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Wet Knickers

Wet Knickers

By Lucy - Apr 4, 2009 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 68583 My Auntie Pat always calls me 'Wet Knickers' after she found out how intensely involved I was in having sex. I had spent my holidays with Auntie Pat for years as I grew up and she was the first to comment when she saw my breasts developing, 'You'll soon be grown up now, Nell, ' she said.
I knew it, for some time I had been getting more and more curious about what it would feel like to have sex, the reason was that every Friday night it had become a habit for me to sit on Daddy's lap after my bath. It didn't take me long to discover that Daddy always got an erection when I was sitting on him. I developed quickly and couldn't fail to notice that Daddy took every opportunity to look if I was only in my knickers and bra. I soon worked out a strategy to discover if Daddy would be naughty with me, he always took me up to bed on Friday nights so I began to, 'accidentally on purpose', let him see my pussy as I climbed into bed.
He took the bait and I took longer and longer to expose myself to him, 'You really are growing up, darling', he said one night. He pushed my nightie up to fully reveal what he wanted to see and the front of his trousers bulged. 'Touch me, Daddy, ' I pleaded. He smiled and looked at me, 'Like this?' he asked. and he very gently stroked the lips of my pussy. 'Oh yes, that's so exciting!' I replied. I lay back with my legs apart and let him feel me, I was wet straightaway and his finger was soon investigating my pussy. I reached out and felt his dick through his trousers. He was breathing hard, 'I think it's time Daddy showed you why you have such a lovely thing between your legs!', he panted.
He undressed and revealed his erect dick, it looked lovely and I wrapped my fingers round it and began wanking him. He finger fucked me and as I grew more excited touched my clitty very gently. By now my pussy was sloppy with juice and I felt the thrills roaring through me, 'Do me, Daddy, ' I whispered. He got between my legs, spreading them wider, and I felt his dick nuzzling between my lips and rubbing the head against my clitty. I held his dick and placed against my hole. Daddy started pushing gently until I felt his knob inside me, 'It's in, Daddy!' I cried excitedly and he slid it up inside.
A moment or two later he withdrew his dick from deep inside me and began fucking me. His dick was rubbing against my clitty causing huge thrills to race through me, when he realised how excited he was making me he began fucking harder. I was surprised that his entering me hadn't hurt and that it felt absolutely wonderful as he fucked me. Daddy didn't fuck me for long before he lost control and I felt him cumming deep inside, thrusting hard and filling me with his lovely stuff.
He rolled off, 'Didn't mean to do that, darling, ' he muttered, 'I'll have to ask Mummy how we can get it out of you.' He ran downstairs and Mummy came running up, 'Come on, Lucy, into the bathroom!' I followed her and watched as she turned on the taps then got a box out of the bathroom cabinet. When she had the water at the right temperature she told me to get in and opened the box. It was an enema and she was soon using it to wash Daddy's love-juice out of me, 'Daddy's so thoughtless, ' she grumbled, 'you'd have thought that he would have had the common sense not to shoot all his spunk up you!' She didn't seem to mind that he'd fucked me, so I didn't care either.
Some months later I went to Auntie Pat's for the summer, as soon as she saw me she said, 'Oh, I can see that you're not a virgin any longer!' I asked her how she knew, 'Oh, I can always tell, who was it?' I told her, 'Well, I'm not surprised, ' she said, 'the men in our family always seem to initiate their daughters, still it's a lot better than being broken in by some spotty teenage boy!' That holiday she gave me plenty of advice and took me to the local Family Planning Clinic and had me fitted with a diaphragm, I was 19 by then and it didn't seem to concern anyone that I was having regular sex.
One day, sitting on the beach, I let myself be picked up by a gorgeous young man and ended up having sex in the sand-dunes. He was good and fucked me twice, I was so pleased that I told Auntie when I got home. She laughed, 'I'm not surprised, I think you're a real 'wet knicker' girl!' And that's how I got my nick-name. Of course, as I got older I had lots of sex because I loved it so much, to me there was nothing like the feeling of having a man shoot his cum up me.
Auntie Pat was a very young aunt, being my mother's youngest sister and as I got older we took to going out on the pull when I was staying with her. Many times we took young men home and fucked them, even changing partners sometimes, we always compared notes! I became very used to having the wet knickers that proved my nickname, sometimes because I was sexually aroused and sometimes because a man's spunk was leaking after we'd fucked.
I suppose you could have called me a slut really but in the end I fell for a bloke and we married. After five years the sex had become very routine and we spiced it up by my husband allowing me to take lovers. This excited him as much as it did me and our sex when I got home and described what my lover and I got up to was out of this world. So now I am gradually becoming more and more experienced and able to satisfy any man, I hope they appreciate it.

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