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Whiz Bang Wham Bam Piece Ah Love Muscle

Whiz Bang Wham Bam Piece Ah Love Muscle

By Chanda Nel_on - May 26, 2010 47881 I’m Chanda, 34 divorced, raising two teenage girls alone. The SOB I was married never helped me. I am 5’ 6” 130 pounds, Yeah I know it’s a little heavy. I work out 3 to 4 times ah week and run 2 miles every day to keep any more fat off. I am good looking, breasts 36C’s small Montgomery glands & large double AA battery size nipples.
A car crash by some young kid caused a big pile up of cars on the interstate. I had to take a service road to get home after work. About 5 miles there was road maintenance construction. The traffic had gotten worse. The flagman holding his sign to slow down. I did, I had no other choice. As the traffic moved slowly thru the work zone I noticed a hunk up ahead, I mean this young guy was pretty. His sleeveless shirt sticking to his body because of sweat. He was 6’ 6” and his abs were very pronounced. His arms were dirty & sweaty, but he was still the prettiest man I’d seen in some time.
The traffic began to move slowly, soon I was next to him. “ You’ll be able to get by all of this here in a little bit” he said to me. Oh That’s fine, I like it here. I said. I looked at him very seductively. Just looking at him standing there I began to fantasize, my mind wondered and my loins moistened, my nipples hardened. I thought to myself, How can I get in this guys budging panties?
The traffic started to move, I handed him a note and told Mr. Hunk to read it later. (My cell phone is 30X 45X xx37 call me, Shandy) Watching in the mirror, he opened it as I drove away. Looking up he smiled and look back to the note. I made it a point to go thru this road construction everyday. I waited and waited, he never called. That day I took the interstate home. Passing thru the work zone on the service road I noticed Mr. Pretty Boy wasn’t there at his work station. I took the next exit and turned around back to the construction site.
An older guy was there. I asked him where (I didn’t even know his name) Oh yeah Sandy is the one your talking about, he said. He was hurt pretty bad yesterday when a car hit him. He is in mercy hospital. That is where I headed. I went to the emergency room. Asking admissions, They said, You are who to Mr. Simpson? Sandy is my brother. Mr. Simpson is in room 434.Thank you maam I said.
I stepped in his room, the nurse asked “Who are you? Only family for right now. I’m his sister Chanda. He had tubes sticking out of his body, his leg was in traction & the cast on his leg went to his hip. Just then Sandy woke up. Hey little brother, I kissed his cheek. Doing OK I asked. Yeah I’ll be fine. He said. The nurse left the room.
Sandy what the hell happened? He told me he lost my note in his laundry. I took ah chance, I reached under his hospital gown & there it was. His flaccid dick lay in my hand. “oh My” he sighed. “That feels good” Sandy wasn’t hurt too bad, his cock began to grow in my hand. It grew and grew. I couldn’t get my fingers around his beautiful meat. I gripped him firmly and started to stroke him off. I could tell he was enjoying this.
“Why are you doing this” Sandy do you want me to stop? “No, no That feels so good” he said with his increased breathing. I started jerking him off ah little faster. He placed his hand over mine, wanting me to continue to stroke him. “Oh Damn That Feels So Good” he said. Sandy your doctor told me he needs kissed. Be fore he could say anything I had my head under his covers. I kissed it’s head and slowly stroked him off with a firm grip. deep throating him about half it’s length. With out any warning the first gob hit the back of my throat making me gag ah little. Stream after stream of Sandy’s cum filled my mouth while bobbing like a fishing bobber in ah lake on his man meat. I managed to swallow most of his seed as I Listened to the sounds, it sounded like ah cow pulling her foot outta the mud. I milked his cock dry while he was thrusting his hips up to meet me. “Gawd, that is so good” he kept yelling. I wiped off his dick and my face on the bedding as I came out from under the covers. I spoke as I razed my head, that was grand Sandy, you aren’t hurt that bad are you? He just smiled.
There’s lots more where that came from as soon as you get out of here Sandy. He lifted my shirt and fingered my kitty. He commented on how saturated I was, even the cotton patch in my panty hose was wet. His fingers went deep in as I was so close to orgasm anyway. Sandy fingered my kitty while I was in full orgasm. “Oh Damn That was so fantastic” I said. Knock, knock sound at the door.
Nancy Nurse came in, Well Mr. Simpson it’s time for your bath and change your bedding. she said. She told me, Now maam you will need to step out for ah while. I have to go anyway, Listen Sandy here’s my cell number. I leaned down to kiss him lightly. He kissed me hard & showing the passion he felt. The nurse commented that our kiss was a lot more than brother / sister. I smiled at her, kiss my finger tip and blew it at Sandy.
