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By Annie - May 9, 2006 - From short-sex-stories. Short stories - Views - 3409 She was the boss's daughter - 19 and just home from college when we met at the company Christmas party, the 2005 Christmas party. I was the fair-haired boy in the design technology department, 3 years with the company since college, 25 years old and creative credit for two major computer games to my credit. We had released the latest game just before Thanksgiving and we were now THE gift for Christmas and sales were very strong, substantially over projections. Everybody loved me; everybody wanted to be my friend. My bonus was tied to the game's sales so I was looking at a large amount of cash, some very nice stock options, and a two-week stay in a company condo in Beaver Creek / Vail ski area.
I was halted just inside the main door to the party with my friend and co-designed, Bill the nerd, who I had met in Freshman English and roomed with throughout college and since. I'm not sure he ever really dated anyone but he did very well consoling the women that I either didn't date or the relationship didn't work out. He told me that being his friend was a singular pleasure, the singular being his cock. We got stuck just inside the doors as everyone wanted to shake my hand or give me a kiss - several women offered more than that right there. The company was very happy with me.
She tapped me on the shoulder, a light tap, hardly noticeable, but I was turning in that direction anyway for some forgotten reason. I remember she was wearing a light blue man's shirt, pressed, no bra underneath and the nipples of her slight breasts were hard nubs against the material. With a classy, knee-length dark blue skirt and long legs, she looked quite the young piece.
"Hi, I'm Ginger Marques, " as she extended a slender warm hand.
"Rob. Rob Brigham."
"I know. My father talks about you constantly."
As we exchanged banalities, I noticed her nipple hardening as her fingers caressed the palm of my hand. "I'd like to get to know you while I am home from school."
I excused myself and followed her towards the side exit. As we entered a dim cloak room, she turned and pressed herself against me. I could feel her hard nipples against my shirt as she whispered "I really want to fuck your brains out Rob."
I followed her into a bathroom and she dropped to her knees inside the door, reaching for the zipper of my pants before I got the door closed. "Ummm, nice size baby." Her mouth was warm, and she knew how to caress my balls and scratch my inner thighs as she sucked me. "Come on baby, I want you to cum in my mouth. Fill me up. Don't worry, you can fuck me afterwards...."
She grabbed my ass with her hands and began to fuck me with her mouth, riding me hard and fast, her mouth a wide 'O', my cock disappearing into her warm wet mouth, her hair swaying with her motion. She took my cum deep, letting me shoot my thick wad down her throat, then lightly sucking the head to drain me. I arched against the counter, my dick deep inside her as I throbbed and thrust against her, my dick hard throughout the orgasm
She leaned against the counter, her skirt around her waist, her shirt unbuttoned, her head thrown back as I entered her, thrusting deep inside her. "Oh yeah, yeah, fuck me baby" as I pulled her long legs wide and held her ankles, her knees up at my eye level. "Oh shit. Fuck. Damn, I'm cumming already....."
I fucked her through her first orgasm then turned her around, her arms extended against the mirror, ass turned up as I fucked her from behind, my pelvis slapping against her, my balls swinging against her body with every thrust. I watched her head dropped as she moaned, "Oh fuck, cumming, cumming, shit, I'm cumming again." Her hands slid against the mirror as she struggled for purchase, my hands cupping her hard nipples and twisting them lightly. "Ohfuck, ohfuck, ohfuck, ohfuckyes!" She screamed.
We ended up on the floor, she on all fours, and I was slamming her harder and harder as she reached down and switched between caressing my balls and stroking her clit. With a great groan, I pulled out and sprayed my second load across her sweet ass, my cum glistening like small holiday lights on her tanned skin.
We struggled into our clothes and she smiled as we left the bathroom, "See you in Vail baby. We'll be in the next condo."

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