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Toy Sharing

Toy Sharing

By Mack - Jan 21, 2010 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 33594 Once when we talked about our fantasies we got into a very horny conversation, for me, about how Gemma would be naughty with another woman in bed. She introduced in my mind a picture of her having double ended dildo fun. When I asked her who she would take to bed, she gave me a few film and soap stars that she fancied. We had talked about these before so I wasn’t surprised by the women she mentioned but my mind, and my cock if I am honest, was stimulated by the idea of her with a double ended toy giving her pleasure. When she played with our favourite vibrators I liked to watch the expression on her face and often liked the idea of seeing that pleasured expression because she was been fulfilled by more than just me.
There is undoubtedly a voyeuristic side to my sensuality and I liked the idea of watching and masturbating whilst Gemma was enjoying her girl on girl, or even multiple girls, fun.
Time passed and we enjoyed the fantasy moment and to some extent it became forgotten.
Then one day, when one of Gemma’s friends Jodi came for lunch, it was very much catapulted back into the forefront of my mind. When Gemma introduced me to Jodi she had a familiarity about her. After a while, serving some drinks, it dawned on me that she had more than a passing resemblance to one of Gemma’s soap star fantasy characters. I had noticed but by her reaction Gemma had not picked up any recognition of a similarity. With her dark hair and quite lean body she did remind me of the Australian soap actress quite a bit but putting that to one side I offered to open a bottle of wine to help the girls enjoy their long awaited catch up.
Drinking other than at the occasional party, and especially during the daytime, was unusual but the wine flowed quite freely and I acted the attentive waiter, making sure they had a good time up in the lounge while I worked down in the kitchen. I could hear the volume picking up as the laughs and giggles permeated the air. Sounded like a good time was being had and the wine was more than taking effect.
Gemma came into the kitchen hugging me from behind and kissing my neck quite seductively. You ok? I enquired. Getting a bit wasted actually come a slightly slurred reply. Can you make us a few cocktails? I agreed. Vodka based alright? It was. After delivering a jug of ‘sex on the beach’ I retired again to the kitchen.
The laughing and chat continued and after a while I was visited again. This time the kiss was a little more passionate and accompanied by a hand sliding up and down my groin that was rewarded with an almost instant growing bulge as my cock strained against my jeans. Gemma laughed and then posed me an interesting question. Who do you think Jodi looks a bit like? I chose the diplomatic answer, knowing full well that she was a good likeness to one of Gemma’s fantasy ‘double- ender ‘girls.
Trying to look confused, she took pity on me and whispered in my ear the name of the soap. My cock continued its upward journey as she looked at me in a knowing way and giggled. Can we have some more drinks please and would you bring them up soon came the request.
I prepared the drinks, thinking about as many things as I could that would distract me from my fantasy, and then having settled myself down, took the latest flagon of drinks upstairs.
Looking uncom comfortable I entered the room, trying to avert my gaze from the soap look alike in our house. A few drinks in the kitchen probably made my recognition worse than normal and the more I tried to think about how faint the resemblance might be, the more strong it seemed.
Don’t worry Paul Gemma exalted. We have been talking about lots of girly things all day and Jodi knows about some of our conversations about ‘certain’ women that I fancy. Taken slightly aback by the honesty of the conversation I smiled, relieved that I didn’t have to carry the burden of the reason behind the soap star linkage. Ah ok I mumbled, only to be equally shocked by the next part of the conversation.
We also talked about how great some of the toys I have are at making me orgasm. Be a darling and bring my Dolphin and Travel Rabbit down for Jodi to look at would you? This was hardly a request that I would refuse and was turned on by the thought of these girls talking so intimately about their sex toys and fantasies.
Returning as quickly as I could, as requested, I gave the Dolphin and Travel Rabbit to the girls.
The girls passed the toys between each other admiring the shapes and texture. Jodi twisted the base of the dolphin and touched the end of her finger with the toy and felt a twinge of delight. Taking it upward she gently placed it on the tip of her nose and recoiled slightly at the sensation. Mmmm.. not bad she said.
