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Two Married Women And I - Part 1

Two Married Women and I

By Olde Matelot - Oct 20, 2006 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 6350 When I was a young man I volunteered to join the Royal Navy, in fact I went into the Fleet Air Arm as an Engine Mechanic. After training I spent just a couple of months on an Air Station in the U.K. then found myself drafted overseas. I won't tell you where I went but it was in the Mediterranean area. I spent three weeks on an airfield then went to a workshops unit that occupied a pre-war permanent site, it had been used by both services but ended up in the hands of the F.A.A. On this station were some stone-built Married Quarters some of which were occupied by R.A.F. people who operated a local Air Control system, the remainder were unoccupied.
At some point I became friendly with an R.A.F. Sergeant I shall call Frank, he and his wife lived in one of the Married Quarters. I had known them for some considerable time and was often invited over for a meal or just an evening of conversation with the odd beer thrown in. My mates knew of this friendship and were very enviousbecause it was like a little bit of civvy street. The subject of this article is Bessie, Frank's wife, who wasn't particularly good-looking, nor did she have a great figure but she was a woman! Now Bessie was never particular of her modesty and I soon became accustomed to observing the fact that she always wore french-knickers' under cotton dresses and nothing else, it was often very hot and pretty warm most of the time.
One day the station I was in held a Sports Day and I was one of the stewards, this meant that I was pretty busy most of the time. However, some time during the afternoon one of my mates came over and asked if one of the two women that he'd seen was the one I visited. I asked why he said, Well she's sitting over there with her friend and both of them are showing their knickers. At a break I wandered over and, sure enough, one of the women was Bessie and they were both sitting with their legs wide apart showing their french-knickers. I said hello and one of them made a comment about how hot it was and that there was nothing for spectators to drink. I said I would find something, walked over to a large coolbox that held bottles of water for competitors and people like me and took two over to Bessie and her friend.
I couldn't help noticing that Bessie's knickers had somehow got pulled to one side and she was showing a lot of dark hair and what might have been a lip of her fanny. Before I could get a hard-on that was threatening I went back to my position saying that I would see them later. Like on a lot of foriegn stations women, for ordinary servicemen, were almost impossible to find so I couldn't get what I had seen out of my mind. Consequently at the first opportunity I went over to the Married Quarters and called on Frank and Bessie only to find that Frank wasn't there. As usual Bessie invited me in and told me to get a beer out of the fridge, then we went out on the balcony, all the Quarters were on the first floor of the building. We stood looking out over the view in the evening light and I said, 'You caused quite a stir at the Sports meeting the other day Bessie.' 'Oh, why was that, ' she asked, and I told her about the fact that she and her friend were sitting showing their knickers, 'Oh, we weren't, were we?' I said, 'Yes you were, when I came over I could see that you were wearing apple-green ones and your friend peach.' I told her that it not only got other people going but also me, 'I couldn't help thinking about what I could see if you weren't wearing any....' She giggled, 'Did it make you feel naughty then?' 'What do you think?' I replied. Then I put an arm round her, she didn't move away so I moved behind her and pressed my burgeoning erection against her bottom, she pressed back at me. I kissed the back of her neck, 'Feel what I mean?' She turned her head and I kissed her, 'Let's go inside, ' she said. I followed her in. 'Do you really think about.... well.... you know..... doing me?' 'Of course, ' I replied, 'is it so surprising, I haven't had a woman for nearly three years and there you are almost showing your.... well, you know, to me!' She was quiet for a few moments, then she said, 'Frank and I haven't had it for years, we didn't have kids and we found out that it was my fault and he sort of lost interest.' I said, 'Well, he might but I haven't, you've got what every woman's got, don't tell me you don't want to use it!' She coloured up, 'Stop it, I've tried to forget all about it.' I said, 'Come off it, are you telling me you never use your finger?' She blushed. I got up, went over to her chair and pulled her to her feet. I kissed her passionately and thrust my prick against her, in moments she was feeling for it and breathing hard. I unbettoned the top of her dress and started caressing her breasts, her nipples were already erect, I dipped my head and kissed and sucked them. Bessie was feeling my prick through my shorts, I had nothing on beneath them so she was getting a good feel. As I kissed her again I looked into her grey eyes and saw what she wanted. I pulled her into the bedroom and started to strip, Bessie undid her dress and let it fall, then she hooked her knickers down and let them fall too.
She stood there naked, exhibiting nice breasts and a plump mound with dark pubic hair, she looked at my prick, as I kicked off my sandals, and pulled me down onto the bed. 'Come on then!, ' she murmured breathily. She spread her legs and I looked at her cunt, quite long lips with the hair extending down the sides of the lips, I could see that she was wet immediately. I went to feel her, 'Don't bother with that, ' she told me, 'I don't need playing with!' I mounted her and she took my prick and entered into her love canal.
She made a little noise as she felt it sliding in, grabbed my bottom and pulled me in. I started fucking as she put her arms round me, 'Oh yes!' she said, 'oh, do me hard!' I did, but I only lasted about a dozen strokes before I was shooting my load deep inside her cunt. She cried out as she felt the hot spurts and held me tight. I went to withdraw, 'No, don't take it out!' she panted, 'Leave it in and do me again, you haven't even gone soft!' I hadn't, but hadn't realised it, after a couple of minutes I started fucking again. It got a bit messy, she had lots of juice and was filled with spunk, but she didn't mind and urged me on. I gave her a really good hard fucking for over five minutes before coming again. Bessie held me close, kissing me and stroking my hair, 'Oh, that was so good, ' she told me, 'I haven't had it for so long I'd forgotten how good it was!'
After a while we got up and showered in the bathroom, I asked her when Frank would be back, 'Oh, he's working all night, ' was the reply. 'What a shame, ' I said, 'and I can't stay because I'm on stand-by. That means that I'm not supposed to leave camp, ' I explained. 'Never mind, we're going to do it again soon, aren't we.' I assured her that we were and shortly after had to leave. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have found a complaisant woman, I had no conscience about Frank and was sure that Bessie didn't either. I spent nights remembering how her cunt felt as I fucked her, how wet she'd been to start with, how tight she was too and I couldn't wait until the next time. But that turned out to be a surprise, I will let you know why next time.
Two Married Women And I - Part 2

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