I was almost home and received text from sandy. (Chanda I want to see you again. I loved your visit) replying back. “Sweetie, that was MY pleasure an there is a lot more of (oYo) (\!/) when ever you need it! I‘ll see tomorrow” I went to see him the next day. Sandy was asleep. I stepped up to his bed side, moved my hand under the sheet searching for My Pretty Boy, Yahoo I found his dick laying flaccid against the plaster cast. I lightly rubbed it’s head, stroking it softly. Pretty boy began to move to my touch, growing constantly. About half staff I gripped his dick a little firm, He started to move. I heard a sigh, “mmmmm” Hi sweetie I said. He awoke with a grin as big as Dallas/ Ft Worth.
“Chanda how u doni’? I can see you have a handle on things” We both laughed. I softly stroked him as we chatted. Knock, knock. Housekeeping. A voice in broken English, this mexican housekeeper. I came to clean you room. She said in her Spanish ascent. This mexican housekeeper noticed my hand under Sandy’s sheet jerking him off. She started to clean his room, while watching the sheets move. I didn’t stop what I was doing, it was this mexican housekeeper invading our space. I slowly increased my speed on Sandy’s cock & watching the housekeeper glancing at me. She was watching my hand, then she’d look away, continuing to work. she’d take another quick glance.
Sandy’s dick grew harder I knew he was close. The housekeeper was watching from behind the bathroom door, peeking thru the door jamb. Sandy groaned a little whimper, “Chanda, CHANDA! I’m gonna cum“ I took a tighter grip and jacked him off to orgasm. His cum spewed the bed sheet covering him & my hand. The housekeeper watching us, ran out screaming something in Spanish. We had a good laugh.
I spent the next few days after work helping him get up, if you know what I mean. All day I thought about him placing that beautiful dick between the paddles of my flower, I might even offer my butt to him if he’s not too big for my bung, almost climaxing just thinking about it. Sandy told me he was due to be released on Monday afternoon. I took ah day off work to help him get home. I called him to see what time he was released so I could meet him and take him home.
I cleaned the house naked like I always do, just in case we came back here instead of his place. I showered, shaved her a little closer, I pussy was baby butt smooth. except for an arrow pointing to my clitoris. I rinsed off shave cream. I was thinking about Sandy. I found my fingers in my slit just beyond my labia. That felt so good. I rubbed ever so lightly & pushed a little further, I was soon up to my third knuckle. My thumb was teasing my little button. Damn - it I couldn’t wait for Sandy to take advantage of my honey pot.
As I continued playing I was covered in my wetness and getting hotter my the second. I smelled the sex pheromone on myself. My fingers were in as far as Sandy’s were the other day. I really don’t know why I had gotten dressed, knowing that 20 minutes after I got him home I’d be fucking this pretty boy, Sandy. I splashed ah little stink pretty on my choochie and I was out the door to meet the pretty boy.
I pulled to the patient release door where Sandy was waiting for me. He kissed me, as his tongue went down my throat. and said, Hi G/F! thanks for taking me home. Sure for you pretty boy, I replied. The plaster cast was still on his leg making it hard to get him in my car, but we managed just the same. We were off in minutes.
Sandy said, “Let’s go to you’re house, I have three flights of stairs the go up to my apartment. It‘ll be kinda hard on these sticks” Sure thing Sandy. I headed to my house. I pulled into the garage, the door closed behind us. Helping Sandy get out was easier. My mind went to thinking again. My thighs were getting saturated again. Once we were both in I closed the door behind us. We were tightly embraced shortly after closing the door. Sandy kissed me deeply and fondling each other bodies. We both had one thing on our minds.
I let him to my bed room by the hand. He stopped. Chanda he said. “Everyone fucks in bed, Here jump up here” he pointed to the counter. Are you crazy, We can’t fuck up there. Sandy picked me up, sitting me on the counter top. Damn I was just the correct height. Sandy reached up my skirt and removed my panties and lowered his zipper. His beautiful dick was in plain sight. Sand stroked himself ah few times. I’d never watched a cock become com completely erect so fast.