Travel Rabbit is just the best said Gemma. It is so powerful that it will have you cumming in seconds. Guaranteed! She passed the pink soft pink toy to Jodi to let her examine it more closely. And you just plug this into your car cigarette lighter thingy enquired a curious Jodi.
Gemma smiled, told of how she had used it on a few occasions on a car journey but the best bit, she paused with a mischievous look on her face, is that we bought a power supply from a camping shop so we can use it indoors. An equally mischievous smile appeared across Jodi’s face. Really she uttered unconvincingly.
Yes. Go get it darling so Jodi can see how strong it is.
Needing no second prompting I hurried up to the bedroom and returned with the power supply. A few moment s later it was plugged in and connected up by the plug near the sofa. The switch flicked down and the toys slightly high pitched buzzing filed the room. Wow exclaimed Jodi, sounds powerful and recoiled as Gemma touched the tip of her nose with the thin pink vibrating ears. Oh my god that is awesomely strong come her startled response. I must get one next time I am in town.
A moments silence ensued after the switch, of the unimaginable pleasure giving, toy clicked off.
Before my desire to encourage her to use it now could break free from my discreetly controlled mouth Gemma uttered the offer that I had stifled. My heart raced at the suggestion and picked up another beat when Jodi said she might be tempted but felt too shy to start now. As my excitement began to plummet Gemma shocked me by prompting her to have a go.
Coyly, with a slight blush appearing on her cheeks said she wasn’t sure how to use it and felt a bit nervous. I ‘ll go first then stated Gemma boldly. To my delight, taking the initiative Gemma flicked on the switch, laid back on the sofa thrusting her pelvis slightly upward. Taking the travel rabbit to the mound of her pussy thrust forward in her thin trousers she made contact with the fabric and instantly let out a pleasurable groan. She removed the buzzing toy a few millimetres away from her trousers and looked across at Jodi and then me. See how powerful that is, even through some clothes Gemma confidently advertised the toy.
Jodi shuffled more closely to Gemma on the sofa and swallowed nervously, biting her bottom lip with an inquisitive look on her face. I stood in the room watching in admiration of my sexy wife and her boldness founded in her sexual urges. My own sexual urges evident as my cock strained to escape my jeans. Please don’t stop yet softly pleaded Jodi and Gemma obliged by returning the buzzing toy to the fabric of her trousers but this time pushing the toy harder into the lips of her pussy, eyes closing in delight. Jodi placed her hand on Gemma’s shoulder and snuggled up close so she could sense her increased breathing as the toy stimulated her through her trousers.
I moved forward and sat on the sofa in the space opposite Jodi, equally enthralled at what was unfolding before us. I kissed Gemma passionately and by her soft kissed response realised how turned on she was by the wine and cocktail fuelled exploration. Wondering what response I would get I reached down and pulled at the drawstring chord that fastened the white trousers at the waist. No rebuke came.
I looked across at Jodi and our eyes met in understanding. Taking my lead Jodi reached across and after a brief fumble undid the button that held the waistband closed. Still no rebuke and the toy hummed mercilessly. The trousers now loose from their main fastenings we both gently tugged at the waistband and the buttons that remained surrendered their grip exposing Gemma’s belly and the thin material of her knickers.
Without prompting Gemma slipped her left hand into her knickers, moving the toy away from the outside of her clothes with her other hand and slipping it down inside the slight material that covered her now soaking wet pussy. She paused briefly to keep herself from climaxing too soon and then with her eyes closed returned the pulsating toy to her pussy, now being able to part her soft, smooth lips and push the rabbit against her swollen button. Fuck me that is so good she spluttered between hurried breaths.
Losing my own inhibitions I tugged at the buttons of my jeans and pulled them so they gapped wide open revealing the bulging outline of my hard cock in my boxer shorts. I had often told Gemma how I loved the idea of her being ravished by a few people at once and this was the chance to play that out for real, if Jodi followed my lead. I dared to hope.
