groaning under us. Panting, breathing hard – utter abandon.
“You can’t get enough of my cock can you?”
I wheezed passionately, “God! It’s been so long!!” Pushing my butt tightly toward him without mercy.
It took only a few minutes of this motion to feel him ejaculate in me again.
“You’re insatiable. You know that?” He snickered.
“I’ll take all you got, honey.”
“I got a lot. Been storing it up for a few years now.”
“Good! I’ll empty every drop out of you.” That wasn’t me talking, or was it? I was totally insatiable – Didn’t know I was this way. Ted showed me the way and I knew I couldn’t get enough. This is who I am, I decided. I am a woman and I want what a woman wants. No more of this ED crap, that’s my husband’s problem, not mine. I suffered long enough from sexual depravation. Enough of this attitude of ignoring me, or not being appreciative of me or him not wanting to go places with me. No More.
Ted had already drifted back to sleep as I heard Vivian again orgasm followed, really close, by Fred and then all got quiet.
I had been so depraved from sex for so long when I started getting a real man to take care of this I went ballistic. I fully realized that now and wanted to get as much as I can right now. I came into full realization that I could no longer put up with a husband that couldn’t satisfy my sexual needs. I needed a man for all time. Someone to fulfill me in every way. I had awakened a new woman. I would follow my dreams. As the old song says all of a sudden “You can see clearly now the rains are gone, there’s only sunshine in the skies from now on.”
Mentally, emotionally and physically I was now contented and soon drifted back to sleep, resting so that during the day, tomorrow, I would have the energy to enjoy the time at the lake.
Breakfast was close. The room phone rang. I looked at the clock it was 7:30 – Time to rise and shine.
“Hi there.”
“Oh, we slept wonderfully.”
“Oh yeah”
I laughed uncontrollable when Vivian told me how Fred had done her early in the morning.
“I know we heard – Then we did it too.”
We laughed at her response.
We asked if they’d like to go to the Biltmore House and Gardens but they declined, so Ted and I enjoyed the whole day there. Had lunch in the restaurant, walked through the whole house, holding hands and generally loving each other’s company.
In the late afternoon Ted and I drove to a very nice restaurant in Maggie Valley, had a wonderfully intimate dinner by candlelight and stayed until after dark. We had no idea where Fred and Vivian were, and basically didn’t care.
Back to the Inn about 9 or 9:30. Bath together, lots of giggling and enjoying our freedom. I came out of the bathroom and found Ted stretched out on our king sized bed, his generous sex resting diagonally across his belly. I was amazed as he turned toward me and raised up his arms gesturing for me to lie on him. I straddled his torso with my legs, pushed my breast next to his chest and embraced him. My hair flowed over his chest and he stroked my head ever so gently.
We lay for a long while like this, and then I moved my head to his lips and gently kissed him
It rose, getting harder; I felt it growing between my legs, gently touching my pubic hair. Stiffer and stiffer it got and I moved my hips a little helping it to develop full length. I again kissed his lips as I felt him reach between us, grasp his tool and held it for me. I raised my thighs slightly, circled its bulk with my vagina, and then pushed down burying it full length inside me.
Ted sighed, “Ahhhh! A perfect end to a perfect day, baby!”
“Couldn’t have been better!” I whispered in his ear.
We fell asleep with his penis firmly secured in my vagina.
What a day, what a wonderful day! What a wonderful man! I won’t let him get away. I slept like a baby.
The phone rang – I let it ring.
“Shit, He’ll go away soon. I just want to fuck!” I whispered to Ted.
He laughed, I felt him laughing under my weight.
“God, was that me saying that?” I thought to myself.
Ted was slipping gently inside me but rested after a few minutes. Now I raised my hips to meet his actions. I was in command. I knew that.
Now the damn cell phone rang – I knew who that was.
“The hell with him!” I said to myself.
“Persistent little shit, isn’t he?” Ted whispered.
“Yeah, he is. But he doesn’t even give me the time of day when I’m home.”
“You going to answer it? ”
“Hell no!” I squeezed my tunnel tightly, raised my hips up then down a few times stroking his gnarled tool along the soft walls of my vagina.
“Damn! Baby! That’s so good!” He sighed.
Again I stroked his tool buried in my vagina, then faster. Breathing harder and harder, building to a crescendo again. It was taking me shorter and shorter times to achieve my orgasms and it was fantastic. Ted lay there under me looking ardently into my eyes, when all of a sudden he shot his sticky cargo again feeling me convulse over him relentlessly.
I didn’t know what was happening to me but I really like it. Yes, I knew I was being fucked regularly, but something else was happening. My cares were evaporating; a sense of utter peace was coming over me. It was a combination of Ted, his penis in me, the way he held my hands, the way he cupped my head and breasts very gently, the way he talked to me, very open and free, the way he would reach and touch my legs when we were driving, the way he smiled at me, my freedom to be me – all of that was really affecting me deeply.
The next few days went by so fast, we rarely saw Vivian and Fred, but we did have lunch with them a few times and ask them to joins us as we went to the Smokey Mountain National Park, drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, took the railroad ride through the mountains. We tried to get them to go but the declined everyone of them. I guess all they wanted to do was fuck. We did our share of that but we were too busy during the day, and we didn’t know what they were doing and really didn’t care.
God – Friday. Already. I had tears welling in my eyes as Ted and I lay on the bed in the morning. We had to check out of our room by 11 AM, It was 9 AM.
“What do you want to do, Sharon?” He asked me rather emotionally.
“God! I don’t want to leave you.”
“I want to be with you too, but don’t we have to get back?
I welled up tears, reached for my cell phone and dialed my husband’s number.
Ted watched me as I talked.
“I’ve decided I want to stay another few days.”
“No – No not at all.”
“Yeah – Yeah I know that, but I still want to stay a few more days.”
A lengthy silence.
“OK, then – I’ll plan on coming home on Monday – I just want to stay for the weekend. OK?”
“I’ll see you then.”
“Oh! My cell phone’s been giving me trouble up here, I guess that’s why you haven’t been able to get me.”
“OK!” I closed the lid and looked at Ted, he smiled broadly.
Without saying a word Ted opened his cell phone, touched some keys. “Have to stay here a few more days.”
“Yeah! No, I’m not playing golf, for sure. Been real busy!” He looked at me and gave me a broad smile, then touched my leg lovingly. I melted.
“Don’t know right now – Maybe Monday? Don’t know.”
“Right” then closed the lid on his cell, picked up the room phone.
“Oh Hi! This is room 202. We would like to stay a few more days. Is that possible?”
“Great. We’ll be down to sign in.” He hung up the phone and took me in his arms as he had for the last four days, ran his hand up my skirt, fingered my slit and kissed me. Don’t know what Vivian and Fred are going to do, but we knew what we were going to do. Fred drove Vivian back to Charlotte. Vivian and I had a long talk and she understood that this had been more than just a fling with Ted. She sensed it in my voice.
“I understand, girl. You do what you feel is right”
She and Fred left.
We stayed another 10 days. It was the end of both Ted’s and my marriages. We’ve been together since then and perfectly happy.
Vivian is seeing three or four guys from the Internet now, but hasn’t left her husband.
If you like my story write to me at inarut juno inarut juno

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