Sandy re-positioned me closer to the edge. He hammered my pussy lips with his cock, driving me nuts. Sandy please don’t tease me. Park that car in my garage. He separated my labia, rubbing my entrance with his dick. He dropped to his knees sucking my pussy lips in his mouth very softly biting me. I was so hot & ready to fuck my pretty boy. His fingers penetrated me slit as he sucked my clit between his teeth. Damn Sandy knew how to eat pussy. He had me approaching a climax in know time. Sandy, I’m cummming. Fuck me please. He stood up, with one thrust he hit bottom. “Oh Damn” I sighed. Fuck my honey pot baby. I was thrusting to meet him while he was pounding my kitty.
My first of many orgasms hit my insides. I jerked wildly as Sandy’s beautiful dick was disappearing with in my void. Sandy OMG I’m cumming Please fuck me deep Fuck me hard. He increased his penetrations going deep, I felt his cock hit my cervix. My orgasm hit me hard. I jumped in his arms while he pounded my kitty with his man meat. He carried me to the couch, Laid me down with my back up against the couch, up side down.
My head resting on the floor. Sandy got into position straddling over me & WoW! He penetrated me again & began thrusting in hard & deep. His dick was in my pussy where no man had been before. Sandy’s balls slapping my butt cheeks with every bang.
I reached up squeezing his dick with one hand as it slid in. The other was pinching my clit. I was soon in an orgasmic zone I couldn’t explain. He knew how to get ladies to cum for him. He backed out & turned me around bending me over the couch. I thought he was going to my take my hinny. He penetrated me again just far enough to rub against my g-spot driving me over the edge. His thumb pressing against be bung, lube from my own moisture. I felt a Plop. His thumb as in my butt. Damn What Ah Feeling. He continued to pound my kitty while his thumb was trusting in deep.
Sandy retracted ah bit and patted my clit with his marvelous dick. All of ah sudden he said, OOPS & went to my booty. He took slow inserts until I gotten use to this ass invader. Slowly going deeper and ah bit faster. He grabbed my hand, moving it to my choochie. He moved my fingers into my pussy & his followed. Sandy was bringing me to climax again. My pussy was saturated with moisture as he kept fingering me while he pounded my butt.
OMG Sandy take my ass. Fuck it hard. That feels so gooooood, I screamed. He thrust in my butt while he fingered me and I pinching my clit. My stomach tightened & with out any other warning OMG! I squirted all over Sandy & myself. My female cum lasted foe 10 seconds or so. One orgasm right after another tied my body on knots. I began to hyperventilate, I was huff & puffing due to not enough oxygen. I gotta catch my breath baby, I said. Sandy what do I have to do to get your nuts off? I asked. He said, “ Just stay with me”
Sandy stood straight up with my pussy still around his love muscle, pounding me as he lay me down on the floor. Pulling out so he could position me with my legs spread wide. He straddled me the best that he could with 10 pounds of plaster on his leg. His cock still standing out straight & hard, I took it into my mouth sucking it ah bit before Sandy knelt down and aimed his cock near my kitties entrance. He spread my labia apart & drummed his dick on my slit. Sandy SANDY UR Teasing me again! Please don’t. Fuck me like a man. Don’t Tease me.. He dropped down and skewered my cunt. OMFG I screamed. We were bucking in perfect unison shortly after bringing me too another orgasm.
Sandy said “ Hold On Baby, I’m gonna cum” Just then the first wave hit my insides splattering across my cervix with his goop. Stream after stream spewed from his loins, every heart beat more came forth. Just feeling his seed pump into my void brought me to climax. “Oh MG Sandy, pound me, Fuck my Pu - - - - - ssy! Make me feel so Good” I finely got him to cum. I was milking his dick dry with my PC muscles. My kitty was so worn out. Sandy’s nuts must have had ah bucket full of cum stored.
Shortly thereafter, Sandy collapsed on top of me moaning while his hips still riding against me. Even though my pretty boy’s balls were dry, he was still amazingly hard. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to deep throat him. I moved out from under him and in a 69 position with me on top. Kissing the residual cum from his dick. Stroking him firmly as down my throat he went. “ Chanda, he said. I’m finished, I have no more” Sucking and licking him, he seemed to gain some interest. He began to finger me and lightly biting my clitoris. Chanda, CHANDA. I’m gonna bust ah nut. His cock started to pulsate gobs of goop.
I sucked him off while Cumming myself. I was done! Sandy was also. We lay there with heavy breathing, sweat, soggy pussy, sticky dick & cum. Sandy said, “Chandra you are the only woman that could stay with me. You are amazing” I replied, Thanks baby, You are ah Whiz Bang Wham Bang piece ah Cock urself.
Ah week or so later Sandy moved in with me.

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