I moved closer to Gemma and softly kissed her neck. She loved her neck being nuzzled and groaned in delight. Jodi mirrored my actions and Gemma’s head dropped back in ecstasy. She paused the travel rabbit’s attention as it was beginning to make her clitoris throb, almost painfully but became lost in the attention of her excited partners in seduction.
I nibbled her ear lobe and so did Jodi. I ran my fingers through her hair and she lightly let the toy press against her swollen button again. Jodi followed my lead and Gemma groaned in rapture.
I placed a soft, open mouthed kiss on her lips and she responded with a strong, heavily excited kiss back. I pulled away my head and Jodi followed my kiss with an equally passionate one of her own into which Gemma melted. Help me get these trousers off Gemma whispered and between Jodi and I we slid them down further as she raised her hips up slightly to help the flow of material to her ankles.
Now leading me Jodi grabbed the thin waistband of Gemma’s white thong knickers and I followed. Again with a slight movement by Gemma we slid the soaking knickers down to her thighs exposing her recently waxed pussy, concealed to some extend by her hands and the pink toy stimulating her clitoris. Looking at Jodi’s gaze I realised that it wasn’t just me that found a smooth all over pussy gorgeously appealing. More groans followed as the increased freedom allowed her to plunge the toy deeper into her wetness and pummel her already engorged button
Am I the only one playing she said, in a tone that was more of an invitation than any question.
I had resisted so far because I was too engrossed in the scene playing out before me and partly because I was probably only a few stokes from bursting but took my invitation and slipped my hand into my boxer shorts and encircled a throbbing cock. Jodi taking no second prompt pulled her denim skirt sufficiently upward to allow her to slip a free hand into her pants and begin to finger herself.
Gemma seemed pleased that she wasn’t being totally selfish and returned to the manipulation of her toy and her pleasure. Looking at Jodi to distract her from her own self stimulation I signalled that I was going to pull Gemma’s T shirt over her head. Gemma pleased at the respite from the rabbit’s pounding let the toy fall to one side as we lifted the shirt up over her head and outstretched hands revealing her white bra and beautiful cleavage. Sensing travel rabbit had taken her to the edge very quickly I reached to the sofa, picked up the discarded Dolphin toy and handed it to her. A thankful smile crossed her lips followed by a deep passionate kiss.
Are we the only ones playing I said quizzically.
With little prompt Gemma twisted the base of the dolphin. It burst into life and was rapidly transferred to her still eager pussy.
Taking the opportunity Jodi slipped her panties to the floor and kicked them to one side, picking up the discarded travel rabbit and pressing it against her own well manicured pussy. A shriek of delight followed as the intense vibration instantly plunged her into a juice flowing excited state.
After a brief burst of attention on her pussy from the rabbit we returned to the mirror game. Further deep kisses alternated between us as we slipped Gemma’s bra straps over her shoulder. I pulled the strap down, Gemma assisting in helping her arm escape the thin white strap. Jodi followed suit. The bra remained in place but teasingly revealing more of her full breasts and a daring curve of material that barely covered where we imagined her nipple would be. You have such amazing tits I whispered.
Gemma had stopped using the Dolphin momentarily and worked her fingers into her pussy sharing with us how wet she was and how horny she felt.
Pulling her bra cup forward and down I exposed her full cupped right breast to the delight of Jodi and me. Gemma has the most amazing breasts, full cupped but firm and her nipples swelled on exposure to the air. Jodi mirrored my action and exposed the other breast. We lingered with our fingers, circling the stiffening nipples and placing gentle kisses against her nipples and curve of her full cup. Wanting to enjoy more of the attention Gemma left her pussy unattended and undid her bra, discarding it across the room.
Her hands quickly returned to her dripping wet pussy where she explored herself with her hand before offering me two juice covered fingers to lick whilst Jodi looked on enviously. Not wanting to miss out Gemma offered a grateful Jodi some sticky fingers to suck with the juices quickly slurped clean. Returning the complement I watched in amazement as Jodi massaged her pussy before offering Gemma the produce of her work. She licked the fingers seductively and asked for more. Jodi duly obliged.
Your turn. Gemma told Jodi. Bring the toy draw down honey please. I obeyed and with my jeans slipping around my hips I dashed off eagerly to com complete my errand
I returned with my goods to witness a fantastic view.
Jodi was sitting in the middle of the sofa. Gemma’s clothes were now cascaded across the living room. She knelt on the floor between Jodi’s legs with the travel rabbit poised for action. The switch flicked down, the toy hummed into life and Jodi squealed in anticipation. Jodi dropped her hands down and pulled her lips open so Gemma could place the toy against her clitoris. She groaned in absolute ecstasy as the toy did its best to make her button explode.
Her moans increased in intensity as Gemma pushed the toy hard against her clit. As she began to lose control of her body one of Jodi’s hands transferred to Gemma’s hair, where she held on with a tight grip. The other massaged her breasts through her shirt as she writhed in pleasure bordering on agony.
I dropped my jeans to the floor and slipped of my boxer shorts. My cock standing proud and was close to exploding. Sitting on the sofa so I could get a close view of Gemma’s work I stroked my cock exclaiming what a fucking great sight it was. Both girls looked at me momentarily, looking intently at my swollen helmet with pre-cum oozing from the purple dome and running down the shaft onto my hand but then returning to their own pleasure.
Too much! Too much! Cried Jodi. It’s aching.
Gemma dropped the travel rabbit to the floor and replaced its action by her flickering tongue. I could see her licking intently with her nose just touching the tiny strip of pubic hair on Jodi’s otherwise smooth pussy. I watched as she slipped a couple of her black fingernail coated fingers into Jodi’s wet pussy, searching out her rough spot then descended again on her pussy with her mouth.
She looked up at me as she sucked and licked Jodi who was now groaning so loudly I knew she was close to coming. Looking me in the eye she lifted herself onto her knees, pushing her arse into the air whilst maintaining her stimulation of Jodi with her mouth.
I received her message instantly and moved from the sofa to kneel behind her. She reached back to guide my cock into her soaking wet pussy. With a push of my hips my dick entered her and with a further push I drove it in hard up to the hilt. As I moved my pelvis back and forth holding her hips I could feel my eruption nearing. The view of Gemma orally pleasuring Jodi who was clearly in ecstatic raptures was becoming too much to withhold much longer.
Jodi declared she was cumming as she spread her legs even wider to let Gemma push her fingers even deeper into her pussy and cupped both her breasts in ecstasy with her shirt and bra pushed up out of the way so she could hold herself in her orgasmic moment. My cock pulsed out hot spurts of cum into Gemma as I reached my climax. Almost passing unto unconsciousness with power of the release, I slumped slightly forward reaching down to cup Gemma’s breasts in my hands.
Don’t stop! I need fucking hard she said as my cock began to shrink from its exertions almost at the point where it was to slip from her pussy.
Now Jodi took control having recovered slightly from her orgasmic stupor. Stay there Gemma she said quite assertively. Wank your pussy until I get to you. Gemma obliged, staying on her knees and reaching back with one hand to move her fingers quickly in a circle around her battered clit, lubricated by my cum and the juice from her own ejaculation.
Jodi moved from the sofa quickly to the box of goodies brought from my previous errand. Picking out a strap on dildo she inquisitively looked at the slightly protruding silver button. Before you slip the smaller dildo into you, press the button down, I panted. It has a vibrator to stimulate your clit I informed matter of fact like. Following my instructions she pressed the button, momentarily admired the low hum of the dildo and slipped the shorter dong inside her wetness. Quickly fastening it into place she dropped to her knees and yelped how good it felt.
Sit on the sofa she instructed me as she pulled her dishevelled T shirt up over her head throwing it to the floor to join the heap of discarded garments. The bra that was pushed up and already exposing her breasts and firm nipples followed the shirt to the floor with an abandoned flick of the wrist.
By now my cock had dropped from Gemma , covered in our juices and red and swollen from its recent exertions but this fantastic experience was already making me twinge again with excitement.
Jodi and I swapped places.
I sat on the sofa, still mesmerised by watching Gemma on her knees playing with herself but even more excited by the girl on her knees behind her about to push a strapped on dildo into my wife.
Gemma moved forward a bit placing a hand under my balls whilst reaching back to let Jodi slide the plastic cock into her. Ah fuck me, that’s good she said as Jodi pushed forward with her hips. Each time Jodi rocked back and forth Gemma let out a gasp and a groan. Jodi was increasing her speed as she steadied herself by placing her hands on Gemma’s hips as I had done.
With the movement established Gemma took her other hand and began to squeeze the shaft of my cock to pump blood back in and make my stiff dick return. I looked at the expression of joy on her face and caught a glance of her breasts jolting back and forth with the pounding she was receiving and I felt life flowing back into my cock. I looked at Jodi with her hands planted on Gemma’s hips and her erect nipples from the excitement of fucking her and further life pumped into me. Like Jodi I grabbed Gemma’s hair to steady me and with my other hand furiously wanked my now hard prick. Oh yes I repeated several times. The view stimulating me beyond my wildest dreams.
Fuck me hard and fast Gemma screeched and I felt she was close to eruption. Jodi obliged and drove her hips backward and forward with amazing speed. Gemma started to moan more and more loudly and I was close again to orgasm. Ah fuck, Ah fuck, ah fuck Gemma blurted out as she climaxed and then collapsed forward with the massive feeling of release that overcame her.
Jodi dropped back and withdrew the sword of a plastic cock that had been thrusting in and out of Gemma’s hot, wet, sticky pussy. Kneeling in front of me Gemma just about managed to whisper a command for me to keep wanking. I did as I was told and pumped my stiff swollen rod harder as I approached another volcanic eruption.
To encourage me the girls knelt in front of me and deliberately passionately kissed whilst looking across at me, laughing as they did so. It was too much to hold back and I declared I was cumming loudly. Bending forward quickly Gemma wrapped her mouth around my cock as the first mouthfuls of hot sperm fired out of me. After my first two convulsions she pulled away, clearly retaining the mouthful s of cum, opening her mouth seductively to let the sticky fluid run from the corners of her mouth, some dripping on her chest below her neck, with a small bead of spunk flowing between her breasts. Still stroking my cock the remaining few spurts of cum splattered across my belly with the last remnants running down my shaft.
The girls again kissed deeply, clearly exchanging the hot spunk that Gemma had caught in her mouth then leaning back from each other, opening their mouths wide to let it cascade from their mouths, mixed with their own saliva to drip on to their breasts and run tantalisingly down their cleavages. Gemma seductively massaged the sticky mess into Jodi’s pert tits and already hard nipples followed by another deep kiss. Lingering teasingly she traced a pattern around her nipples and Jodi sighed in response.
Still turned on my the throbbing dildo inside her Jodi scooped the pool of cum from my belly and cupped her hand around one of Gemma’s breasts, slowly kneaded it into Gemma’s full cup, causing her nipple to fatten further at the brush of a hand and the cooling effect of the air on the damp coating of fluid.
With the dying embers of our passion the girls moved and sat either side of me on the sofa with their heads lolling on the cushions from sexual exhaustion. The faint hum of the buried dildo still persisted. With murmurings of contentment we began to pass into a into a post orgasmic slumber.
As a final throw of her horny desires, Gemma bent across and kissed me, sharing the taste of my hot, sticky spunk that she and Jodi had enjoyed smearing on each other a few moments earlier. Maybe it is your turn to get on all fours and lick me now she said in a hushed tone as her eyes closed. I forced a slight murmur of response through my post coital collapse. Would you like that I enquired. Especially if you let Jodi fuck you from behind she whispered as she slipped into a snooze.
We slipped into a doze to recover from our exertions and savouring the earlier moments from our special afternoon and I felt a slight tremor of excitement and her last, slumber filled, few words.

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